The John Report: WWE Raw Deal 04/22/24 Review

WWE Raw Deal April 22

It’s WWE Raw featuring a Battle Royal for the vacant Women’s World Title, Awesome Truth defending Tag Team Gold against #DIY, and more.

Last week on Raw had a great main event with Sami Zayn successfully defending the Intercontinental Title against Chad Gable. After the match, Gable attacked Zayn to turn heel, so it was a big angle especially because it was when Zayn was hugging his wife and family in his hometown. The WWE Draft starts this Friday on Smackdown and continues next Monday on Raw, so the Raw roster is about to change soon. Somebody asked me for predictions about the draft. I don’t know what to predict. The roster is really good, talented, and as deep as ever. They’ll move some people around while others will stay. I don’t really stress about it. I’ll react when it happens and leave it at that.

This is the Raw Deal for episode #1613 of Monday Night Raw. It’s taking place at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio. Follow me on Twitter/X @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

The Raw commentary team of Michael Cole and Pat McAfee were in the ring welcoming us to the show. Cole promoted that tonight they will have two title matches while focusing on the Women’s World Title Battle Royal.

A video package aired from last week’s Raw showing Rhea Ripley’s announcement that she will be “stuck on the bench for quite a few months” due to a right shoulder injury.

They showed arrivals from earlier in the day including Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch.

Let’s Hear from Jey Uso

Jey Uso made his entrance to a big pop with the crowd joining him in some arm swinging. Pat McAfee did some arm swinging as well. At Backlash, Jey Uso will challenge Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Title since Jey won a four-way match for the title shot.

Jey did a promo about how he had to prove to the world that he is who he says he is. The fans chanting “YEET” during the promo in support. Jey brought up Damian Priest, so here’s the interruption.

Damian Priest walked out to the ring with the World Heavyweight Title on his shoulder. Priest congratulates Jey for his whole presentation because it suits him. Priest mentioned that they went to war last year. Priest talked about how there was one night last year where Jey whooped his ass so bad and Priest told Jey that he earned Priest’s respect. Priest said they went out that night and drinks were on Priest. Priest said he knows he paid the bill because he was on that Bloodline good stuff and Jey said he took an Uber, which was funny. Priest said that they were next and now he stands there in front of Jey to say that Jey was right because look at them now. Priest said Jey was half right because: “I was next.” Priest said that this title shows why Priest was next and it shows why Priest is now. Priest said that the machine will feed Jey to him to make sure this title looks good on Priest. That led to Priest saying that Jey can lead the people to make sure they rise for El Campeon referring to himself. Priest tried to leave.

Jey told Priest to stay in the ring with him. Jey said that Priest only sees him as a tag team wrestler. Jey called Priest the leader of The Judgment Day but only because Rhea Ripley got hurt and Jey gave a shoutout to Ripley. Jey said that makes Priest the bitch of Dominik Mysterio. Jey said that Priest is getting fed to Jey because Jey is going to be the next World Heavyweight Champion. Jey got the fans to chant “Yeet” to end it.

Jey got in Priest’s face, but JD McDonagh went into the ring and JD missed Jey when he went for him. Jey nailed Priest with a superkick while JD apologized to Priest about it. Jey left the ring leading to some more arm-swinging with the crowd.

Analysis: It was a solid promo segment to advance the story between Damian Priest and Jey Uso. Priest tried to be buddies with Jey while talking about their past together. Jey decided to make it personal a bit by insulting The Judgment Day and the crowd loved him for doing that. McDonagh messing up continues his usual buffoonery when it comes to being the weak link of the J-Day group.

Chad Gable was shown arriving earlier today. They also showed former Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER arriving earlier.

The #DIY duo of Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano entered for their World Tag Team Title match. Gargano is a Cleveland guy, so he was in his home state.

This week on NXT is Spring Breakin’ Week 1 with NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov facing Trick Williams. That should be a title change.


A commercial aired about WWE King And Queen Of The Ring on Saturday, May 25th.

World Tag Team Championships: The Awesome Truth – R-Truth & The Miz vs. #DIY – Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano

I mentioned Gargano is a Cleveland guy and The Miz is too, so they are both in their home state. They are both babyface teams. Truth took down Gargano with an armdrag into an armbar. When Gargano tried a trip, Truth jumped to avoid it. Miz tagged in for a double team hiptoss and a double team elbow. Ciampa got the tag with an elbow smash to Miz’s face. Miz came back with a Figure Four Leglock on Ciampa, so Gargano dropkicked Miz to stop that. Gargano tagged back in with a slingshot Spear on Miz. Gargano launched over the top with a cross body block on Miz on the floor. Ciampa & Gargano did some self applause leading to a break.


The match continued with Truth doing a front suplex on Ciampa. Miz tagged in with a barrage of kicks followed by a running clothesline and Miz gave Gargano a DDT on the apron. Miz went for a springboard attack, but Ciampa got a knee up for a two count. Miz broke free so Truth got the tag leading to Truth’s John Cena offense with the shoulder tackles and the belly-to-back slam. Gargano snuck into the ring with a superkick. Ciampa gave Truth a Pedigree for a two count. Gargano dove onto Miz on the floor. Truth cradled Ciampa for two. Ciampa avoided a scissors kick leading to Ciampa hitting an elbow smash along with a knee smash. #DIY hit the Meet in the Middle knee/superkick combo on Truth for two because Miz broke up the pin. Miz dumped Ciampa into the crowd. Miz tagged back in and Gargano countered Miz into a rollup with Gargano sitting on top for two. Miz held Gargano for a SCF and Truth assisted with a flatliner called the Truth Crushing Finale aka TCF. It went about 11 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The Awesome Truth – R-Truth & The Miz

Analysis: *** A pretty good tag team match. The Miz sent Ciampa into the crowd leading to the double team finish on Gargano, so I liked how that was done. I think #DIY could certainly be champions in the future, but I didn’t expect a title change here since Truth & Miz won the titles two weeks ago at WrestleMania. The fans were into this match between two babyface teams. That’s a good sign for the tag team division with the titles on the line.

After the match, Johnny Gargano shook hands and hugged the champions. Tommaso Ciampa refused to do it, so he left the ring. The fans booed that.

Analysis: I don’t know if this will lead to Ciampa going heel on Gargano. We certainly saw that before in NXT. Maybe this will lead to Ciampa encouraging Gargano to be more aggressive and they’ll start winning some of these title matches.

Damian Priest was backstage with JD McDonagh. Dominik Mysterio showed up with his left arm with a sling and Dominik had Santos Escobar with him. Dominik said that he asked Escobar to team with JD since Dominik was injured tonight. Priest told them to handle their business and stay out of Priest’s business.

Imperium’s GUNTHER was shown walking backstage with Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci for a segment up next.

A commercial aired for the WWE Draft this Friday on Smackdown and continuing next Monday on Raw.


There was an announcement from Shawn Michaels about the NXT Battleground PLE taking place on June 9th at the UFC Apex facility. It’s WWE working together with UFC since they are the TKO Group under Endeavor’s ownership.

Let’s Hear from GUNTHER with Imperium

Gunther made his entrance with Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci. It’s weird seeing Gunther without the Intercontinental Title, which he held for 666 days (easy to remember that number).

Gunther said that for 666 days, he elevated the Intercontinental Championship to heights that it had never seen before. Gunther said that his name will forever be embedded in the history of the Intercontinental Championship. Gunther said for almost two years, he had a big target on his back so he had to live up to everybody’s expectations. Gunther said to Sami Zayn, thank you because now he’s not a target any more. Gunther said he’s going from being the hunted to being the hunter. Gunther spoke about how this was a brand new era and he will make sure no matter what show he is on, he’s going to be embedded into this brand new era. Gunther said he’s declaring himself in the King of the Ring tournament. Gunther said that after that, he’ll decide what championship he wants to go after. Gunther warned champions that they would be targeted by him. Gunther said he was already the general of the ring, soon to be the King of the Ring and he reminded us he was Gunther.

Analysis: Good promo from Gunther, who is one of my five favorite performers in today’s WWE. I think King Gunther is a great idea. I also think that Gunther could certainly be a main event heel opponent for Cody Rhodes or any other top babyface out there.

The New Day’s Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods interrupted. Kofi said that it’s a New Era. Woods reminded Gunther that Woods is the reigning, defending King of the Ring. Woods called Gunther a usurper and pretender to the throne. Woods said he is going to cement his legacy as a two-time King of the Ring.

