John Cena Calls Recently Released WWE Superstar “A Gifted Performer”

John Cena salutes crowd

WWE legend John Cena has reacted to the latest round of WWE roster cuts and commented on the “powerful message” of one of the Superstars who was let go.

Sean Ross Sapp broke the news of eight WWE Superstars being released from their contracts with the company on November 18th. Those let go were all of Hit Row, John Morrison, Tegan Nox, Jaxson Ryker, Shane Thorne, and Drake Maverick.

Some of those stars have since reacted to the news of their dismissal on social media. One of these was Drake Maverick, who released a video on Twitter. The video began by mirroring the heartfelt and emotional message he sent last year when he was let go by the company before being re-signed. However, he went on to make an altogether more confident statement on his future, which you can view below.

One man who was impressed by the video was 16-Time World Champion John Cena, who praised the English star, calling him a “gifted performer”.

“This is worth a watch. Very well done and very powerful message by a gifted performer.”

The total number of WWE Superstars released from their contracts in 2021 has now risen to eighty. The reason given for this latest round is said to be the same as others this year, with John Laurinaitis reported to have told people it was once again down to budget cuts.