Shawn Michaels Says He’s Had His Final Match

Shawn Michaels

Though many may want to see the Heartbreak Kid in action one more time, Shawn Michaels has no plans to return to in-ring competition.

There’s very little Shawn Michaels hasn’t accomplished in his Hall of Fame career, and after losing to The Undertaker in a WrestleMania 26 match that many consider one of the best of all time, he hung up his boots and stepped away from the squared circle.

The two time WWE Hall of Famer did compete once more, teaming with Triple H to take on The Undertaker and Kane at WWE Crown Jewel in 2018 in a match that wasn’t nearly as successful in the public eye.

Michaels currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, making him the man in charge of WWE NXT now that Triple H serves as Chief Content Officer in WWE following Vince McMahon’s retirement in July.

While Shawn Michaels has plenty on his plate running WWE’s talent development program, many wonder if he’d be open to one more match as the Crown Jewel bout left a sour taste in many fans’ mouths. Numerous WWE Superstars would no doubt love to face the veteran performer, and Kevin Owens recently revealed that he sat down with Michaels to personally pitch a match in which they’d face each other after Owens had a highly successful match with a returning Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38.

However, speaking in a recent interview with Culture State, Shawn Michaels said that he has no intention to stepping back inside the squared circle. Instead, he believes it’s time to focus on building the next generation of WWE Superstars.

“I’ve had that final match. No, no. Father time waits on no man. I’m good. I’m unbelievably happy with my career and it is now time to watch the next generation flourish.”

h/t Fightful