Gunther said that after he wins King of the Ring, he’ll re-establish the importance of the crown. Gunther trashed Woods for pretending to be a champion. Woods reminded Gunther that he is no longer a champion. New Day annoyingly bothered Gunther with a song wondering where his gold is at. Gunther told Ludwig & Giovanni to handle this as Woods reminded us that they have wrestled many times before. New Day got the crowd to chant “New Day Rocks” as the show went to break.

Analysis: Easy way to set up a match. Xavier Woods did win King of the Ring a couple of years ago, but then it was ignored after a few months and never brought up again until now.


The New Day – Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods vs. Imperium – Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci

Gunther was seated at ringside to watch the match. Kofi hit an impressive dropkick on Kaiser. After Kaiser set up Kofi in the corner, Vinci tagged in with an uppercut. Woods tagged in leading to a rollup and Kofi tagged in with a cross body block. Kaiser tagged in, Imperium set up Kofi against the ropes and Imperium hit their double team dropkick on Kofi on the apron. Kofi sent Kaiser over the top, but Vinci went into the ring and Imperium hit a high/low clothesline/sweep combo leading to Vinci getting a two count. They went to break there.


The match continued with Kaiser in control of Kofi until Kofi jumped off the middle turnbuckle with a body attack. Woods tagged in against Vinci with a jumping side kick. Woods hit a suplex along with a drop toe hold leading to Woods jumping on Kaiser’s back. Woods hit a Tornado DDT for two. After Kofi tagged in, Vinci nailed him with a clothesline leading to a flip bump by Kofi. Woods prevented an Imperium double team and Woods dove onto Kaiser on the floor. Woods got the tag and jumped off the top with a double foot stomp on Vinci while Kofi was holding Vinci across the knee. This went about nine minutes.

Winner by pinfall: The New Day – Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods

Analysis: *** A solid tag team match between two talented teams that know eachother very well at this point. A clean win by the babyface New Day guys while Imperium continue to have problems as a team.

After the match, Gunther was angry and threw his chair at the barricade at ringside. Gunther walked to the back. Kaiser hugged Vinci and even kissed Vinci on his bald head. The camera stayed on them a long time, so it was obvious an attack was coming. Kaiser sent Vinci back first into the ring apron LED boards. Kaiser kicked Vinci and threw Vinci into the ring post. Kaiser rammed Vinci into the top of the commentary team. Kaiser sent Vinci hard into the steel steps at ringside. Kaiser set up Vinci on the steel steps, but WWE Producers Jason Jordan, Shawn Daivari, Petey Williams and referees made Kaiser stop. Kaiser looked like he was leaving, but then Kaiser hit a running dropkick into the steel steps and Vinci sold it like he was knocked out. The fans chanted “Holy Shit” for that.

Kaiser was shown walking backstage where he saw a smiling Gunther. Kaiser said he told Gunther he would get it done. Gunther smirked to end it.

Analysis: That’s the end of Kaiser & Vinci as a team. It’s not a shock that it happened right before the WWE Draft. I don’t know if this will lead to an injury angle for Vinci, but that seems likely. Kaiser is dating Tiffany Stratton, so look for them to end up on the same show.

Drew McIntyre was shown walking backstage for a segment up next.


Andrade was featured in a video saying he is many things, but he is not someone’s fool. They showed a video of Andrade choosing to work with Rey Mysterio instead of with The Judgment Day. Andrade said they didn’t want a business partner, they wanted a servant. Andrade said that nobody tells him what to do and he is now their biggest problem.

There were clips and images shown of the WWE tour of the United Kingdom over four shows last week.

Let’s Hear from Drew McIntyre…and Sheamus

Drew McIntyre made his entrance looking frustrated as Cole plugged the Clash at the Castle PLE event in Glasgow, Scotland, which is Drew’s home country. The announcers mentioned that Drew was World Champion for just about five minutes at WrestleMania before Damian Priest cashed in Money in the Bank on Drew to become the World Champion.

Drew sat down in the ring while the fans chanted “CM Punk” at him. Drew wondered why the fans insisted on chanting for Punk. Drew said that Punk hates all of you and the only one that Punk hates more is himself.

