The Miz Says He “Can Lose Every Match In WWE & It Won’t Matter”

The Miz WrestleMania

The Miz has described himself as Teflon when it comes to his win/loss record in WWE.

In a very candid discussion, The Miz has admitted that he lost a lot of confidence when he lost the WWE Championship in 2011, and it took five years for that to come back when he began feuding with AJ Styles.

Talking to Jay Glazer on Unbreakable, opened up on how the pair ended up elevating each other.

It wasn’t until a guy named AJ Styles came in. He was brand new to WWE, he was a huge star everywhere else. In WWE, it’s just different. When he came in, we started having a program together and it elevated him, and our job was to elevate him because he is now a huge star, he was back then, but in WWE, he was brand new.

We elevated each other. Everyone in the back saw that and everyone was like, ‘we need to start stepping up on The Miz.’ My brain was like, ‘We need to start stepping up and I need to start stepping up and realizing how good I am.’

Sometimes, you go into, when you start losing and start going down a tunnel, ‘Maybe I’m not good enough.’ Maybe this isn’t for me and I need to try something else.’ Then something clicks and goes, ‘I’m good enough. I’m better than good enough. I’m number one,’ and you start really figuring out what you need to do to be a top tier talent.

“I Can Have Five Star Matches Every Time”

Continuing on, The Miz discussed the rise he then went on, and how he could lose every match without it mattering.

From then on, I’ve been going up and away. I can lose every match in WWE and it will not matter because I am Teflon. I’m indestructible in WWE. Now, that’s my mindset. I’m completely indestructible, I will make you believe whatever I want you to believe, when I want you to believe it and I’m good enough to have five stars matches each and every time, five star segments each and every time.

You can revolve an entire show around me or give me one minute, you better believe you’re going to have moments that the fans will have for the rest of their lives. That’s where I’m at today. Was I there when I got done with the WWE Championship in 2011? Hell no. It took a long time to develop that confidence, get that confidence back. When I was on the rise, and I had the title, I was ‘I’m the man, I’m great.’

Once you start going downhill, it’s that slippery slope. I had that glass break. It took a long time to find all the pieces and get it back together and make it now a nice shiny glass and you see right through and there are no scratches.

Those scratches were all learning moments. I want to keep those scars and little pieces because they taught me what I need to do and how I need to be and how I need to conduct myself in order to be where I am today, which is a proud father, a proud husband, and doing what I love in my job and even outside, doing what I love. I feel I’m very happy, in a great spot, and enjoying life.

The Miz certainly gets plenty of praise from his peers, with John Cena naming him as an unsung hero in WWE earlier this month.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.