Sheamus On Why WWE Premium Live Events In UK Should Be Annual Tradition

sheamus gunther forearms wwe clash at the castle

Sheamus had an incredible match recently at a major WWE event in the UK and now the brawling Irishman has made it clear he wants it to be an annual event.

WWE Clash at the Castle took place on September 3 at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales in front of 62,000+ fans at a show that was widely considered to be one of the best WWE Premium Live Events in 2022.

The match that many people considered the match of the night at Clash at the Castle saw Gunther retain the Intercontinental Championship against Sheamus, who had never held that title in WWE. After the match was over, Sheamus received a well-deserved standing ovation from his fellow Europeans.

During a recent interview with Kenny McIntosh & Alex McCarthy of Inside The Ropes, Sheamus explained why he thinks WWE should major stadium shows in the UK every year.

“I mean, I don’t see why not. This year Cardiff, maybe next year, you know, Dublin we’ve Croke Park there, Glasgow, you know. Then obviously there’s the midlands of England itself.”

“We’re doing these shows in Saudi Arabia. I think the thing before was the fact that the Saudi shows on American time were on so early but people are still watching you know.”

“The show doesn’t have to air in the US at seven o’clock or eight o’clock, people are watching at 1pm and I think it’s a new norm and I’m hoping that we’re here every year.”

Elsewhere in recent Sheamus interviews, the Celtic Warrior expressed his desire to have the “Written In My Face” theme song return and he talked about why the Clash at the Castle match was the greatest moment of his WWE career.

Sheamus will get another shot at Gunther and the Intercontinental Title on the October 7th edition of Smackdown.

H/T Inside The Ropes