DDP Reacts To Dangerous Move From WWE Extreme Rules


Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) has let his thoughts be known about a recent dangerous wrestling move.

Recently on his “DDP Snake Pit” podcast, Diamond Dallas Page spoke about WWE’s Extreme Rules Premium Live Event that took place earlier this month.

When DDP brought up the match between Seth Rollins Matt Riddle, he pointed out how there was a move done that could have gone horribly wrong if it wasn’t done correctly, comparing it to a similar move that Sammy Guevera landed while taking on Cody Rhodes back in January on AEW Dynamite.

“I did not see Riddle coming and doing what, to me, I’ll call a coffin drop [on his back from the top of Fight Pit structure]. God, what a dangerous bump. What a dangerous bump. And man, on both sides, to take the trust because if he’s just four inches less and his ass lands on his gut … It’s like the top athletes in this business have a sense of skill and luck, and I mean all around.”

DDP continued:
“He absorbs so much of that [move] on his glutes and his spine. Seth felt a lot of it too, but Matt took a lot of that. What great athletes.”