Drew talked about his complex relationship with professional wrestling. The fans chanted “What?” so Drew said say what if you French kiss your cousins. Drew said that most of the crowd doesn’t know about complex relationships except for the one with your right hand. Drew complained about how Damian Priest cashed in on him like a coward. Drew said that Punk cost Drew again and Jey Uso took advantage like a coward. Drew said he’s going to target his prize, which is the King of the Ring. Drew said he didn’t care about the draft.

Sheamus arrived for the interruption wearing his wrestling gear. Sheamus walked out wondering what’s going on with Drew sulking and complaining about how everybody was a coward. Sheamus got into the ring with his buddy. Sheamus said that he sees the only person here who won’t take responsibility for his own mistakes and that makes Drew a coward.

Drew got up to chat with Sheamus, who mentioned that he has known Drew for 20 years. Sheamus said for four years, Drew was robbed of his WrestleMania moment, and then at WrestleMania 40, Drew did it by becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus said that Drew’s brother and wife were there. Sheamus said that Drew blew it over some stupid social media spat. Sheamus said that Drew should still be the World Heavyweight Champion and instead, he threw it away. Sheamus said that he is Drew’s friend who has been on many trips with him and Sheamus said they have had banger after banger matches. Sheamus said he wanted to see CM Punk kick Drew’s ass. Drew said that Sheamus knows better than anybody how CM Punk affected Drew’s life and career.

Drew said that before Sheamus was injured, it was banger after banger after banger. Drew said that since his return, it looks like it’s been burger after burger after burger for Sheamus. The fans let out an “ohhh” reaction. Sheamus said that Drew has been getting good at the one liners. Sheamus said he can lose the weight while Drew can’t lose stupid. Drew kept on making jokes about Sheamus while claiming that the other guys insulted Sheamus. Sheamus said that he didn’t care. Drew said that he tells the truth every single week and he is Sheamus’ only friend here. Drew said that he only fights if it’s worthwhile. Drew told Sheamus this wasn’t worthwhile, but he was still there for Sheamus. Drew said that he’ll still be at ringside, stand at that table and watch Sheamus’ back.

Analysis: Good promo work by both guys. Sheamus is legit one of Drew’s best friends and the fans know that, so having Sheamus trying to reason with his close friend is a way to further the story about Sheamus wanting Drew to stop complaining about everything. Drew insulting Sheamus’ body by saying that’s what others are saying about him is an interesting way to take the segment. Sheamus will probably drop the added weight soon and look like his old self.

Shinsuke Nakamura entered for a match with Sheamus after the break.


Sheamus vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Drew McIntyre was seated on the edge of the commentary table. Sheamus knocked down Nakamura with a forearm. Nakamura knocked down Sheamus the turnbuckle and Nakamura put his foot against the throat. Sheamus came back with punches, but Nakamura stopped that with kicks to the body. Sheamus hit an axhandle smash to knock Nakamura down, so Drew gave Sheamus a thumbs up. Sheamus worked over Nakamura with forearm smashes to the chest. Sheamus hit a running knee smash to the face of Nakamura while they were on the apron. They battled on the floor where Nakamura hit a kick and rammed Sheamus’ head into the commentary table. Nakamura hit a knee drop to the back of the neck.


The match returned with Sheamus hitting a backbreaker. Sheamus jumped off the top with a clothesline for two. Nakamura hit an enziguri kick to the head followed by the classic sliding German Suplex. Nakamura jumped off the middle turnbuckle with a knee smash for two. Sheamus set up Nakamura on the middle rope for White Noise off the middle turnbuckle for two. Nakamura hit a knee smash, but Sheamus came back with a powerslam. Sheamus charged for a Brogue Kick, Nakamura avoided it and Nakamura got a rollup. Sheamus came back with a knee smash for a two count. Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick moments later for the pinfall win after about 11 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Sheamus

Analysis: *** A good match between two veteran wrestlers. I don’t know where the story is going between Sheamus and Drew other than possibly leading to a match between them. As for Nakamura, he is being used to put over top babyfaces on Raw and that continued here.

After the match, Sheamus celebrated the win. Drew McIntyre applauded for his friend while standing at ringside.

A video package aired about Sami Zayn beating Chad Gable last week to retain the Intercontinental Title. Post match, Gable attacked Zayn on the floor.

