Shooting At WWE PC Featured On A&E Show

WWE Performance Center

A&E’s Court Cam has featured a shooting which took place outside the WWE Performance Center, before the culprit was arrested by police.

On 31st August 2015, Armando Alejandro Montalvo was arrested outside the WWE Performance Center. The arrest came about after disturbing posts and videos were put on social media, and he was then found trespassing on the company’s property.

There were seemingly several altercations involving Montalvo, including him smearing faeces on the building and threatening various members of staff.

Montalvo ended up getting too close to officers at the WWE Performance Center, which led to him being shot in the torso prior to his arrest. The new video from A&E’s Court Cam is taken from inside the Performance Center, and shows the moment he was shot.

This is not the only incident on Montalvo’s record, which also includes battery on a person aged 65 or older, violating a domestic injunction, assault on a law enforcement officer, and fraud.

An order of protection was filed for by WWE and also granted in 2018, following further social media posts which were perceived as threats towards the company and its talent.

Montalvo was placed in psychiatric care until a later date following an outburst in the courtroom, according to Court Cam.

The WWE Performance Center was recently used as the location for the live broadcast of NXT Worlds Collide.