Lita Addresses WWE Future Following Elimination Chamber

Lita smiles at crowd

Following her clash with Becky Lynch at Elimination Chamber, Lita has commented on her in-ring future.

At Elimination Chamber on February 19th, Lita competed in her first singles match since finishing her WWE career in 2006. Despite this, her title bout with Becky Lynch received a lot of praise from around the wrestling world, with Lita looking like she had never been away from the ring.

Although she pushed Lynch all of the way, Lita eventually fell to the Raw Women’s Champion. After the match, she took time the to savour the reaction from the audience, with many thinking that she appeared to be saying goodbye.

In a post on Instagram after the show, the veteran didn’t rule out returning to the ring again in future as she thanked fans for their support. However, she also said that if that was her final match, she’s proud of what she achieved.

“What an experience. It’s hard to put into words everything I’ve felt these past few weeks. But I can say the support I’ve received from all of you has touched me deeply. I thank you so much for the time you took to cheer me on, and the faith you had in me to get back in the ring. To the women currently grinding on the road to keep raising the bar, you inspire me daily. If this was the end, I am so proud. If it is not, I will arrive more prepared, train harder, and find a way to dig deeper.”

Lita’s latest return to WWE came at the 2022 Royal Rumble, where she was back in action for the first time since October 2018. Although she was unsuccessful in winning the women’s Royal Rumble match, her performance garnered praise from fans and critics.

On the following episode of Raw, the WWE Hall of Famer crossed paths with Becky Lynch. Lita then challenged the Raw Women’s Champion to a match at Elimination Chamber.