WWE News: 24/7 Title Changes Hands Two Times on a Golf Course (Video)

The 24/7 Title can be defended anywhere and at any time. Since the company introduced the title a few weeks ago, they haven’t done that much in terms of having matches outside of a WWE building. That changed today because 24/7 Champion R-Truth had a surprising title defense on a golf course in Texas.

The Smackdown brand is in College Station, Texas where they had 24/7 Champion R-Truth at a golf course with his friend Carmella. They were sitting on a golf cart with Truth talking about how they have been running constantly from all the people trying to come for his title.

When Truth got out of the golf cart, he was attacked by Jinder Mahal, who was in his wrestling trunks and boots ON THE GOLF COURSE! That made me laugh, actually. Anyway, Mahal did a forearm to the back followed by the deadly ROLLUP OF DEATH~! with a WWE official right there to count the pin. Mahal grabbed the title. Carmella yelled at him and wondered what he was doing with Mahal reminding her it was 24/7. That led to Truth rolling up Mahal for his own ROLLUP OF DEATH~! Truth grabbed the title, punched Mahal in the face and Carmella drove the cart while Truth hung on to the back of the cart and they drove away.

To summarize all of that, Truth lost the title and won it back. Mahal is the first man to win the 24/7 Title that is also a former WWE Champion.

You can watch the 1:20 clip below.

R-Truth loses then regains the 24/7 Title against Jinder Mahal

TJR Thoughts: I think the title is dumb, but if it amuses some people then that’s fine. I just wish WWE cared more about the other titles they had because this is the 10th title on Raw and Smackdown right now. Too many other titles are not being featured enough while this one just adds another worthless title to the mix.

It is smart for WWE to do stuff like this once in a while because they should have more random attacks in different places that aren’t an arena. In today’s world with social media, it’s easy to do it.