Kevin Nash On Being Inebriated When Making Challenge For Shoot Fight

Kevin Nash

WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash has discussed the time he challenged another star with the same accolade to a shoot fight while he was stoned.

Despite a number of false starts under some bizarre characters in WCW, Kevin Nash finally slotted in to the main event scene when he transitioned in to Diesel upon joining WWE, and went on to win the World Championship in 1994.

Another milestone moment for ‘Big Sexy’ was when he and Scott Hall jumped ship to WCW in 1996, creating the New World Order and changing the landscape for the Monday Night Wars.

During his illustrious career Kevin Nash faced a who’s who of the wrestling world, however The Ultimate Warrior was a notable absentee from that list.

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash has opened up about the time he took to social media to challenge Warrior to a shoot fight, and how he was stoned at the time he did it.

I challenged him to a shoot fight on Twitter. It gets to the point where, and I swear to God I was stoned, and I f*cking typed whatever it was back then, 140 (characters). And I’m stoned as f*ck, and I just send it out, and I’m like ‘ah, what the f*ck’. He comes back with this edited, there’s like 33 edits in it. He spent three f*cking days of his life because I just told him ‘hey man, we each put up a hundred grand, we’ll just f*cking get in the ring and just go, winner takes all.

I’m watching this thing and I’m looking at all these edits, and how many days it must of took for him to do this. I was thinking, ‘Oh wow man, I didn’t realize you would give me that much real estate in your brain.

Kevin Nash is certainly no stranger to getting in to altercations on social media, having recently engaged in a war of words with current IWGP United States Champion Will Ospreay.

With thanks to Sportskeeda for the transcription.