In Memory Of Tom Briggs

TJR Wrestling

It is with deep sadness that I share the news that my good friend Tom Briggs passed away earlier on Sunday due to a car accident. He was 29 years old and he lived in the San Diego area.

I was told the news by his twin brother Aaron, who is understandably devastated by the sudden tragic loss. Tom was engaged to be married to a woman named Laura that he loved with all his heart. My condolences are extended to them as well as Tom’s parents, his family and friends.

Tom wrote for us here at TJRWrestling for four years. It was April 2011. There was a writer search and he made. I didn’t know him before that, but I can sit here now to say that I was blessed to know him. As the years went on, he also did the Sharpshooter podcast with his brother Aaron too. They loved doing it. I got to be on it with them a few times. It was always a lot of fun because we’re all just a bunch of guys talking about the wackiness of pro wrestling. With the launch of the new site, he was excited about writing more too. He wanted to get back to doing weekly Power Rankings and just commenting on news stuff. He also planned on going to WrestleMania with his brother since it was fairly close in California.

It’s weird doing what we do. I have made so many friends who I haven’t met in person because we’re just associated through this online world yet there’s a closeness that is hard to explain. Thanks to texting, emails, phone calls and countless other messages you can feel like you know somebody without ever meeting them. People that don’t do this kind of stuff probably think it’s an odd thing, but it feels normal to us.

In recent times especially about the last week or so, I knew we had to relaunch TJRWrestling. Without going into details, I was incredibly stressed out. The relaunch happened last week, I had help from several people, but nobody more than Tom. He’s really good at using WordPress to build a site, to make it work and to follow with whatever ideas I had. We were in touch daily. It’s funny how we would interact because I’m a bit of a hyper guy when things don’t work right, but he was always there to calm me down and tell me to relax. When I told my good friend Steve Melo about this news he was stunned because just last night the three of us were talking about design stuff for the site.

Tom loved the San Diego Padres, San Diego Chargers and San Diego State. We connected because we were sports nuts that also happened to like wrestling. I remember joking over a chat the other day about how his Padres would face my Blue Jays in the World Series this year. We didn’t believe it, but it was just a funny moment between friends.

I posted a picture of a candle because in my church when somebody passes we light a candle and say a prayer for that person as well as their loved ones. I know not everybody is religious, but if you are please think of Tom’s loved ones in this time of mourning.

I will remember Tom as a fun loving, easy going guy that cared about his loved ones and was always helpful to others. I’m going to miss our talks. I’m going to miss the laughs. I’m going to miss him a lot. I’m not sure how to move on, but I know Tom loved doing this stuff and we will keep it going.

How do you move on? I don’t know. All I know to do is to write about this stuff that I love and that Tom loved. It’s funny how pro wrestling can be so silly sometimes, yet we sure can care about it a lot. I’ll keep writing because it’s what I know and it will be in tribute to my friend. To Aaron, my friend, we’re here for you in any way you need us.

Please feel free to post any comments below. I’m sure the family would appreciate it.

Rest in peace, Tom. Love you buddy. May your memory be eternal.

Your friend,