The John Report: WWE NXT 01/04/22 Review (New Year’s Evil)

wwe nxt new years evil jan 4

This week’s NXT episode is the first episode of the year that they are calling the New Year’s Evil special. There are three title matches on this show along with a big six-man tag match and Raw’s AJ Styles making an appearance.

It was announced earlier in the day that the main event would be presented commercial-free and there would be limited commercials throughout the show.

This episode is taking place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. My WWE NXT Review archive is here. Let’s get to it.

There was an opening video package featuring the wrestlers in key matches on this show. It took nearly three minutes.

The NXT crowd in Orlando was vocal and ready to go for New Year’s Evil. The commentary team of Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcomed us to the show.

Carmelo Hayes made his entrance first as the NXT North American Champion with his buddy Trick Williams joining him. Hayes was wearing a Roderick Strong shirt on his way to the ring. Roderick Strong entered as the Cruiserweight Champion joined by his Diamond Mine allies including Malcolm Bivens and Hachiman joining him at ringside. The ring announcer Alicia Taylor did the championship introductions. Hayes was booed while Strong was cheered a bit even though they are both heel characters.

NXT North American and Cruiserweight Championship Unification Match: Carmelo Hayes vs. Roderick Strong

They did a tight lockup leading to Hayes driving Strong into the turnbuckle. Strong went for a wristlock, Hayes broke free and Hayes hit a dropkick. They exchanged side headlock takeovers, arm drags and avoided some moves on the mat leading to Hayes hitting a jumping kick to the head. Hayes grabbed a side headlock, Strong broke free and unleashed a few chops on Hayes. They were loud chops. Hayes went to the floor to regroup, Strong met him with more chops and Hayes sent Strong back in. Hayes off the ropes, he flipped over Strong’s back and Hayes with a jumping kick to the back of the head. Hayes hit an impressive springboard leg drop off the middle rope. Hayes jumped off the ropes, Strong with a counter elbow to the head they did an exchange where Hayes jumped over the top with a DDT on the apron. That was so sweet! Hayes makes it all look so easy. Back in the ring, Hayes went up top, jumped off, Strong avoided it and Strong hit a running kick leading to Hayes doing an amazing flip bump! Hayes sells so well too. Anyway, that got a two count going into a picture in picture break.


Hayes had control of Strong on the mat while holding him in an armbar. Strong broke free leading to two backbreakers. Hayes into the ropes, Strong went for another backbreaker, but Hayes countered it into a slam into the mat for two. Hayes blocked a catapult into the ropes, and then Hayes applied a Boston Crab submission for a few seconds. Strong applied his Strong Hold submission that’s like a Boston Crab. Hayes kicked himself free and then Strong hit another huge backbreaker across the knee for a two count. Strong with elbows to the head, then the running forearm spots and an Angle Slam for a two count. The appreciative NXT crowd chanted “this is awesome” for them. Hayes went for a sunset flip, then he rolled through and Hayes hit a suplex into a Cutter for a two count. Strong got an inside cradle for two. Strong with a forearm to the face, Hayes flipped out of a suplex attempt and Hayes hit a superkick. Hayes went up top, but Strong met him with a kick to the head. Strong went for a superplex off the top, then it looked like Hayes turned it a bit as if Hayes DDT’d Strong or something like that and Hayes got a hand on top for two. Hayes went up top and Hayes hit an impressive leg drop to the back of the head (huge height on that leap!) and covered Strong for the pinfall win.

Winner by pinfall: Carmelo Hayes

Analysis: **** Awesome match. What a f’n great finish that was! I thought that leg drop to the back of the head was incredible as a finishing move. Hayes gets so much height when he’s in the air so it looks spectacular. They worked really well together. A nice mix of technical wrestling, aerial moves, submissions and it shows how well-rounded both guys are. With Strong, we know that, but with Carmelo it’s just another example of how talented this guy is. Strong was impressive here with some big moves including all the backbreakers and other strikes that looked vicious. I figured Hayes would win here. It was the right call. Carmelo Hayes is definitely one of my favorites in NXT. What a great performer that’s only going to get better with more experience since he’s only 27 years old.

