“The Rightful Heir” To WWE Touts Himself For Future In The Company

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Vince McMahon’s grandson has dubbed himself the “rightful heir” to WWE.

The company that would become WWE — the Capitol Wrestling Corporation — held its first show in 1953 under the stewardship of Vincent J. McMahon. He would remain in control until his son, Vincent Kennedy McMahon bought him out in 1982.

During the following decades, Vince McMahon became a legendary on-screen character, and he was joined by his daughter Stephanie, son Shane, and sometimes even his wife Linda.

However, the recent merger between WWE and UFC ended the McMahon stranglehold on the company. Despite this, Vince remains involved at boardroom level, Shane continues to make occasional appearances and Stephanie’s husband Triple H is running creative.

With wrestling and WWE being such a huge part of the McMahon family, many have wondered whether the next generation will follow in the family business.

Speaking in a new interview with Developmentally Speaking, Shane’s son Declan, pondered who out of his branch of the family or Stephanie’s daughters would be most likely to make it in WWE.

Seemingly not one to undersell himself, Declan said he was the “rightful heir,” explaining that he’d be the best ‘next generation’ McMahon.

“Oh, probably me. I mean, the story, the story’s already written, right? I mean, the rightful heir, the good-looking — the one who looks like Vince, right? So, I think, just in the sense that you could play off the WrestleMania 20 [intro], right, like I posted on Twitter, right? You could play that off and just show that like, the new generation [of] McMahon has arrived. I think in that sense, I would.

We have such a great family, and we’re all so supportive of each other. So I think, I think really, any of us could potentially want to do it. You know, I know Aurora, Paul’s oldest daughter, Triple H’s oldest daughter, she’s always talked about wanting to do it, but in having my dad and my grandpa’s ego, I think I’d be the best,”

Declan McMahon Tips Shane McMahon To Make WWE Return

During the same interview, Declan McMahon also gave an update on his father Shane who suffered a serious quadriceps injury at WrestleMania 39. Declan said his dad is recovering well, and expects him to return to WWE television.

“So you know, obviously, when you’re his son, you want to see your dad be able to do what they love, right? My dad loves wrestling second to none. I mean, he truly, truly cares for the business. But not only for the business, you know, he truly wants to just put on a show for the fans because the fans show him so much love.

And it’s so rewarding for a lot of those guys just give to those fans who came to see him. So hopefully he comes back better than ever. And I think he will, his rehab is going great.”

Declan McMahon currently attends the University of Indiana and was recently shown on television in the crowd at Fastlane.

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