Jim Ross On One Feature Of AEW Fans Will See Less Of

aew jim ross

Jim Ross has shared one of the things that AEW fans will see less of in the future with regard to certain words that were used in the past.

When Jade Cargill did an interview on the September 21 episode of AEW Dynamite, she said “cut the s**t” as usual, but the swear was muted this time unlike in the past. That’s because AEW plans to cut back on using swear words.

There was an incident in AEW earlier in the year where Producer Ace Steel was firing up CM Punk during a promo and fired off an “f-bomb” during his speech. That reportedly led to Steel being fined by AEW.

While speaking during a Q&A on AdFreeShows, legendary AEW announcer Jim Ross talked about how he thinks there will be less swearing on AEW shows going forward.

“As long as the storylines and character development are based in some degree of logic, you have to position talent, to some degree, that he or she can best identify with the audience. It sounds simplistic, it really is, quite frankly. I thought WWE, at one point, I was there and part of it, tried too hard to become PG and appease all the advertisers. I think you just have to use common sense.”

“We had a string in AEW where there was a lot of controversial language. I think you’ll see less of that. It’s unnecessary and shows a lack of creativity if you can’t come up with an adjective or adverb that is better than something a little coarse. The times are going to dictate that.”

The WWE Hall of Fame announcer known as JR went on to say that in WWE during the Attitude Era when there was a TV-14 rating, they were able to be a little riskier although it all came down to common sense as well:

“The old time slot, we would raise the sensationalism in the second hour of Raw, you could be a little more risky and rougher. It’s all case-by-case, there is no rule, we all just have to use common sense and logic. I’m guilty as anybody. I remember one time, I said, ‘WWE Dynamite.’ That didn’t make me real popular with some, which is amazing because it’s called human error. That’s it, I made a mistake, I was sorry about it. I haven’t done it since, knock on wood.”