Mustafa Ali Removes Dangerous Finisher From Moveset

Mustafa Ali

WWE Raw Superstar Mustafa Ali has explained his decision to remove his former finishing move from his repertoire.

Mustafa Ali returned to WWE TV back inb April after six months away. At the beginning of his absence, Ali publicly revealed he had asked for his release from the company, following reports of a heated argument with Vince McMahon.

Since making his comeback, Ali has lost more matches than he has been able to win, but that has been in large part due to repeated interference by both The Miz and current US Champion Theory. Mustafa Ali attempted to get revenge when he faced Theory for his title at Hell In A Cell, but he was unable to overcome Vince McMahon’s protege.

One noticeable change Mustafa Ali made since returning to the red brand was to stop using his former finishing move, the 054. Ali previously used the inverted version of the 450 splash to great effect but has now revealed on Twitter that the risks of performing the move weren’t worth the reward.

Mustafa Ali recently defeated his former RETRIBUTION ally T-BAR with the regular version of the 450 splash on WWE Main Event. Unfortunately for Ali, he was unable to recreate that success on the June 13th edition of Raw when he was taken out by Chad Gable.