WWE Hall Of Famer Criticizes TNT For Adding AEW Collision

AEW Collision Logo

Not everyone likes the idea of AEW Collision being on TNT.

AEW Collision is set to be a big show when it debuts on Saturday, June 17th. It will join Dynamite as another weekly wrestling show airing on a network owned by the same parent company.

For some wrestling fans, this is great news. For Kevin Nash, this is an eerie case of déjà vu.

Speaking on a recent edition of his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash noted that the AEW Dynamite/Collision/TBS/TNT situation is almost identical to what happened with WCW, Nitro, and Thunder back in the late 1990s.

“I guess TBS and TNT didn’t learn their lesson with Thunder. … I thought the biggest mistake we made was when we went to three hours on Nitro. Then from there we added f***ing Thunder.

Feels like a concussion, to the point where my head hurts so bad I don’t want to f***ing watch television.”

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer Nash’s comments stem from his time working as both an in-ring wrestler and as a member of WCW’s booking team during the tail end of the Attitude Era.

Kevin Nah once described his firsthand experience struggling to manage creative for three hours of Nitro and two hours of Thunder per week. Keeping consistency between those two weekly shows, plus wrestlers with creative control accepting or rejecting ideas, plus the added pressure of keeping storylines consistent from week to week on top of from show to show, all added up to WCW’s demise by 2001.

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription