Kevin Nash On Discussing Modern Wrestling Style With Shawn Michaels

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash has opened up on a recent discussion with Shawn Michaels, where ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ told him “that’s not the style anymore”.

The style which Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash were used to during their heyday is extremely different from what is expected from wrestlers coming through WWE’s developmental system now. Michaels is now in a key position to have a hand in the direction the modern style takes, given his position of Vice President of Talent Development for NXT 2.0 and NXT UK.

However, it would seem that Kevin Nash doesn’t agree with how the style is progressing. In a recent episode of Kliq This, the former World Champion commented on being with Michaels at a set of tapings and being told that nowadays “the style is the style”.

So anyway, I went down and I watched the NXT taping. And I said to him [Shawn Michaels], I said, ‘F*ck. Slow the fuck down.’ Right? And he just looks at me and this is exactly how he [said it], just looks at me goes, ‘It’s not the style anymore, you just have to accept that. The style is the style.’ And I’m like, ‘Wow.’

Like he goes, ‘If you go out there and do f*cking do tests of strength, people will walk the f*ck out of the arena.’ He says that they are awkwardly conditioned now to do this. The fans want to see this, they want to see a spot fest. That’s great, I mean, if that’s what the fans want, I particularly don’t.

Kevin Nash went on to discuss one recent match which did make a lot of sense to him, with a Monday Night Raw main event showing proper tag team psychology.

I thought that the tag match that ended Raw had psychology. Yes, there was spots, but the first time Theory gets brought in, it’s f*cking, a stiff f*cking punch, good facials, goes to the body and digs a couple of f*cking shots. They f*cking keep cutting the ring off, cutting the ring off, not letting Lashley get the tag. And I’m just seeing like they’re working in and out.

And Seth’s coming in and doing one, two things boom, tagging it back out. Like the old Anderson brothers that work in the corner. And it’s just like, there we go, that’s tag psychology. F*cking finally, you know, Lashley gets the hot tag and they stop him and no one can stop him. And you know, it’s just like, I don’t know.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.