Jake Roberts Reflects On WWE Feud He Considers “In Horrible Taste”

Jake Roberts AEW Entrance

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts has lamented his involvement in a prominent storyline that he considers to be “in horrible taste.”

When Jake Roberts returned to WWE in 1996 his addiction issues were well known within the wrestling industry. His character in the company was now that of a preacher who warned others of the dangers of substances that he had battled for years.

During this comeback, Roberts is best remembered for losing to Stone Cold Steve Austin in the final of the King of the Ring tournament that prompted the birth of Austin 3:16. Later in the year, however, Jake The Snake found himself embroiled in a very personal storyline with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Speaking on a Q and A episode of his DDP Snake Pit podcast courtesy of AdFreeShows, Jake Roberts reflected on the angle in question that saw Lawler douse Roberts with whiskey:

“Absolutely was in horrible taste. They made fun of me for being an alcoholic. He wound up pouring a bottle of whiskey down my face, burned the sh*t out of my eyes.”

“Ask Jerry he’ll tell you the same damn thing, because whenever it came time for me to pour it on him he goes ‘you can’t pour that on me,’ and I go ‘what do you mean? You poured it on me.’ He goes ‘well Vince wanted it poured on you.’ That motherf*cker, you know?”

“I can’t say ‘boys will be boys’ because boys will be assholes. They were constantly putting things in my bag that shouldn’t have been there, taking chances with my damn well-being because they were putting drugs in my damn suitcase that I didn’t know were there, and I’d find sh*t in there y’know? Paraphernalia and stuff. It was just horrible, man.”

During the show, Jake Roberts also discussed how he had an unlikely saviour in terms of the locker room’s shenanigans in The Undertaker.

h/t Wrestling Inc.