DDP Details Conversation With Cody Rhodes Ahead Of AEW Exit

Cody Rhodes smiling to crowd

While Cody Rhodes’ decision to leave AEW came as a shock to many, DDP has revealed that ‘The American Nightmare’ let him know ahead of time.

In a development that surprised many, Tony Khan announced on February 15th that Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi would both be departing from AEW. It was an unexpected move for the pair as they were integral in the formation of the company and two of its top stars. Cody was also one of the company’s Executive Vice Presidents and Brandi served as the Chief Branding Officer.

In a new interview with Fighful Select, Cody Rhodes’ friend and Nightmare Family member Diamond Dallas Page has opened up about the conversation the two had before the departure was announced.

DDP explained that Rhodes wanted to make it known that, while he still thinks Tony Khan is a great guy, he had made the decision to go and do something else.

“Cody called me two days before. He said, ‘Listen, I’m gonna tell you something. But I can only tell you so much. But I know if I don’t call you and tell you, you’re gonna want to kill me. You’ll be so pissed off, so I have to call and tell you that I love Tony Khan. He’s a great guy. He loves me. But we’re gonna split up and I want to go off and do something else. I can’t tell you about what it is right now, but I promise at some point I will.’”

The wrestling legend added that he was happy for Cody not to tell him his plans as he wants to be surprised. However, he did offer advice on possible directions.

“I don’t want to know sometimes. You know what I mean? I want to be surprised. I gave him all of my viewpoints on everything. I don’t know if you’re doing this, I don’t know if you’re doing that, I don’t know if you’re doing this. But I gave him my viewpoints and then Cody’s a man. He’s very successful.

“To me whatever he does, I wish him the best. I hope I helped him with some of my insights to help direct him. But he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do.”

Fightful noted that Page’s comments line up with things they have previously heard about there being no bad blood between Cody Rhodes and Tony Khan. They also say that it’s unlikely either party will talk much about the situation that led to the split.

Since Cody Rhodes left AEW, there has been speculation that he will be WWE-bound in the near future. WWE has hinted at this themselves and on the latest episode of Raw dropped multiple teases that the former Intercontinental Champion was on his way throughout the evening.