John Cena Names The Miz “One Of The Most Underrated WWE Superstar Ever”

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John Cena believes a two-time WrestleMania opponent, The Miz, is one of the most underrated superstars in the history of WWE.

When it comes to John Cena and The Miz as on-screen WWE superstars, they are both future Hall of Famers who wrestled each other many times over the years. During Cena’s run as the top babyface in WWE, The Miz was oftentimes a heel opponent who was a thorn in his side.

They had many memorable matches together including their biggest match in the main event of WrestleMania 27 in 2011. While that match is not considered a WrestleMania classic by any means, The Miz has bragged about it for over a decade since he beat Cena thanks to some interference from The Rock.

There were also other major Cena-Miz matches at Survivor Series 2011 when Cena teamed with The Rock to beat The Miz & R-Truth at Survivor Series 2011. Cena and Miz also had another WrestleMania 33 match in 2017 when Cena and Nikki Bella beat The Miz and his wife Maryse in a mixed tag team match.

Another interesting fact about John Cena and The Miz is they were WWE Tag Team Champions for a short time on the February 21, 2011 edition of Raw. They would lose the titles to The Corre’s Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel on the same night they won them.

John Cena Praises The Miz Ahead Of Huge Match at WWE Payback

At tonight’s WWE Payback Premium Live Event in Pittsburgh, John Cena will be the host of the show while The Miz faces a tough test when he battles LA Knight.

John Cena appeared at Smackdown in Hershey last night where he thanked the WWE for the love they show him. Jimmy Uso interrupted, but that wasn’t smart because Cena was ready for him by hitting an Attitude Adjustment on Jimmy.

In an interview with the WWE Digital Team on YouTube after his promo in the ring, Cena was asked for his thoughts on the Miz-Knight match.

“That’s a tough one to call. I have a lot of mutual respect for The Miz. I think he’s one of the most underrated WWE superstars in history. I also have a tremendous amount of respect for LA Knight because his trajectory is that of persistence. You want to talk about somebody never giving up, I have it on a shirt and I try to live it every day, he walks that talk and he does it with his own style, and he’s not afraid to be who he is here.”

“And speaking as somebody who started as the Dr. of Thuganomics, I have a lot of respect for that. That’s one I’m watching with a close eye because, often in competition, one superstar has something to prove, and the other has something to hold onto. This matchup is special because both have something to prove.”

It’s not known when John Cena might decide to retire as a wrestler in WWE, but he has admitted that the end is coming “soon” for Cena, who is 46 years old and spending a lot of time in Hollywood as an actor these days.

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