Shawn Michaels Jokes About Getting Royalties Due To Wrestlers Doing Superkicks

shawn michaels ric flair superkick

Shawn Michaels might be the most copied/emulated American wrestler in modern times.

Michaels is seen by many wrestling fans and industry veterans as one of the best wrestlers in modern times. His mannerisms, personality, and overall presentation have inspired and been copied by many wrestlers to come after him.

But nothing about Shawn Michaels has been copied more than his superkick finisher.

One doesn’t need to go far to see other wrestlers hitting superkicks. What Shawn Michaels used to end his matches has in some places become a spammable transition move or just a big ‘spot’ to get a crowd reaction. But Michaels isn’t bothered by the overuse of the superkick; in fact, he sees it as a compliment.

Speaking on the Culture State Podcast, Shawn Michaels was asked by the hosts if he thinks he should be receiving royalties since the superkick is now such a ubiquitous move.

“We all know that if I did, I’d be doing really okay. Well look, I take it as a compliment. Again, I can remember when I first broke into the wrestling business, you know, a lot of old timers said ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ And so that’s certainly the way I take it.

But again, I know that there were people that inspired me. And I don’t know, I’ve always been into the romance of this line of work. So I’m fortunate and again, I appreciate the fact that something that I did has had an appeal and a positive effect on this business.

Now look, would I mind getting a nickel for every time one of those things happened? Of course I would, but I don’t think that’s realistic. So I’ll just be flattered from a distance.”

h/t 411Maniafor the transcription