AEW Star Takes Inspiration From Kanye West, Defends Controversial Promos

Controversy alone won’t be enough to get one AEW star to change.

Max Caster and Anthony Bowens have enjoyed a fine run in AEW as The Acclaimed, but that run hasn’t come without a chunk of controversy. Those flash points are usually related to Caster’s desire to push the boundaries as much as he can as he raps the pair to the ring.

The star has been suspended for his raps in the past, while references to sexual assault, mental health problems, and various sex acts have often upset those watching.

However, it seems Caster won’t be toning things down any time soon.

While appearing on Isiah Kassidy’s YouTube channel, Caster explained why he takes inspiration from Kanye and doesn’t worry about offending people.

“I think it’s important to do that. A lot of wrestling is based on, can I get people to like me? If you try too hard and you go out there and you say, ‘Please love me, please love me,’ it’s cool, it’s okay. We can try all the tricks, and here’s a pyro, or here’s some new gear, a flashy look, new song.

But I feel like the best artists are the ones who will say something and stand by it. So I’m talking Kanye, Dave Chapelle, these are the guys that are the top of their game. So I take a lot of inspiration from that.

What I do, a lot of it is kind of stand-up comedy, and a comedian can go up there, tell a joke, might offend some people, but a lot of people think it’s funny. So as long as it’s funny, I’m good with it,”

AEW & WWE Stars Unite In Frustration With Tony Khan

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that stars in both AEW and WWE weren’t impressed with recent comments made by Tony Khan.

During the NL Draft, Tony Khan said WWE was like the “Harvey Weinstein of pro wrestling” in his latest jab at the sports entertainment giant. Many in WWE reportedly felt Khan’s comments were “ridiculous” while even people in AEW felt he went too far.

Tony Khan will run AEW from a “remote location” as he continues to sell his attack at the hands of the Young Bucks.

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