Sean Waltman Discusses Whether Billy Gunn Could Join DX Reunion In WWE

D-Generation X - Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg, Triple H, X-Pac (Sean Waltman) and Billy Gunn

Sean Waltman has speculated on the chances of Billy Gunn joining the upcoming D-Generation X reunion on WWE Raw, saying that it isn’t entirely impossible.

On the 10th October 2022 edition of Monday Night Raw, D-Generation X will be reunited for one night on live television. The iconic faction will celebrate 25 years together on that night, marking the anniversary of officially giving themselves the name on 13th October 1997.

In the official list of names announced so far Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Road Dogg and X-Pac will represent the group. The notable competitor missing from the list is Billy Gunn, who is currently contracted to AEW and featuring prominently on television every week.

However according to X-Pac, real name Sean Waltman, a deal to bring ‘Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn in for the night could still happen. Even then, he admits it seems less likely now than it would have done even a couple of months ago.

I don’t think it’s impossible or completely out of the question, but it seems like…the whole idea of it might have been more probable a couple of months ago.

Billy Gunn is currently aligned with AEW Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed, who will all celebrate National Scissoring Day on the upcoming edition of Dynamite. Gunn has been with AEW since 2019 after leaving WWE.

Sean Waltman, Billy Gunn and the rest of D-Generation were last all shown on television together when they were inducted in to the WWE Hall Of Fame class of 2019. At that time it was known Gunn had signed for AEW, which led to Triple H referring to Gunn’s new employer as a “pissant company”.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.