Eric Bischoff On Why Full-Time WWE Return Won’t Happen

Eric Bischoff points to crowd

WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff has discussed the reasons he wouldn’t be going back on the road full-time with WWE.

After being at the helm of WCW during the Monday Night Wars, Eric Bischoff eventually made the shocking switch when he was confirmed as the General Manager for Monday Night Raw on 15th July 2002.

‘Easy E’ held this role until 2005, and stayed with the company for a further two years. A stint with IMPACT Wrestling followed, although Bischoff did then make various returns to WWE, including being Executive Director of SmackDown for four months in 2019.

Given the knowledge and experience he brings to the wrestling industry, many have speculated that Eric Bischoff could at some point make a return to WWE on a regular basis.

However, speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast Eric Bischoff has made it clear the “ship has sailed” and that he’s happy with where he’s at during this period of his life.

Yeah, that ship has sailed. I am really happy where I’m at. I’m not only happy where I’m at, like I live in a beautiful place, I have a beautiful home. I’m going to part of the country that people all over the world travel to enjoy every year, and I’m really grateful for that. But more than that, I’m grateful for my peace of mind and I’m just at a stage in my life where I hate travelling.

It’s nothing I don’t want to be involved in a wrestling business and I don’t want to ever give anybody that oppression because I love the business and and I love what it’s done for me and my family and you know I still to this day I’m being gifted things from professional wrestling, you know, meeting you and meeting Conrad and getting, you know, just being a part of this, come on, how is this not cool? And I’m grateful for all of that.

But for me to get on a plane at this stage of my life, and travel every week, or, or be in the grind that I know you have to be in to really be involved in this business in any meaningful way, not going to happen.

Just realistically, there’s not enough I mean, there’s enough money right, there is always enough money. But nobody’s going to offer me the kind of money that it would take for me to compromise where I’m at.

Eric Bischoff also recently weighed in on the backstage controversy surrounding AEW, classing CM Punk’s actions as “unforgivable”.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.