Bron Breakker Credits NXT Opponents For Making Him Better

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Bron Breakker is showing some appreciation for some of the men he has feuded with during his run as the NXT Champion.

As the son and nephew of the Hall of Fame tag team The Steiner Brothers, Bron Breakker had a lot of pressure on him when he started on NXT TV in September 2021. That was when the developmental brand was focused on developing younger, newer talent. Soon after his TV debut, Breakker was already in the main event picture. While he lost in his first attempt to bet Tommaso Ciampa fro the NXT Title, Breakker became the NXT Champion for the first time New Year’s Evil on January 4th.

Breakker is now a two-time NXT Champion that only lost the title for about four weeks after Dolph Ziggler won it from him. At Halloween Havoc, Breakker held onto his title despite a tough challenge from JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov. Clearly, Breakker is the “face” of NXT in 2022.

The man that runs WWE NXT is Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, who recently praised Breakker for continuing to improve.

“Bron gets better every single day and every single match. Being in the ring with Dragunov and JD, that helps Bron grow, which he’s already doing in a staggering way.”

While Breakker could certainly have a cocky attitude, he did grow up in pro wrestling and he knows it’s important to credit the wrestlers that you are in the ring with as well. Some of the men that Breakker has defeated in NXT include Ciampa, Ziggler, JD McDonagh, Tyler Bate, Gunther and Ilja Dragunov.

During an appearance on the Black Announce Table podcast, Breaker spoke about how much he enjoyed working with different people during his NXT career.

“I’ve enjoyed all these guys I’ve had the chance to work with. Tommaso Ciampa, I was with him for a long time. I think a lot of credit goes to him, man. I was so brand new, I’d had like three matches, I don’t even know, two matches, whatever it was, before I thrown in with him. He took me along, and I was with him for months, and he was so fantastic to work with. Dolph Ziggler, that was such a pleasure to work with him and Bobby Roode. Joe Gacy’s fantastic as well. Tyler Bate is phenomenal.”

Breakker recently turned 25 years old and is currently dating Cora Jade, who is also part of the NXT brand.

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