The Problem For NXT Talents Promoted To Main Roster

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“I don’t know anybody that’s in there that doesn’t want to be up here on Raw or Smackdown, so yeah, to me they’re all there to learn and they’re all there to develop. At the same point in time though, I think we’ve created a bit of an alternative brand, and that’s what I like about it.” – Triple H on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast.

There’s a huge problem with the WWE right now. Some of us see it. Even more complain about it online. Nevermind the fact that it is Wrestlemania season and this should be the most exciting time to be a wrestling fan but it isn’t, or the continued decent in quality entertainment when it comes to the World Wrestling Entertainment’s flagship show, Monday night Raw.

The problem is NXT, WWE’s developmental system as they like to call it. The problem is that the wrestlers they have there right now are good. Damn good. So good in fact that the main roster seems jealous with the quality of wrestling being showcased on a weekly basis, not to mention the live specials. Why is this? Simple, because they are given the time to show us just how good of a wrestling match they can put on.

When asked about how the Divas of WWE are used as opposed to the women wrestlers they have at NXT, Triple H said that NXT has a much different audience than Raw, and they look at female competitors differently. He knows his target audience, which is basically a nice way of saying that they don’t have to cater to the little kids that go with their parents to Raw.

Once upon a time, we all know what type of show Raw use to be. Just do a Youtube search for the Attitude era and you’ll see or check it out on WWE Network. Now it’s a 3 hour long program that you can’t wait to end so you can go to sleep because you are no longer a teenager and have to get up early for work the next morning.

Then there’s NXT which is only an hour, but leaves you wanting more, especially after their two hour live specials. Unfortunately that’s the truth right there. So then what happens when these NXT wrestlers, both male and female, get the call up to where the big boys play? I would love to know their feelings on this type of promotion given the current state of the product right now.

Let’s take a guy like Adrian Neville just as an example. Does he deserve to be on RAW? I think it’s safe to say the majority of the NXT roster deserve to be on RAW. But it’s not about deserving to be on the main brand, it is about wanting to be on the main brand. At least that is how I would look at it if I were a current NXT wrestler.

Remember that it was not that long ago those rumors were circulating the internet that the idea for Neville when he gets called up to Raw is give him a Mighty Mouse type of gimmick. Most agreed with the statement “why change his gimmick at all?” before quickly realizing that this was obvious a Vince McMahon idea and not a Triple H idea since he made it very clear that Vince runs the WWE and his baby is NXT. It was only just a rumor and might not happen, but the idea was floated out there at least.

What good would it do a guy like current NXT champion Kevin Owens once he gets the call? What good has it done current wrestlers such as Bo Dallas, Emma and The Ascension? Why would any NXT wrestler want that promotion to Raw when they get more time to do what they love and actually wrestle on NXT? Money on the main roster is better, but NXT is the better show and they all know that.

Normally anybody in any job who is told they are being promoted is grateful and happy for the opportunity and excited for the next phase in their career. I sadly don’t think the feeling is mutual in NXT right now.

-Melo Man

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