AEW Star Believes Cody Rhodes Is “Destined To Be In The Spot He’s In Right Now”

cody rhodes ropes

Cody Rhodes is in the spot where he was destined to be, according to an AEW star that knows the WWE superstar very well.

There’s a long history between Cody Rhodes and Shawn Spears going back to around 2006 when they were tag team partners in Ohio Valley Wrestling, which is where they became two-time OVW Southern Tag Team Champions together.

They worked in WWE for a long time together but were on different paths until Cody Rhodes helped create All Elite Wrestling in 2019 and Spears signed with the company. The two men would go on to have a feud that was remembered for a brutal chair shot from Spears to Cody.

Currently, Cody Rhodes is a main eventer in WWE after nearly winning the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship from Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, but Solo Sikoa prevented that from happening.

Up next for Cody is a huge match in the main event of Backlash when he faces Brock Lesnar, who brutally attacked Cody Rhodes on the Raw after WrestleMania.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet on YouTube, Shawn Spears talked about his long history with Cody Rhodes and how Dusty Rhodes told Spears that Cody was going to be a singles star. Spears started by talking about how Cody is cut from a different cloth, so to speak. Based on how Spears spoke, it was an interview recorded before WrestleMania, but his comments still hold a lot of value.

“He is. I get kind of choked up, I get emotional when I think about it now. I’m not gonna cry because I’m not gonna give him that. But to see where he started and I was there when he started to see now where he is. He’s a guy that always without fail bet on himself. It sounds cheesy, but he’s destined to be in the spot that he’s in right now. In the spot that he’s in on Sunday or by the time this airs, whatever the outcome is. His thing is finish the story.”

“You can’t write a better story. I remember when we were in OVW. We were a tag team and Dusty [Rhodes], his dad came down, he was doing a little bit over ‘Hey, baby we’re gonna put you guys together. [He’s] young good looking. You got a little bit of experience.’ Cody was very popular. He didn’t have much experience but he was very popular with the fan base. Obviously, he’s a pretty guy. So putting us together was a really good idea at the time and it really helped.”

Shawn Spears continued by talking about how the late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes made it clear that Cody Rhodes was going to be a major singles star.

“But Dusty said, ‘Nice babyface tag team, give you a good little bit of run, but I just need you to know that Cody is destined to be a singles star.’ Told me that way back when. I don’t think Cody was in a year. But he knew it, he felt it. Of course we’re talking about arguably one of the greatest of all time.”

“People might say ‘Well, that’s just the father speaking very highly of the son.’ Okay. I consider it a prediction because look where his son is now. He was always destined to be a singles star and he knows it. There’s no one in my mind that is more deserving than that guy.”

As for Shawn Spears, he returned to AEW television recently and will likely be teaming up with Ricky Starks soon against Jay White & Juice Robinson based on an attack from the April 19th episode of Dynamite.

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