Sami Zayn was interviewed by Cathy Kelley backstage. Zayn said he’s going to listen to what Chad Gable says out there. Bronson Reed walked out there to tell Zayn to never mind Chad Gable because he has bigger problems to deal with. Zayn told Reed if he wants this title then any time and any place. Reed looked like he left, but instead Reed attacked Zayn from behind. Reed rammed Zayn into some objects backstage. Reed told Zayn he’s looking at the new Intercontinental Champion. Officials checked on Zayn, but Reed splashed Zayn against some sort of case backstage. Reed was pulled off Zayn at that point.

Analysis: Bronson Reed is good and believable as a heel. I like him more than when he was a face in NXT.

Chad Gable entered with Alpha Academy for a promo up next.


A clip was shown from Pat McAfee’s show last week when Charles Barkley said he wanted to kick Gable’s ass for what he did last week.

Let’s Hear from Chad Gable

Chad Gable talked about how they tore the house down last week and Sami Zayn walked out as the champion. Gable said that Zayn found him weeping in that corner and then Zayn placed that championship in front of Gable. Chad said he held up Zayn’s hand as the winner. Gable complained about how Zayn celebrated with his wife while Gable was standing there because it should have been Gable celebrating at WrestleMania. Gable said that he should have been the champion, but he was wasting his time training Sami Zayn and Gable said he’s been training losers.

Gable yelled at Akira Tozawa saying he’s a funny man that has been racking up loss after loss. Gable told Maxxine Dupri she’s pretty as a princess, but she’s dumb as a box of rocks. Gable called Maxxine pathetic. Gable talked to his buddy Otis, which led to Otis chants. Gable said that Otis has proven himself to be the biggest disappointment of them all. Gable said that they signed up for the Academy for honest feedback. Gable said that from now on, they are going to focus on him and they will win the Intercontinental Championship together. Gable asked if they would help him no matter what, right? Gable wanted them to say it while Otis nodded. Otis said: “No matter what.” Gable said good to end it.

Analysis: I thought it was a fine heel turn promo from Gable, who came off as a guy who’s jealous that Zayn beat Gunther. It’s an easy gimmick to pull off. There are rumors of Chad Gable leading a new stable with The Creed Brothers and I hope it happens, but there’s no reason to rush it. For now, it seems like Chad is going to keep the Alpha Academy with him and we’ll see if they cheat as much as Chad wants them to.

Ricochet was shown warming up while Dominik Mysterio walked up to him with his left arm in a sling. Ricochet said he was looking forward to beating Dominik. Ricochet talked about beating JD this week in their Speed match. Ricochet left, so Dominik told him to keep walking. Liv Morgan walked up to Dominik and she stared at him. No comments there.

Analysis: The Liv-Dominik thing is because Liv injured Rhea Ripley so she stared at Ripley’s buddy Dominik.


Nia Jax did a promo backstage about how she was going to win the battle royal to become the new Women’s World Champion.

Andrade & Ricochet vs. JD McDonagh (w/Dominik Mysterio) & Santos Escobar

Ricochet hooked the arms of Escobar leading to a pin attempt. Ricochet hit a dropkick for two. Escobar held Ricochet, so JD tagged in with some strikes to the body. JD hit a running elbow smash. JD hit a belly-to-back suplex. The fans chanted “shave your mustache” at Dominik. JD got a boot up, Dominik tripped up Ricochet and the heels sent Ricochet out of the ring. The show went to a break there.


Escobar was in control of Ricochet with a running knee smash. There were some quick tags between Escobar and JD to work over Ricochet. Andrade got the tag with takedowns on Escobar and a running forearm. Andrade hit the running double knees against the turnbuckle leading to a two count. Ricochet tagged back in with a top rope clothesline and a standing Shooting Star Press on Escobar for two because JD broke it up. JD knocked Andrade out of the ring, Ricochet knocked JD out of the ring and Ricochet/Escobar did a cross body block collision spot. Andrade tagged in against JD leading to Andrade hitting two vertical suplexes and Escobar went into the ring for a double team suplex. Ricochet jumped off the top, but Escobar blocked that with a jumping knee attack. Escobar and JD set up their opponents on the turnbuckles, but Andrade knocked JD down. Escobar hit a top rope hurricanrana on Ricochet, who landed so he gave a leg drop on JD. Andrade nailed Escobar with a back elbow smash. Andrade hit The Shadow on JD for the pinfall win after about 12 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Andrade & Ricochet

Analysis: ***1/4 It was pretty good. A random tag team match with some midcarders. Andrade was kept out of the match for most of it until it was time to get the tag late and then he got a lot of offense. I liked the spot with Escobar doing the hurricanrana on Ricochet, which led to Ricochet doing a leg drop on JD. Andrade went right into his finish right after that, which was a good thing because it allowed people to remember the creative top rope spot.

