Eric Bischoff Claims Recent Match Is One Of The Best In 20 Years

Eric Bischoff points to crowd

Eric Bischoff has praised a recent WWE match, saying it deserves to be remembered as one of the best in the last 20 years.

Having worked in the wrestling business for over three decades both in front of and behind the camera, Eric Bischoff has seen his fair share of matches. The former WCW President hailing a bout as one of the greatest in the last 20 years comes with a lot of weight.

The match in question was the highly-acclaimed bout between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell. Not only did Rhodes put on the performance of a lifetime, but he was working through a very visible injury to do so. In the days leading up to the match, The American Nightmare tore a pectoral tendon right off the bone, leading to horrific bruising.

Fans winced as Rollins attacked Rhodes inside the steel structure with weapons including a kendo stick and a weight belt. Despite the injury and the vicious shots from the former WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes was able to weather the storm for the third time and defeated Rollins after retaliating with a sledgehammer.

Speaking on his Strictly Business podcast (exclusively on AdFreeShows), Eric Bischoff shared his views on the instant classic.

“I think as bad as his injury was, the fact that Cody went out and had, I don’t know where that match is going to end up in being the all-time great matches of at least the last 20-years, but it needs to be right up there in my opinion.”

“And for Cody to be able to do what he did, even though he’s going to be out for four to six months, whatever it is, people are already anticipating his comeback. There is so much potential there, it’s frightening.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.