Ex-WWE Referee Wants Vince McMahon Back For Big Send Off

Vince McMahon

A former WWE referee has said that they hope Vince McMahon can return to WWE screens so the former Chairman can “get the right send-off he deserves.”

The subject of life after Vince McMahon for WWE had been the subject of much conjecture for many years as ultimately time comes for us all – even Vince McMahon. At 76 years old in July 2022, McMahon did what almost nobody expected and walked away from the company he had run for forty years as he announced his retirement.

The retirement may not have been entirely McMahon’s choice as it came amid a backdrop of sexual misconduct and hush money allegations levelled at the former WWE Chairman.

Speaking on his Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda show – courtesy of – the former WWE official says that despite the controversy surrounding McMahon stepping away, he hopes fans will see Vince McMahon again at some point so he can receive a big send-off, possibly at WrestleMania:

“I’m sure he’ll come back, hopefully in another year or so or maybe next year at WrestleMania. Give it a little bit of time and then hopefully he gets the right send-off he deserves for running a major company and employing people like myself for 35 years.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.