After the match, Damian Priest attacked Ricochet and Andrade from behind. Priest hit a Razor’s Edge on Ricochet and South of Heaven on Andrade. Priest stood tall. Priest said something to Dominik in Spanish. JD asked what did he say? Priest told JD he didn’t need anybody while those guys needed Priest. That led to Priest leaving alone.

Analysis: I think WWE is trying hard to establish Priest as a dominant heel. He’s doing fine in the role in terms of segments. Whether the fans buy into him during matches is another story. I don’t mind it because I like Priest.

The women’s battle royal was coming up.


A video aired about Zoey Stark talking about how it has been one year since she was drafted to Raw. Stark said it’s been a hell of a year and she’s just getting started.

Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell were interviewed by Jackie Redmond backstage. Jackie mentioned that Candice has picked up wins by underhanded tactics. Candice said that they aren’t there to defend their victories. There was a loud noise in the distance and we saw it was Nia Jax arguing with Liv Morgan while security tried to separate them.

Becky Lynch took the microphone from Jackie. Lynch walked by Ivy Nile and Maxxine Dupri. Lynch told Dupri that this is her first time fighting for a World Title and she needs to show everybody why it won’t be her last. Lynch walked toward the ring for her entrance for the main event.

Becky Lynch made her entrance in the ring while the announcers plugged her new book. The women’s battle royal was up next.


Next week on Raw:

* The WWE Draft continues.

* US Champion Logan Paul is on Raw.

* Jey Uso, Ricochet & Andrade vs. Damian Priest, Finn Balor & JD McDonagh.

Women’s Battle Royal for the vacant Women’s World Heavyweight Championship

The women in the match are Becky Lynch, Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark, Natalya, Ivy Nile, Maxxine Dupri, Katana Chance, Kayden Carter, Nia Jax, Liv Morgan, Piper Niven, Chelsea Green, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell.

Jax and Niven were attacked by the others, so Jax and Niven knocked them all down. Natalya sent Lynch to the apron, but Lynch was back in. There was a lot of standing in the corners doing nothing. LeRae tried to eliminate Nile, so Dupri dumped LeRae over the top to the floor. Indi nailed a boot to knock Dupri down. Dupri tossed Indi over the top to eliminate her too. The crowd popped for that as the show went to break.


The match continued with the team of Chance & Carter getting some tag team offense on a bunch of different women. Chance sent Stark to the apron where Carter kicked Stark to knock her down. Carter caught Chance on her shoulder and Stark superkicked Chance & Carter to eliminate both of them. Nile went for an armbar on Jax, but Jax lifted Nile over the top and Jax swung Nile into the ring post to eliminate Nile. Dupri hit three straight kicks on Jax, but Jax blocked the next kick and Jax flipped Dupri over the top to the floor. The fans booed Jax as usual. Jax splashed Natalya against the turnbuckle. Lynch sent Niven to the apron and Lynch kicked Niven off the apron to eliminate her. Niven pulled Lynch out of the ring and Niven tossed Lynch into the steel steps. Niven hit a cannonball splash on Lynch against the steel steps. Niven pulled Jax out of the ring. Lynch was placed on the commentary table. Jax gave Niven a uranage slam onto Lynch on the table. Jax gave Niven a Samoan Drop onto Lynch on the table. The table did not break. Natalya eliminated Green, but the referees were all looking at the action on the table, so Green went back in as if nothing happened.


There were about ten minutes left in the show. The table was now broken because Jax gave Lynch a Powerbomb through the table, which they just showed. Natalya battled Green on the apron in a battle of Canadians with Green kicking Natalya into the ring post. Stark clotheslined Green out of the ring to eliminate her and Baszler hit Natalya with a knee to eliminate Natalya.