Post match, Hayes was presented the NXT North American Title and the Cruiserweight Title. The announcers put this over as a classic match They are retiring the Cruiserweight Title and only going to use the North American Title forward. Trick Williams put Hayes on his shoulders to celebrate while Hayes had both titles in his hands.

Analysis: That’s it for the Cruiserweight Title. It lasted over five years. Maybe it will be back some day later in the decade, but it’s gone for now.

Bron Breakker was shown arriving earlier in the day.

They showed Tommaso Ciampa in the locker room with the NXT Title. AJ Styles walked up to Ciampa with Ciampa saying Styles looked like he was ready for a fight. Styles said he had to handle some business, Ciampa mentioned Waller and Styles told Ciampa to go defend that championship. Styles left.

A commercial aired for Smackdown hyping up WWE Champion Brock Lesnar appearing while wondering what’s next for Universal Champion Roman Reigns.


A video aired letting us know the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic begins in two weeks for the men and the women’s tournament starts in February.

Let’s Hear from AJ Styles

Styles got a big pop. There were loud “AJ Styles” chants with Styles thanking the fans for the support. Styles said when he started in WWE (six years ago now), he didn’t start in NXT. Styles said he debuted at the Royal Rumble, then he was on Raw and Smackdown while noting that he was also at WrestleMania. Styles said there’s something about this place, there’s something special about NXT and it led to NXT chants. Styles talked about the passion that the fans have for the superstars and the passion that the superstars have for the fans. Styles said that it’s the passion that makes NXT so there were more “NXT” chants. Styles said he’ll be damned if he lets somebody take that passion away from you guys. Styles mentioned Grayson Waller, which drew boos. Styles said there’s always going to be one person that thinks they’re bigger and better than the place they’re in, that’s Grayson Waller and here he is.

Grayson Waller appeared in a black/gold shirt and white pants. Waller said that Styles has people emotional, he’s got people crying and it’s beautiful. Waller reminded Styles that last night on Raw, he lost to Omos and he actually got crushed. Waller said he doesn’t buy it when Styles says he wishes he started in NXT. Waller said that he’s a student of the game, so he knows why Styles lost last night. Waller ripped on a fan for not seeing why Styles lost. Waller claimed that Styles lost on Raw because he was thinking about Waller and he is living in AJ’s head rent-free. Waller said he didn’t want Styles to blame Waller for his loss.

Styles said he’s hurt, he’s beat up and he’s not at 100%. Styles said he’s never had a match in NXT, he’s got his gear on and everything, so all they need is a referee to do this right here and right now. Waller said no to that while saying we’re on Grayson Waller time. Styles told Waller to get in the ring to try to do something. Waller said that they can do this next in the main event so he can get the biggest victory of his career over Styles. AJ said it will be the biggest embarrassment of Waller’s career. When Waller went to attack with a microphone, Styles punched him out of the ring. Back in the ring, Waller stomped on Styles, then AJ ducked a punch and Styles hit a Pele Kick to the head. Styles with a forearm that rocked Waller leading to AJ going for more, but Waller bailed to the floor.

Analysis: I liked AJ’s babyface promo putting over the NXT brand while noting he had never had a match there and that he always admired what NXT was about. That speech felt genuine by Styles while the fans were loving it. Waller got massive heat for being the arrogant jerk that he is. Waller wanting the match next is what I figured would happen since I wrote it in my NXT preview earlier in the day. It’s a smart move because this week’s card is already loaded for the most part, so do Styles vs. Waller next week. I assume AJ wins, but Waller will look good in defeat.

Pete Dunne did a promo (while a video played of his feud with Tony D’Angelo) ripping on Tony D’Angelo for “poking the bear” while attacking Dunne’s hand with a crowbar. Dunne said that this is just the beginning. Dunne said that he’s going to rip his arm out of his socket and stomp in his face. Dunne dared Tony to come face him to finish the job he started. Dunne told Tony to bring the crowbar because he’s going to need it.

Analysis: That was a strong promo from Dunne. He’s a very believable character and making him a face was easy to do. The feud with D’Angelo is good for both guys.

The Imperium trio of WALTER and the NXT Tag Team Champions Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel made their entrance for tag team action. The fans chanted “Walter” repeatedly. That six-man tag match is next.


