Ric Flair Claims Seth Rollins Isn’t “Even Close” To Roman Reigns’ Level

Ric Flair

Ric Flair thinks that there’s still a massive gulf in terms of success and recognition between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Reigns and Rollins are two of the most decorated wrestlers in WWE today. Both came up at the same time but more fans gravitated towards Rollins at first since he was a former indy wrestler and stronger in-ring technician.

However, Reigns has since surpassed Rollins in virtually every meaningful way. And according to Ric Flair, one need only look at the number of gimmicks and changes each guy has gone through to see who’s better off.

Speaking on his To Be The Man Podcast, Flair noted that Rollins has changed his gimmick so many times whereas Reigns hasn’t done so as frequently. Rollins’ numerous changes, according to Flair, are why Reigns stands so far above him.

“Look at Seth Rollins. He’s been 10 different things. You know what he was the best at? Being The Architect. Because he’s really strong and technical in the ring. But since then I can’t even keep track of all of it. I know why it is, it’s all to sell merchandise. I saw where he compared himself to Roman Reigns. I don’t think that’s even close.”

Some of Rollins’ gimmicks and nicknames over the years include: The workhorse of the Shield, the Architect, the Monday/Tuesday/Friday Night Messiah, and The Visionary. He also decided to change his wrestling name from “Seth Rollins” to “Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins” earlier this year.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription