Edge & Christian: Still Reeking of Awesomeness

Edge and Christian

Adam Copeland and Jay Reso. On the surface, two names aren’t very assuming names, but when you consider that their in-ring careers have been met with a resurgence since returning to the ring, it’s a welcomed sight. Of course, fans of the two know full well they are Edge and Christian.

With age being only a number, these two are proving that 48 is very well the new 28. But with both men’s careers ending in 2011 and 2016, respectively, it would have been safe to presume their contributions to the industry had come and gone.

For Edge, it was well documented that wrestling was about as far removed from his train of thought as possible. Fans will recall that he was pursuing acting and was quite content in doing so. In Christian’s case, he was also busy acting in both films and on television. However, both men remained close enough to wrestling with their podcast. They had a program on the WWE Network that best reflected their sense of humor and embraced the current generation of wrestlers as much as it did one’s that they were found of while they were growing up as wrestling fans of the WWF.

But before we explore both Edge and Christian Cage’s role in wrestling today, it’s important to look at their initial retirements from the ring and while they took place. For Edge, his neck issues forced him into retirement. In an interview he took part in during the height of the Becky/Charlotte feud, he felt then he could still contribute to wrestling even if it wasn’t in the ring.

“I don’t want to just come back and do a comedy backstage skit. I can’t physically put someone over, but I can feel very confident in my ability to tell a story through a promo. That’s what Mick Foley does when he comes back, and that’s what I want to do…” – Edge on still contributing to the WWE after retiring.

It would be interesting that only a couple of years later, Edge would feel no headaches and no further issues with his neck that he felt in the past. He would begin to test the waters. It would begin with an appearance in Toronto, lead to a spear on Elias, and the crowd would pop for the Rated R Superstar’s return. Or so they had thought. This would begin the chatter online as many will note that Edge would be returning at some point in time. Yet, time and time again, he would deny that he would be coming back.

For each time he appeared in a new city, the rumor of his return would also continue. While this was all taking place, Christian’s talk of a return to wrestling seemed to fly under the radar. There was no inclination (at least at this time) that he would be returning. But with everything he could see happening with Edge, it had to act as a motivator that there is a chance to come back.

Upon Edge’s return at Royal Rumble 2020, there is the reaction when Alterbridge’s music hit, and Edge came out, creating an absolute frenzy. It was exactly the surprise he had wanted to create. Fans popped for the seemingly impossible to be possible! It was a genuine moment that, even if there was speculation, there was something special about his return. Every path he crossed became a new opportunity for Edge. AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan would all be passengers on this train that would prove everything that was possible now IS possible.

Over the past couple of years, Edge has faced all those mentioned above and even created a new faction in the process. His contributions to the learning curve of those he’s working with only continue to grow. He is more than making up for what he lost in in-ring time, aiding the growth and development of those standing across the ring from or with him. Current stars like Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and Rhea Ripley are all sitting kindly under this guidance, soaking all the direction their feud should endure.

In AEW, over the last year, fans have witnessed Christian Cage align with Jurassic Express’ Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. However, it was strange to see him play a secondary role during this time after capturing the IMPACT World Championship and feuding with Kenny Omega. It felt as though the character ascended too quickly upon his debut and that he was going to settle into another role.

But much like Edge, Christian’s role wasn’t necessarily settling but was that of a mentor. Over the course of a year or so, Christian would guide Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. To the point in which he would be by them as they captured the AEW World Tag Team Champions. But as the team’s success would continue, breadcrumbs would be laid as to where this relationship would go. At times, Christian wouldn’t be pleased with Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus’ success wasn’t enough. To the point where he would criticize Jungle Boy’s mindset.

Things would finally come to a head as Jurassic Express lost their AEW World Tag Team Championships. A battered and beaten Luchasaurus was laid on the outside, recovering as Christian’s true colors would be shown. Christian appeared to be helping Jungle Boy out of the ring but would ultimately stop him and hit his Killswitch finisher on him instead. This was followed up with a one-man concerto to the head of a prone Jungle Boy in the middle of the ring.

In the weeks that followed, Christian went from beloved face to despised heel. His scathing promos struck a nerve with fans as they touched upon very sensitive matters as it pertained to Jungle Boy and his family. As Jungle Boy sat on the sidelines, appearing to recover the story that unfolded was that he would return to hunt down Christian!

“I think she (Sharp) saw her knight in shining armor go off into the sunset. I think she was a little sweet on Christian Cage if you know what I mean,” Cage said. “I think she wanted me to be Jungle Boy’s father. And here’s the thing, I know Jungle Boy looked at me like a father figure. He sure did. But here’s the thing, Jungle Boy: I never wanted to be your father. I never wanted to be your father figure. You have a father. But your father’s dead — and that’s probably a good thing, Jungle Boy, because he’d be embarrassed and ashamed to see how you turned out.” – Christian during a promo regarding Jungle Boy.

Like Edge, Christian has lit a fire in someone who needed it. Jungle Boy has needed to be more than a series of moves that excite fans. There needs to be a true fire instilled within him. As the two appear on a collision course to face one another at All Out, it is because Christian has given fans a reason to hate him, and Jungle Boy is giving fans a reason to love him.

Both Edge and Christian have fewer professional years in front of them than they do behind them. In knowing that the best stories they can both tell are ones that allow them to create moments with young stars, moments, all wrestling fans will never forget.


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