Karrion Kross Addresses Why He Returned To WWE

Karrion Kross WWE SmackDown

Karrion Kross has opened up on his thought process when he received the call to go back to WWE, and whether the new management influenced his decision.

Two-time NXT Champion Karrion Kross was let go by WWE at the tail end of 2021 along with Scarlett, after his call-up to the main roster was blighted by a character change which seemingly limited his success.

However, with Triple H taking the helm of WWE just before SummerSlam 2022, Kross was one of the first names to return to the company on Friday night SmackDown.

In a new interview with The Sun, Karrion Kross has discussed when he received the call to return from ‘The Game’, and how they’d kept in touch after his release.

Every once in a while we would check in on Hunter and see how he’s doing, just personal stuff – we never talked about work – and he would check in on us.

One day he was wondering if we were around for a call. And then I think it was the week that you guys saw me on TV. I jumped on a call with Hunter and he proposed the concept of coming back. He said, ‘Would you guys like to come home?’ And we were like, ‘Of course we would’. And then you guys saw us two days later, we were on TV.

We’ve always had a good relationship with everyone. We loved our experience there. That bridge was never ever burned or damaged or anything like that. It was just a series of unfortunate events that led to where we’re at and we came full circle.

Karrion Kross went on to explain how he would have considered going back to WWE even if it was the old regime in charge rather than Triple H.

Had we received that call from the previous management, if the call went well we would have considered it because at the end of the day it’s really about being in front of the fans.

Having come straight back in to a prominent position and feuding with Drew McIntyre, Kross seems to have his sights set on the WWE Championship, and has recently claimed he will be a “supervillain” with the belt.