WWE Hall Of Famer The Godfather Undergoes Surgery

the godfather wwe hall of fame

A WWE Hall of Famer has posted a recent photo following a major surgery and his spirtis are high, as usual.

Getting older, much like pimpin’, ain’t easy and that’s why WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather recently had hip surgery.

During his 30-year wrestling career, Charles Wright was known by many different names, especially during his WWE run from 1991 to 2002. He was first known as the unique character named Papa Shango, who had the ability (somehow) to cast spells on his rivals like The Ultimate Warrior.

As Kama, he was able to show off his martial arts skills and was part of stables like the Million Dollar Corporation as well as the Nation of Domination.

In late 1998, during the more risque Attitude Era, he became The Godfather, who was a pimp character that brought ho’s to the ring, he had a lot of catchphrases and was always about having fun. That run as The Godfather also included a brief run as the Intercontinental Champion as well.

There was also a short run for him as The Goodfather, who was a heel that was part of the RTC group, which saw him win the WWE Tag Team Titles with Bull Buchanan. However, fans didn’t really like that and he will forever be known mostly for being The Godfather.

In 2016, The Godfather was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame with his memorable cane and top hat as part of his ensemble as usual.

On Facebook, The Godfather posted a photo before his hip surgery by writing: “Finally getting that hip surgery done.”

The 61-year-old known for his fun-loving attitude, posted an update following his surgery as well: “Hip replacement surgery went real well. And I will say that morphine is a hell of a drug.. [thumbs up emoji] [cloud emoji x 4] [train emoji].”

Everybody here at TJRWrestling wishes The Godfather well as he recovers from hip surgery during the holiday season as we head towards 2023.