They showed the gym area where Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter were there with a friend Amari Miller talking about becoming NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta talked to them to set up a match. Tiffany Stratton didn’t want to be their partner, so she called “daddy” to complain about people bothering her. The girl that sleeps is there, she said her name was Wendy Chu and Persia/Indi wondered who she was. Anyway, it should set up a future match.

The trio of MSK and Raw Tag Team Champion Riddle made their entrance on scooters. Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett were putting over the DJ in the building playing the MSK/Riddle music.

Riddle, Wes Lee & Nash Carter vs. Imperium – WALTER, Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner

Barthel had Carter tied up with an armbar early on, Carter with some impressive speed shown leading to a running dropkick. Aichner tagged in with a hiptoss leading to an armbar. Aichner sent Carter’s left shoulder into the turnbuckle. Carter got a hurricanrana on Aichner, Lee tagged in and did a headscissors takedown on Aichner. Lee with a kick to the ribs, then Aichner caught the foot and hit a big clothesline. Lee broke free from Aichner leading to Riddle tagging in, so Walter got the tag as well. Riddle with kicks, Walter blocked a kick and chopped Riddle. Aichner with a suplex attempt, Riddle tagged in and the two MSK guys made quick tags with a double stomp to the back. Carter dropkicked Barthel out of the ring. Walter back in with a knock down on Lee, a chop to Carter and Walter held Lee against the ropes leading to a double dropkick by Barthel/Aichner at the same time. They went to a picture in picture break.


The match continued with Nash Carter as the face in peril while Walter got the tag and stomped on Carter. Walter with chops, Carter broke free, but the other Imperium guys pulled Carter’s partners off the apron. Walter jumped on Carter with a splash for a two count. Carter with a headscissors on Walter and Riddle tagged in with a jumping kick. Riddle was on fire with repeated forearms followed by an overhead suplex. Riddle with a senton (broton) splash on Walter. When Riddle went after the champions, Walter grabbed Riddle from behind. Riddle landed on his feet after a suplex. MSK into the ring illegally to superkick the champions. MSK hit double suicide dives while Riddle hit a twisting springboard attack on Walter on the floor. That was wild. Back in the ring, Riddle with a bridging German Suplex on Walter for a two count. Riddle set up for an RKO, then Imperium sent MSK over the announce table. Walter wit ha dropkick on Riddle and then a Powerbomb for a two count. Really good nearfall there. Barthel brought Riddle to the turnbuckle, Barthel with a kick and Aichner showed off his power with a suplex, but Carter broke up the pin. Barthel tossed Carter out of the ring. Barthel was in the ring illegally, there might have been a tag, Riddle backed out of a move by Aichner, then a knee to Barthel and Riddle with a German Suplex to Walter. Carter and Lee tagged in with a Lee hitting a Blockbuster neckbreaker on Aichner. Riddle up top and he hit a twisting splash on Aichner. Riddle was legal for his team, then he hit an RKO on Barthel and pinned him for the win after 15 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Riddle, Wes Lee & Nash Carter

Analysis: ***3/4 This was an entertaining tag team match with a lot of cool spots. They ignored tag team rules a lot like I mention during AEW reviews, so that bothered me a bit. I get why they do it just like when I write about AEW, but I think it’s better if you don’t do it at all. They did it in this match to set up some high spots for MSK to show how athletic they are. It was fun seeing Walter and Riddle face of since they’re such great performers. The fans were going wild for Riddle and having him win with that RKO on Barthel was a cool way to end it. Like I wrote in my preview, any time there’s a match with tag team champions without the titles on the line, it’s a possibility that they will lose because it’s a way to build up a future match. Now they can say MSK is ready for a Tag Team Title match against Imperium based on this win even though it was Riddle getting the pin for the team.

Joe Gacy and Harland were interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell in the backstage area. Joe Gacy talked about how Harland has made great strides and showed more restraint than ever before. Gacy said that if they competed for the Dusty Cup, it would bring them peace, joy and happiness. Gacy said that they don’t want handouts to just be in the tournament like some established tag team. Gacy said they would be happy to prove to the tournament committee that they are a viable tag team.

There was a helicopter shown in the area with Mandy Rose seated in there. Mandy said that this is how a champion arrives in style. Mandy had her NXT Women’s Title with her. That match is next.

A commercial aired about the Royal Rumble on Saturday, January 29 in St. Louis.


