Road Dogg Discusses Backstage Fights – “Used To Happen All The Time”

Road Dogg cuts a promo

WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg has discussed backstage fights in the wrestling world and says that they “used to happen all the time.”

Backstage fights have come to the fore in 2022 given the goings-on in AEW. Eddie Kingston and Sammy Guevara were reported to have got physical with each other before Guevara was involved in another altercation with Andrade El Idolo.

However, the most high-profile situation occurred following the All Out pay-per-view in September when an alleged fight broke out after The Young Bucks confronted CM Punk for his comments at the post-show media scrum. Those three men along with Kenny Omega and company producer Ace Steel were suspended as a result with Steel believed to have been fired since.

Speaking on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg reflected on one of the more famous backstage fights of all time, when Shawn Michaels lost some hair in a scrap with Bret Hart:

“I’ve seen this same thing happen in my backyard a million times. They were locked up, not really throwing no punches, but Shawn lost a chunk of hair.”

Road Dogg then referenced the animosity between The Elite and CM Punk and says things like that used to happen all the time but if there is a genuine issue that is going to linger, it needs to be rooted out:

“One just happened not long ago that made the stinking news, and people are getting fired and, holy mackerel, it used to happen all the time … it was just like, ‘Oh, the boys will be boys and they’ll beat each other up, and then they’ll fight together.'”

“If there’s real animosity in there, that’s a cancer that needs to be extracted.”

Road Dogg recently caused a stir when he claimed that he was a better sports entertainer than WWE legend Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart.

h/t Wrestling Inc.