Tony Atlas Posts Video Of Himself Getting Punched And Kicked In The Face

tony atlas wwe flex

There’s a bizarre video posted on social media featuring Tony Atlas getting punched and kicked in the face repeatedly while wishing everybody a Happy New Year!

It’s not every day that you see a large man willingly laying on the floor while a woman punches and kicks him in the face repeatedly, but Tony Atlas felt like sharing that kind of video on social media.

Tony Atlas is a WWE Hall of Famer that is remembered by wrestling fans for having an impressive physique. He was always a very strong man and still is, even now in his late 1960s. During his career, Tony’s biggest accomplishment in the ring was when he won the WWF Tag Team Titles with Rocky Johnson in November 1983 and the team known as Soul Patrol would hold those titles for 154 days.

Fans of the current NBC TV show “Young Rock” have seen Tony’s career featured quite a bit because Rocky Johnson is The Rock’s dad and the show is all about The Rock telling stories about his life.

After his retirement as a wrestler, WWE brought back Tony to manage Mark Henry on the WWE-ECW brand in the mid-2000s as well. He was also featured on the show Legend’s House that was a reality show featuring some legendary WWE names living together and doing some random activities on a TV show. WWE inducted Tony into their Hall of Fame in 2006

On January 7th, Atlas shared a video of himself lying on the floor while a woman stood over him as she punched him in the face repeatedly followed by several hard kicks to the head. After about 23 seconds of that, Tony turned to the camera and said: “Happy New Year!”

You can check out the video of Tony Atlas getting beat up on the floor below. It is from Tony’s official Twitter account.