Elektra Lopez was shown backstage for an interview with Mckenzie Mitchell, who asked what’s going on with Elektra and Xyon Quinn. Elektra said that Legado del Fantasma family comes first. Elektra said she’s attracted to success, so she makes no apology to anybody. Elektra said that Santos Escobar goes one on one with Xyon and the winner of that match leaves with her.

Analysis: That should be a decent match for next week that’s heavy on storyline because we don’t know who Elektra might side with. Elektra is just friends with the three Legado guys, but there’s an attraction with Quinn, so we’ll see if it leads to anything.

It was NXT Women’s Title time with the excitable 20-year-old Cora Jade entering with her skateboard. Raquel Gonzalez entered the building by riding on a motorcycle. Vic had a good line that it was a little bit bigger than a skateboard. Gonzalez lost the NXT Women’s Title at Halloween Havoc in October. The fans liked Jade and Gonzalez. Mandy Rose was up next as the NXT Women’s Champion and the leader of Toxic Attraction as well as my favorite woman in NXT, but you know that if you read this review every week. Mandy didn’t have her Toxic Attraction friends Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne with her.

NXT Women’s Championship: Mandy Rose vs. Cora Jade vs. Raquel Gonzalez

The first pinfall or submission wins. No countouts or disqualifications in a triple threat match. Gonzalez sent Rose into the turnbuckle and Gonzalez sent Jade into the top rope. Rose knocked Gonzalez out of the ring. Jade with a headscissors on Rose, which didn’t look great. Gonzalez back in after Jade, who got a rollup and Gonzalez charged, but Jade sent her to the floor. Jade ran the ropes, Rose pulled Jade out of the ring and hit forearms. Gonzalez knocked down Rose with a kick. Jade with a running splash off the apron onto Gonzalez on the floor. Rose sent Jade into the steel steps. Gonzalez pulled Jade out of the ring to prevent a pin attempt. Rose shoved Gonzalez into the steel steps. Jade got a sloppy cradle on Rose with Gonzalez breaking it up. Gonzalez had Both women on her shoulders leading to a double Samoan Drop. They went to a picture in picture break.


The match continued with Jade going for a pin on Rose for a two count. Rose took down Gonzalez by the knee and Jade got a sunset flip on Rose for two. Rose with a clothesline for two. Gonzalez sent Jade into the turnbuckle and then a body slam. Jade with a headscissors on Gonzalez and then off the ropes with a hurricanrana on Rose. Jade with a running knee on Gonzalez, but then Gonzalez came back with a backbreaker. Gonzalez lifted up Jade over her head, she tossed her over the top and Rose moved instead of catching her, so Jade hit the floor. Rose tried to escape, but Gonzalez brought her back into the ring. Gonzalez with a clothesline followed by a forearm to the chest. Back in the ring, Rose was ready with a double knee to the face for a two count. Rose did some trash talking, Gonzalez avoided a knee trike and Raquel hit the Chingona Bomb. Jade was up top and she broke up the pin with a senton splash on Gonzalez, who was pinning Rose. Gonzalez lifted Rose to the top turnbuckle, Jade slipped out of a move and Jade shoved Gonzalez out of the ring. Jade tried a rollup on Rose, but Rose sat on top with a forward lean for the pinfall win after 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Mandy Rose

Analysis: *** This was okay, but a bit sloppy at times too. Still a good match. The champion retained in a competitive match with Jade going for one of her rollup spots that she has done in the past leading to success, but Rose countered and sat on top for the pinfall win. Since Jade has won using rollups like that in the past, it played into her past a bit while the crafty Rose found a way to counter for the win. Gonzalez got a lot of power moves in during the match including her finisher on Rose, but Jade was able to break up that pin attempt. The heel champion Rose winning was the result that I thought we’d see here and Gonzalez wasn’t the one that got pinned because she is protected a lot.

Mandy Rose celebrated with the title on the floor. Gonzalez and Jade were frustrated about losing.

Boa was shown washing his face while mentioning Solo Sikoa and then he looked in a mirror to show the painted face of Boa.

The MSK boys were in the parking lot with Riddle, who hugged them and he left. The Creed Brothers went up to MSK saying that the only way for MSK to get a title shot is to win the Dusty Cup with the Creed Brothers telling them that they are in the tournament too.

