Chris Jericho Details Hilarious Backstory To Fireball Spot

Chris Jericho flips off the crowd at AEW Revolution 2022

Chris Jericho has mastered the art of throwing a fireball in 2022, but there’s a strange license you must first hold before carrying out the heinous act.

As part of his feud with Eddie Kingston and Blackpool Combat Club, Chris Jericho took matters to the extreme during AEW’s spring programming. ‘The Ocho’ threw a fireball into the face of Kingston, as well as that of Shota Umino, the NJPW protege of Eddie’s on-again, off-again partner Jon Moxley.

Discussing this aspect of the rivalry during the latest AEW Unrestricted podcast, Chris Jericho detailed that to throw a fireball in the state of Las Vegas, which is where the first spot was planned for, you must hold a magician’s license:

“I had my magician’s license. You need that to throw a fireball in the vicinity of Vegas. The problem was it didn’t come in time, so we had to go outside the boundaries of Vegas to throw the fireball at the stagehand. ‘Guys, don’t tell me why it’s not going to work.’ My internal, ‘(Wayne) Gretzky stay ahead’ is we needed to throw another fireball today.

It’s at the peak. Next week would be too late. We figured it out, made it happen, the kid took the fireball, and now it’s a thing. I did it one more time with Shota Umino. That’s it. I never have to throw it again. I can fake it, I can tease it, or maybe I do. It’s now part of Chris Jericho canon.”

Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston’s feud led the pair into a singles encounter at Revolution, with ‘The Mad King’ coming away victorious. The Jericho Appreciation Society was formed on the following Dynamite episode; Ortiz and Santana were ousted from Jericho’s side as a direct result.

Their rivalry was settled in a Barbed Wire Deathmatch on the Fyter Fest special of Dynamite as Chris Jericho defeated Eddie Kingston, moving on to target Blackpool Combat Club’s Bryan Danielson after this.

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