Bruce Prichard On Hulk Hogan Always Thinking There’s “One More” Match

Hulk Hogan poses for the crowd

WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard has discussed his belief that Hulk Hogan still thinks he can go in the ring today and has one more match in him. Hogan is 68 years old.

Prichard was discussing Hogan in the context of his match at SummerSlam 2006 against Randy Orton on his Something To Wrestle With podcast [available ad-free at].

According to Prichard, he firmly believes that “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan still wants one more showdown before all is said and done, but he doesn’t believe that’s a good idea:

“If you were to ask Hulk today, I think Hulk would tell you, ‘I’ve still got one more in me, brother.’ In his head, he does. I just wouldn’t for his health. I don’t want to see that, man. I want to remember Hulk Hogan as Hulk Hogan and the way he was and for him to come back and do some nostalgia stuff and be Hulk today. Always entertaining, always great. I just, man, he is Hulk Hogan. You don’t want to see Hulk Hogan, you know, gimping around the ring. I just don’t want to see that. I want to see my guy.”

At SummerSlam 2006, Hogan defeated Randy Orton, and Bruce Prichard says Hogan won simply because he’s Hulk Hogan:

“First of all, as we discussed before, nobody kicks out of the leg drop. Hulk Hogan beat his ass because it was Hulk Hogan goddammit! But you know, also at the same time, the back issues and all the other issues that Hulk had between his knees and back and everything else. It was time for him to be out of the ring. I’m glad that was his last match, at least in WWE; he would go on to have more elsewhere, but I don’t think that was the best thing for his longevity and for his body in general.”

Hogan wrestled ten matches following his bout with Orton, four on a tour of Australia, five in TNA, and one against Paul Wight in Tennessee in 2007.

h/t SK Wrestling for the transcription