Let’s Hear from Andre Chase

Andre Chase entered for a promo to let us know that last week was a teachable moment. Chase said that he was in deep trouble, but one of his students slid into this ring to protect him. Chase said that’s the kind of bond they have at Andre Chase University. Chase said he was so grateful that Harland didn’t follow through and throw him off that building because that would be terrible for enrollment. Chase said he wanted to recognize this student – a man that he saw grow up before his eyes as the first-ever winner of the Andre Chase University full scholarship. The long-haired guy was excited about it.

Von Wagner showed up for an interruption because he’s the real star of NXT that wanted to say something. Wagner said that he hears the boos and negative comments, but when he steps into the ring, he’s your new favorite superstar. Wagner said you want to tune in to see who he wants to tune out next. Wagner said he only needs to be liked by the people that matter. Wagner told Chase he is everything that he is not. Chase mentioned a teachable moment, so Wagner decked him with a clothesline and an Angle Slam. Wagner choked Chase by the turnbuckle. Wagner grabbed the long-haired student and threw him down. Wagner went after another “fan” and slammed him down. Wagner was pulled away by security and officials to end it.

Analysis: They obviously have high hopes for Wagner in NXT since he’s a bigger guy with the kind of body that they like in WWE. The promo was decent, but he’s not one of the stronger talkers on the NXT brand. They have teased Robert Stone managing Wagner in the past, but there was no sign of that here. As for Chase, he gets beat up a lot. It’s what he did.

The NXT Championship video package was shown.

They showed Bron Breakker and NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa walking backstage in different parts of the building. That main event match is next.


A replay was shown of Von Wagner bating up “fans” before the break. Wade Barrett talked about how you are never supposed to put your hands on fans. Wade and Vic Joseph apologized for what happened.

Von Wagner was shown being escorted out of the building. Wagner trashed Roderick Strong on a trainer’s table and told Ivy Nile to get out of his face.

Cameron Grimes was featured in a video package saying 2021 was the highest of highest to the lowest of lows. Grimes said that Ted Dibiase taught him a lot. Grimes said that maybe he should stop chasing some green and start chasing some gold. Grimes had a trimmed beard rather than a thick beard for him.

Analysis: I’m all for Cameron Grimes going for some gold. A feud with Carmelo Hayes for the NXT North American Title would be great for both guys or going after the main NXT Title could be interesting too. Grimes is one of the best wrestlers in NXT.

Next week on NXT 2.0:

* AJ Styles vs. Grayson Waller

* Xyon Quinn vs. Santos Escobar

* Crowbar on a Pole Match: Pete Dunne vs. Tony D’Angelo

* Solo Sikoa vs. Boa was shown as a graphic during the main event.

Analysis: Good matches next week. They were all set up well.

Bron Breakker made his entrance as the challenger. He broke off some chains on his wrists and kicked a giant yellow X that was part of the entrance. Tommaso Ciampa entered as the confident NXT Ciampa. This match is commercial-free as mentioned before.

NXT Championship: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Bron Breakker

Ciampa with a hard chop, Bron laughed and Ciampa hit two clotheslines. Bron with a leapfrog over Ciampa followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Ciampa left the ring for a break, then he tried grabbing the foot, but Bron got away from that and hit another delayed vertical suplex. Bron with a forearm to the back. Ciampa with chops, then a knee against the face and Ciampa raked the face against the top rope. Ciampa with punches while against the turnbuckle, then Bron fought back and hit an atomic drop. Bron ran the ropes leading to a dropkick. They ran the ropes again, Bron missed a cross body block and Ciampa hit a knee to knock Bron to the floor. Ciampa with a running dive that was a twisting plancha over the top onto Bron on the floor. That was impressive. Back in the ring, Ciampa grabbed a chinlock, Breakker powered out of it and dropped to his back to break free. Bron delivered clotheslines, a corner splash and a rope run where he caught Ciampa leading to a spinning Powerbomb. Bron with a running shoulder tackle. Bron went up top, but Ciampa stopped that and stomped on Bron’s head a few times. Ciampa with a running dropkick while Bron was upside down. Ciampa with punches, then he went to the ropes and Bron hit a spinebuster. Bron hit a standing moonsault for two. That was impressive! A spinebuster is a great move for Bron to do. Bron went to the middle rope, which is what cost him in the first match, he was hesitant and Ciampa chomped him. Ciampa sent Breakker to the floor where Ciampa hit a running knee. Back in the ring, Ciampa with a running knee. Ciampa was bleeding from the right eyebrow area. Ciampa ran the ropes and Bron decked him with a Spear. They were both down on the mat selling at around the ten-minute mark.

