Banned Words In WWE Now Allowed

Triple H Stephanie McMahon Gagged WWE

A new report has indicated that words previously banned in the Vince McMahon era of WWE could be heard again on the company’s programming.

The times they are-a changing in WWE following the stunning news that Vince McMahon was retiring from the company to be replaced by the trio of Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon in co-CEO roles and Triple H as the company’s Head of Talent Relations and Head of Creative.

Fans – or members of the WWE Universe – as they are better known in company parlance have already noticed changes on screen since McMahon’s decision to step away. Commentary has begun referring to referees by name again, something that was previously a no-no, and Triple H has already brought three released stars back into the fold with Dakota Kai, Karrion Kross, and Scarlett all appearing again recently on WWE TV.

Now Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that one of the biggest – and most controversial – taboo phrases might now be allowed to be heard again. Meltzer wrote that “wrestling” and “wrestler” are no longer considered “dirty words.”

As Chris Jericho and The JAS can tell you, wrestlers in WWE have been for decades now solely referred to on-screen as WWE Superstars, with sports entertainers and sports entertainment being the preferred alternatives to wrestlers and wrestling as well. So much so that Cody Rhodes referring to wrestlers in the company made a big splash when he returned to the promotion in the spring of 2022 at WrestleMania 38.