Roman Reigns – “Triple H A Babyface For The Industry”

Triple H gives Roman Reigns the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on WWE Raw 2015

Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque has impressed many since taking over as WWE’s Head of Creative, so much so that Roman Reigns has provided him with some tremendous praise!

Announced as WWE’s new Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Head of Creative throughout July, Triple H has been greatly applauded for the changes he’s helped make, between the lift on certain words and phrases being banned, and the return of numerous former WWE and NXT Superstars.

Roman Reigns sees where all the praise is coming from as well. Speaking on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, ‘The Head of the Table’ addressed how well Triple H has taken to the role over the last month:

“I think he’s done excellent. He’s like a professional wrestling babyface right now. He’s like a babyface for the industry right now and there’s like this honeymoon situation, there’s a lot of excitement.

If you look at the grand scheme of it and break it down what he’s stepped into, just dealing with this controversy alone, dealing with the craziness of the impossible happened, Vince McMahon stepped down, just wrapping your brain around that and then being the guy to be next. I thought following [John] Cena was tough enough, imagine having to follow Vince McMahon. I think he’s done great, I really do.”

Roman Reigns continued, addressing whether or not Vince McMahon may still be involved in the day-to-day operations of WWE:

“Coming from a wrestling family, I can see that 100%. I’d be sitting next to my dad right now and he’d be throwing out the same type of ideas or trying to pitch me something, that’s just the way it is.”

Roman Reigns and Triple H waged war over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in early 2016, a story that included ‘The Game’ returning to in-ring action as the surprise final entrant of that year’s Royal Rumble match. Reigns ultimately overcame ‘The King of Kings’ to conclude the feud.

H/T to F4WOnline.