Ric Flair Reveals The Wrestler Behind: “The Worst Match I Ever Had In My Life”

Ric Flair Reveals The Wrestler Behind:

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair openly discusses the wrestler responsible for the worst matches of his career.

During an episode of The Ric Flair Show, Ric Flair candidly singled out The Ultimate Warrior as the wrestler behind two of the most disappointing matches of his wrestling career. Flair vividly recounted the encounter in Winnipeg, Canada, where he was the champion, labelling the match as “probably the second worst match” of his life.

I’m wrestling the Warrior in Winnipeg [Canada], right? I’m the champion. And the match, Mike, was probably, the second worst match I ever had in my life.

He then went on to share a more harrowing experience in Phoenix, Arizona, where he wrestled The Warrior and suffered a dangerous head drop incident. After returning from the ring, Flair was told by Pat Patterson that it was the worst match he had ever seen.

The first being when I wrestled The Warrior in Phoenix [Arizona] and he dropped me on my head. Okay? So I came back from the ring. I knew the match was absolutely brutal. And Pat Patterson goes to me, ‘That was the worst f**king match I’ve ever seen in my life’. And I said, ‘You’re telling me, motherf**ker? I was in it!’

Flair expressed his frustrations with the lack of chemistry between them and the scripted nature of their matches, even disclosing that The Ultimate Warrior had sent him a three-page letter to memorise for their matches, a practice he didn’t believe in.

Is Ric Flair Signed With AEW?

It had been previously announced that Ric Flair has signed a multi-year deal with AEW. This news came after Flair made an appearance on Dynamite with Sting, paying tribute to Sting’s in-ring career.

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