John Cena Has Heart-Warming Meeting With Superfan Who Fled Ukraine

John Cena posing for camera

John Cena has travelled to Europe to meet a brave fan with Down Syndrome who was forced to flee his home due to the war in Ukraine.

Last weekend, John Cena travelled to the Netherlands to meet one of his biggest fans, Misha Rohozhyn. The teen and his family had fled from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol earlier this year. The plight of Misha and his family was revealed in the Wall Street Journal and Cena was moved to take action.

Misha is a 19-year-old John Cena superfan with Down Syndrome, who is unable to speak. When his home city was besieged by a Russian bombardment, Misha was soothed by his mother who promised that they would go and find Cena once they escaped.

After John Cena read about what had happened, he travelled to the Dutch town of Huizen where the family have taken refuge.

In an emotional clip shared by WWE, Cena described the meeting as a special afternoon where he met a new friend.

“When I read about Misha’s story, it reached out to me. Not just Misha’s story, but the story of Misha’s mom as well. Having three days off from work, right at the time that I read this story, and being an hour away by air, it turned immediately into ‘we’re goin.’ And that means spending an afternoon building blocks and eating cake. That’s a special afternoon when it comes to new friends that I was able to make.

Misha’s ability to embrace persistence, that’s extraordinary. Those words ‘never give up.’ We’ve all thought about those in our lives, they’re very powerful. Misha and Misha’s mom are great examples of how persistence can lead to joy. Even through the toughest of times.”

John Cena will make his return to WWE on the June 27th episode of Raw to celebrate 20 years since he made his debut.

H/T to Inside The Ropes for the above transcription.