MJF Defends Tony Khan After Recent WWE “Attack”

MJF AEW entrance

Controversial AEW star MJF has made a rare defence of his boss Tony Khan for feeling “personally attacked” by recent WWE business decisions.

All Out was held over Labor Day weekend again in 2022 as it has been in previous years as AEW continues with the tradition that started with the monumental All In show that was held over the weekend in 2018.

However, All Out didn’t have the weekend to itself by any stretch of the imagination in terms of pro wrestling shows with WWE scheduling two huge shows over the weekend as well.

Clash at the Castle attracted over 62,000 fans to the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales the day before All Out, and on the same day, NXT UK came to an end as Worlds Collide took place.

At the post-All Out press conference, Tony Khan was blunt when commenting on the situation:

“There’s a big difference between this year and last year. We were the first professional wrestling show and the only professional wrestling show on Labor Day weekend last year, and we were the third professional wrestling show of the weekend this year. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.”

“When I talk about things I wasn’t thrilled about, I was a little surprised we were the third professional wrestling show this weekend, and it’s probably a little bit more challenging in the marketplace when it becomes a little more crowded.”

“[…] “When I compared myself to Jim Crockett Promotions this weekend, I think I got a taste of the same medicine Jim Crockett Promotions took, but I have a lot more f*cking money than Jim Crockett did. I’m serious. I’m not gonna sit back and take this f*cking sh*t.”

Appearing on The MMA Hour, MJF – who has himself had a thing or two to say about Tony Khan in the past – says the AEW boss can’t be blamed for feeling “personally attacked” by WWE’s scheduling:

“We’re still the underdog. All you have to understand is that he felt personally attacked at that point. You can’t blame him. We’re doing a pay-per-view at this time, all of a sudden magically there’s two pay-per-views. If I was on the other side of the fence, I would be doing five paper views on the same day” – he also felt Khan came up the winner.”

“His back was against the wall and he still hit a freakin’ home run. He felt pressured, and I think that was a result – you’re talking about that pressure now.”

h/t Wrestling Inc