New Report On SmackDown Fire Botch

SmackDown Arena

A new report has shed light on what went wrong during Friday Night SmackDown when the use of fire in the ring did not go as planned.

The rivalry between Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross hit new heights on SmackDown in Salt Lake City, Utah when The Scottish Warrior looked to settle the score once and for all and challenged Kross to a Strap Match at Extreme Rules.

While McIntyre was talking, he was soon interrupted by the mysterious Scarlett who merely served as a distraction so her husband could pounce. Drew McIntyre soon gained the upper hand on Kross, leaving it up to Scarlett to interject herself in a more forceful manner.

She sent a fireball hurtling through the air in the direction of McIntyre but the reality was that it barely grazed the former WWE Champion.

Now Fightful Select has reported on the fireball situation and why the spot and what came after was not as planned. The report notes that the flash paper used for the segment was brought in by the team travelling to SmackDown on WWE’s corporate jet and was not procured by the company’s prop team, with the flash paper said to be not ready for live TV.

The report also states that word somehow reached Kross and McIntyre to continue their fight in the ring. The result was the fireball acting as more of a distraction so Kross could gain the upper hand before a low blow to McIntyre from Scarlett allowed Karrion Kross to lock in his Kross Jacket submission.