That meant it was down to Jax, Baszler, Morgan, Stark and Lynch, who was out on the floor. Jax caught Stark, put Stark on the apron and Jax punched Stark off the apron to the floor. Jax sent Baszler to the apron followed by Jax knocking Baszler down to eliminate her.

Lynch got back in the ring to face off with Jax and Morgan as the final three. Morgan gave Jax a headscissors followed by a running dropkick. Lynch caught Morgan with a neckbreaker while Morgan hit double knees on Jax at the same time. Lynch sent Morgan over the top to the apron, but Jax came back with a Samoan Drop on Lynch. Jax with a Samoan Drop on Morgan too. Lynch fought back against Jax with punches and kicks. Lynch sent Morgan to the apron. Lynch and Morgan hit Jax with neckbreakers against the top rope. Jax blocked a double suplex and Jax hit her own double suplex on Lynch & Morgan. Jax went up to the top rope going for the Annihilator, but Lynch knocked Jax over the top to the apron. Morgan and Lynch each hit moves on Jax leading to Lynch hitting a leg drop on Jax to eliminate Jax.

That left Lynch and Morgan as the final two women. The referees were talking to them to let them know about time most likely. Lynch jumped off the top with nothing. Morgan tried a toss, but Lynch sent Morgan over the top to the apron. Lynch went to the apron through the middle rope. Lynch teased a suplex off the apron. Lynch said “elbow me” so Morgan elbowed her a few times. Morgan hit a Codebreaker on the apron. Lynch gave Morgan the Manhandle Slam on the apron and Morgan fell to the floor. Becky Lynch is the Women’s World Champion! It went 22 minutes.

Winner AND NEW Women’s World Champion: Becky Lynch

Analysis: ***1/4 I liked the match. It was given a lot of time, so they were able to tell several stories throughout the match. Nothing felt rushed and there were plenty of good eliminations. I liked the Chelsea Green spot where she was nearly eliminated, then went back in because the referees didn’t see and I would have liked to see her make it until the end. Lynch took a beating throughout the match since she went through a table and eventually found her way back into the ring to get the big win. Nia Jax and Liv Morgan also had very good performances as well.

Becky Lynch was handed the Women’s World Title. Lynch is now a seven-time Women’s Champion in WWE according to Cole. Lynch celebrated with the Women’s World Title. The fans cheered for the champion.

Lynch went into the crowd to celebrating with the fans in the crowd. Lynch went up the steps to greet more fans. Lynch hugged some fans in the crowd. Lynch stood up on some chairs and held up the Women’s World Title while she hung out with more fans. There was also some pyro that went off by the entrance area.

Analysis: Congratulations to Becky Lynch. I thought they might go with Nia Jax or Liv Morgan as champion, but I certainly don’t mind Lynch in that spot. We know the matches will be good and Lynch will be a fighting babyface champion as usual.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Becky Lynch
  2. Sheamus
  3. The Awesome Truth – R-Truth & The Miz


The Scoreboard

7.25 out of 10

Last week: 7.5

2024 Average: 7.60


Final Thoughts on WWE Raw

It was a solid show overall, but I wouldn’t say great or anything like that. The reality is that this post-WrestleMania period is oftentimes not a hot time for WWE shows, so it’s to be expected that the quality of the show is down a bit. It felt like a weird episode in some ways without Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins and Rhea Ripley considering those were three of the biggest stars on Raw over the last year.

The Women’s World Title battle royal was treated like a big deal and got a lot of time. Becky Lynch winning to become Women’s World Champion is fine because she’s one of the greatest female superstars in WWE history. It was a good match overall with Nia Jax & Liv Morgan having strong showings as well. Most of the other matches were pretty good for the most part. You know on Raw they’re going to get a decent amount of time, so the guys in those matches are usually put on a three-star level match most of the time.

I enjoyed the Chad Gable heel promo about how he was jealous of Sami Zayn and that’s why he attacked him. That promo exchange between Sheamus & Drew McIntyre was interesting too. I’m interested to see how the rosters are shaken up with the WWE Draft starting this Friday on Smackdown and continuing next Monday on Raw.

The next WWE Premium Live Event is Backlash on May 4th. Here’s the lineup so far.

* Undisputed WWE Championship: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. AJ Styles

* World Heavyweight Championship: Damian Priest (c) vs. Jey Uso


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