Gunther Calls Sheamus A “Legend” After Clash At The Castle

sheamus gunther wwe clash at the castle

Gunther has praised his WWE Clash at the Castle opponent Sheamus for being a legend after their classic match took place at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

The Intercontinental Champion Gunther defended the title against Sheamus in a hard-hitting match that drew a standing ovation from the crowd of 62,296 people. It was a match that drew a lot of praise as the match of the night while some people are even considering it a WWE Match of the Year contender.

There were several moments in the match where the two men known for their physicality exchanged chops and other strikes, much to the delight of the fans in attendance at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. Every time Gunther would hit a big move for a two count, Sheamus got right back up and hit one of his signature maneuvers to get a nearfall of his own.

It was an exciting finish to the match that ended after 20 minutes of brutality. From the TJR review: “Sheamus picked up Gunther and hit the Celtic Cross (Razor’s Edge) and the slow cover for one…two…no! The crowd wanted that to be it. Sheamus set up for the Brogue Kick, but then he sold the back injury while doing the kick. Gunther hit a Powerbomb with no cover. They were down on their knees, then slowly back up and Gunther hit a lariat for the pinfall win.”

After the match was over, Sheamus shared a photo of his battered body that had visible scars from all the chops and strikes delivered by Gunther.

During a post-Clash at the Castle press conference that aired on WWE’s Youtube channel, Gunther was asked by Alistair McGeorge of The Metro for his thoughts on Sheamus.

“First of all, Sheamus, I think Sheamus is a legend in this company and in this sport. Maybe he doesn’t get the appreciation to the level that he might deserve.”

“I live for matches like this today, I think that’s what this sport should be. It should be intense, a dramatic, intense battle and I think that’s what we put on today. I’m proud of that performance.”

After the match between Gunther and Sheamus was finished, Sheamus was alone in the ring where he got back to his feet as the fans in Cardiff gave the future Hall of Famer a well-deserved standing ovation.