They got up at the same time leading to a slugfest. Ciampa worked over Bron with some more punches and kicks. Ciampa charged leading to Bron hitting a hurricanrana (or a Frankensteiner when he does it) for a two count. Bron went for a press into a powerslam, but Ciampa managed to slip out of it and Ciampa hit the Willow’s Bell DDT off the ropes for a two count. Ciampa uses that as a finisher sometimes. Ciampa applied a half crab submission on the left knee that Bron was selling earlier in the match, but Bron got to the ropes to break the hold. Ciampa pulled up a ringside mat to expose the cement floor. Ciampa wanted a DDT on the floor, Bron got out of it and Bron gave Ciampa an Alabama Slam onto the announce table that broke the table! That was rough. Back in the ring, Bron lifted up Ciampa for a press into a powerslam for a two count because Ciampa got his hand on the bottom rope. The fans chanted “fight forever” for them. Ciampa was holding onto the ropes while Bron was frustrated by it. When Bron went to the ropes, Ciampa pulled the rope to crotch Bron. Ciampa with a running knee to Bron’s jaw. Ciampa with two more running knee strikes. Ciampa hit the Fairytale Ending leading to a pin attempt for just two because Bron kicked out at the last moment. Ciampa went for a superplex, Bron shoved him down and Bron jumped off the middle rope with a bulldog just like his father Rick Steiner did man times. Breakker applied the Steiner Recliner submission and Ciampa tapped out to give Breakker the title after 15 minutes. They didn’t it the Steiner Recliner, but that’s what Scott Steiner used in his career.

Winner by pinfall AND NEW NXT Champion: Bron Breakker

Analysis: **** I thought this was a great match that was better than what they did at Halloween Havoc. That’s also because Bron has a few months more experience and he showed it with his performance in this match. I liked the story they told with Bron kicking out of everything that Ciampa had with Ciampa going after the knee as well as hitting big moves like the Willow’s Bell and Fairytale Ending. Last time Bron was on the middle rope he slipped before doing a move, which was part of the story they told to build up this match. This time, Bron didn’t slip. Bron jumped off with the bulldog (just like his dad Rick Steiner) and then Bron hit the Steiner Recliner submission like Uncle Scott for the decisive win. I like how that was done. Really good.

Bron Breakker celebrated the win while Ciampa nodded at Breakker as if to say he did a good job and he deserved it. They showed some replays.

Bron Breakker celebrated with the NXT Title in his hands with Joseph saying that the pup has now become the dog-faced gremlin (Rick Steiner’s nickname) and that Bron is the face of NXT. End show.

Bonus: They did not show Bron’s dad Rick Steiner on camera, but he was there and went into the ring to celebrate with his son after that match. That’s awesome.

Here’s a video.

WWE also posted it on Youtube.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Bron Breakker
  2. Carmelo Hayes
  3. Tommaso Ciampa/Roderick Strong


The Scoreboard

This week: 8 out of 10

Last week: 5.75


Final Thoughts

I thought it was an excellent show. The opening match and main event were similar because we saw the future of NXT (Breakker and Hayes) getting big wins over experienced veterans like Ciampa and Strong. It’s smart to use those veterans to put over these younger guys. That’s what building for the future is all about. I realize some fans miss the old NXT and I do too, but it’s smart for WWE as a company to utilize their young talent well. They are doing a nice job of it now. If you don’t watch NXT regularly, you should watch some of these matches just to see how well Breakker and Hayes are doing because they are future main event stars on Raw/Smackdown. No doubt in my mind about it.

The six-man tag team match was a lot of fun. Lots of action there. The women’s match was just okay in terms of its execution and I’m glad Mandy retained because she should continue her title run.

It was a predictable show because I got everything right in the preview I did earlier on Tuesday. That doesn’t really hurt the show because they are smart booking decisions to build things for the future.


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