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With the arrival of WWE’s NXT 2.0, fans have been witness to a whole new generation. Whether it is new characters, an edgier presentation of its performers, or simply a fresh new perspective, NXT 2.0 is meant to be different.

What is interesting to note about all that is new and different is that those that are a part of the present and likely future of the brand have a rich history in this industry. For the Odessey Jones and Andre Chase’s, there are those that come from a long line of wrestlers.

It is from these various family backgrounds that they are learning. While the coaching staff in the WWE Performance Center are key to their growth, so can sitting under the learning tree of their parents. Their parents, uncles, grandparents, siblings, or cousins have all achieved success, something that can’t be ignored. It is clear that NXT 2.0 is now becoming Generation NXT 2.0.

Von Wagner

Von Wagner appears to have all the physical attributes of what many will say ‘Vince McMahon is looking for.’ Wagner first appeared on screen when he came to the aid of Kyle O’Reilly upon the fatal four-way to determine the new NXT Champion. Fans weren’t aware of him, his history, or why they should care about him. But his future in NXT appears to be bright.

As a second-generation wrestler himself, Von Wagner’s father was previously in the WWF as one half Beverly Brothers. Wayne Bloom competed for eleven years. During that time, he was in the AWA, WCW, and the WWF. His career was primarily as a tag team wrestler alongside Mike Enos. While they didn’t capture the WWF Tag Team Championships in their careers, they did capture the AWA Tag Team Championships. Bloom did earn acclaim from Pro Wrestling Illustrated as the publication’s rookie of the year for 1989.

For young Von Wagner, his time in WWE’s NXT 2.0, he immediately appears to be thrust into the spotlight. While he is green and developing, his character is still a little ways away; the one thing that his father did have was the ability to deliver a convincing promo. It will take time for Von Wagner to develop those skills. Things are different now than when he competed, but to be able to rest under the learning tree of your father is certainly something Von Wagner could easily do. He appears to be a key to NXT 2.0’s future.


Bron Breakker

Of all those mentioned in this piece, none has captured the attention online, like Bron Breakker. From his attire and look, Breakker has something oh so familiar about him. What is remarkable about him is that this second-generation athlete bares a striking resemblance to his family members that were as successful in tandem as they were individually. This is the case of Bronson or Brock Rechsteiner. If his name looks familiar, it would be because Breakker is the son of Rick Steiner and nephew of Scott Steiner. From his ability to deliver devastating suplexes to his ability to use moves like the Frankensteiner, Steiner Recliner, and Steiner Screwdriver, it is clear who Breakker’s immediate influences are. It is perfectly fine to be all these things and even dress much like his father and uncle did when they were a tandem in the early to mid-1990s.

Since his debut on NXT 2.0, Breakker has come in as a relative unknown and earned himself an NXT Championship opportunity at the recent NXT Halloween Havoc event. Despite an impressive showing, Breakker was unsuccessful in his attempt to capture the NXT Championship from Tommaso Ciampa. The singles championship would be the biggest singles title that either he or his father had ever won. Breakker is clearly earmarked for the main event, as evident in his recent title match against Tommaso Ciampa. Whether it’s the NXT Championship or NXT North American Title, Breakker is set to be the one to watch in NXT 2.0 moving forward.


Cameron Grimes

He’s going to the moon! Cameron Grimes would be the most senior in terms of the in-ring experience of those mentioned in this piece. However, what is the most special about him is that as a second-generation talent, he’s also had the benefit of receiving training from those closest to his father. As the son of Tracey Caddell, Grimes was earning a name for himself on the independent circuit and IMPACT Wrestling as simply Trevor Lee. Trevor Lee Caddell received training from the likes of Matt & Jeff Hardy, which helped to earn him the support of other OMEGA alumni as well. Grimes came in as one character and quickly earned acclaim when he ‘fell into a large sum of money.’ As a persona that is nothing short of the Beverly Hillbillies of the new millennium, Grimes was going to the moon.

To the benefit of Grimes, he had notable feuds with the likes of Dexter Lumis and LA Knight. He even had the opportunity to work with WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase. Working with legendary talent also lends itself a chance to learn and grow, and this was the case with Grimes as well. While he may not immediately be a focal point in the promotion and may be among the other talent that were a part of the previous incarnation of NXT, Grimes can offer a great deal to any match or program he is to be a part of. So what is next for Cameron Grimes? If the past is any indication, straight to the moon!


Solo Sikoa

The latest edition to the NXT 2.0 roster is someone that has been building a name for himself on the independent circuit. Sefa Fatu, the youngest son of Rikishi (aka Junior Fatu), has been carrying on the Samoan Dynasty over the past few years. As the youngest of the Uso brothers, Sefa has come in as a street fighter that is determined to do more than simply arrive.

As Solo Sikoa, he has the chance to be something different and unlike that of his brothers Jimmy and Jey. For Solo, it is an entirely different persona that he is embracing now. What will be interesting to see is how the character develops as this street fighter. He has a long family history behind him of those that he can lean on and learn from.

Where will Solo Sikoa be in a few months from now? Is he polished enough to join the main roster? Is this character just a starting off point for him to flush out any kinks that the character may actually have? With his recent debut at Halloween Havoc, he isn’t someone that appears to want to mess around and play games. For Sikoa, it is all about coming in and taking names.


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