The John Report: WWE Smackdown 01/22/21 Review

Welcome to this week’s WWE Smackdown review. This is the second last Smackdown episode before the Royal Rumble on January 31.

From the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, Florida, this is Smackdown for episode #1118. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Please visit daily for our regular updates on the wrestling business featuring WWE news coverage along with reviews about wrestling’s past and present. Let’s get to it.

The opening video package summarized the Universal Title story from last week. Instead of Roman Reigns facing Adam Pearce at Royal Rumble, Reigns will face Kevin Owens because Pearce outsmarted Reigns due to the “subject to change” clause in the contract.

The show began with a shot of the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field. The announce team is Michael Cole and Corey Graves as usual.

Let’s Hear from Roman Reigns

The Universal Champion Roman Reigns made his entrance with special counsel Paul Heyman joining him at ringside. Reigns took a long time to get down to the ring. Reigns defends the Universal Title against Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble on January 31. It’s going to be a Last Man Standing match. There were “you suck” chants in the arena as Reigns was about to speak.

Reigns claimed that Kevin Owens isn’t going to deliver a message. Reigns said you won’t see KO because Roman says so. Reigns said last week was “card subject to change” and said that it was real clever. Reigns said that people think that he was outsmarted, but that way of thinking is beneath him. Roman said that “card subject to change” is how losers think. Reigns said he didn’t miss appearances, he shows up and he puts in work. Reigns said that it took his health being at risk in a pandemic to keep him out of the ring, so he doesn’t want to hear from anybody about missing an appearance. Reigns wondered what if he was a “puss” like Adam Pearce. Reigns mockingly acted like his knees, arms and neck hurt while noting his ankles have been bad since college. Reigns said that his back hurts because he’s been carrying this damn company for years now. Reigns wondered if he can’t make it because his back hurts.

Adam Pearce, the WWE Official, walked out in a suit saying it has gone too far and he got into the ring with them. Pearce said that this thing is spiraling out of control. Reigns told him what’s out of control is that Pearce would go against Reigns and put Kevin Owens back into the Universal Title picture. Reigns didn’t like that Pearce favors KO. Reigns called Pearce the “bitch” of Kevin Owens and that makes him Roman’s bitch too. Reigns noted that Pearce hasn’t been in a match in six years, yet he complained as if his body hurts. Reigns said he’s done it all, it never bothered him and it never stops because he busts his ass for this place. Reigns said no wonder Pearce never made it to WWE and Heyman laughed while Pearce looked pissed off. Pearce asked Heyman if that was funny to him. Pearce said he can take this from Reigns, but he won’t take it from Heyman. Reigns told Heyman that Pearce was disrespecting Paul, so that means Pearce is disrespecting Reigns.

Heyman said that Pearce disrespected the Tribal Chief and Heyman said that he has known Roman’s family since Paul was 15 years old. Heyman said that Pearce thinks Heyman is not capable and he can’t handle himself. Heyman said he would whip Pearce’s ass if he disrespects Reigns. Heyman talked about how he’s not a lawyer, but he comes from a synagogue full of them (nice line!). Heyman said that if you want something big for Smackdown tonight then it’s Adam Pearce one on one versus Paul Heyman. Paul extended his hand and Pearce shook Paul’s hand saying the verbal agreement is official. Reigns told Pearce that by the end of the night, he’s going to get his ass kicked.

Analysis: I did not see that coming. That’s a unique match to promote with a non-wrestler like Paul Heyman against Adam Pearce, who hasn’t had a match in six years. It’s a way to present something to the audience where the fans know that some kind of twist is going to happen. Anyway, Roman did a great job complaining about the situation and then ripping on Pearce for not making it in WWE as a wrestler, which led to Heyman’s laughter towards Pearce. I thought it was booked well. It went a bit long, but they got the points across that they needed to.

The announcers went over the matches coming up on this week’s show.

Sami Zayn showed up with his documentary crew since Sami has complained about being treated unfairly. Zayn handcuffed himself to the barricade in protest.


The show returned with Sami Zayn doing a promo saying he’s in the Royal Rumble. Sami’s sign says #JusticeForSami Zayn complained about his loss to Apollo Crews last week while admitting he had his hands on the tights, but then the introductions took place for the first match.

Analysis: I tweeted #JusticeForSami during the show. I have to do my part. You should too!

Asuka and Charlotte Flair made their entrance since they are the Women’s Tag Team Champions that are allowed to be on any show they want even for a non-title match. Billy Kay was in some Riott Squad style gear for this match.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs. Riott Squad (Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan) w/Billie Kay

This is not a title match. Charlotte started with Riott, then Asuka tagged in and hit a shoulder tackle. Charlotte worked over Riott with forearms while Natalya and Tamina were shown watching backstage on a TV. Morgan tagged in, Charlotte dumped Riott out of the ring and Morgan hit a dropkick while Charlotte was grabbing Kay. Morgan went up top and hit a cross body block on Flair for a two count.


The match returned with Charlotte stomping on Morgan against the turnbuckle. Riott got the tag, she hit Charlotte with punches to the face and Riott used her legs to drive Charlotte into the turnbuckle for two. Morgan tagged in, Charlotte worked over both women with chops and whipped Riott into the turnbuckle. Charlotte with a fallaway slam and a kip-up leading to a backbreaker. Asuka tagged in with a running knee to the face for two as Riott broke up the pin. Charlotte with a boot to the face of Riott. Morgan kicked Charlotte and Asuka blocked a Morgan kick with an Ankle Lock. Asuka with a German Suplex on Morgan. Riott tagged back in, Kay was on the apron while Riott was pinning Asuka, the referee was distracted and Asuka hit a hip attack on Morgan off the apron onto Kay on the floor. Asuka with a knee to the face of Riott, Asuka with the double knees to Riott and Charlotte hit the Natural Selection on Riott for the pinfall win after nine minutes. Cole made a point to say Kay cost her team the match.

Winners by pinfall: Charlotte Flair and Asuka

Analysis: **3/4 It was a solid tag team match with the champs winning after Kay cost her “friends” the win when she distracted the referee while Riott was trying to pin Asuka. I don’t think the story of Kay with the Riott Squad is that interesting. It’s nice to see champs retain in non-title matches. Charlotte and Asuka work well together. They need a feud for those titles.

Still to come is Sasha Banks vs. Reginald and Bayley faces Bianca Belair in an Obstacle Course Challenge.


There was a backstage scene with Billie Kay apologizing to Ruby and Liv. Kay said that she didn’t mean to do that. Ruby and Liv were frustrated with Kay, who said she knows she can work this out. Kay said that she spoke to Sonya and she got Liv and Ruby entry into the Royal Rumble match. Riott told Billie there is no “us” and that the Squad is much better when it was just their squad. Kay was sad about that.

Let’s Hear from Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan made his entrance in casual clothes as he was greeted with “YES” chants. Bryan did a promo about how this Sunday is the Royal Rumble match. Bryan said that saying those words makes the hairs on his arms raise. Bryan said that it’s the uncertainty of what number you’re going to draw. Bryan said it’s the exhilaration of competing against 29 other superstars in a match that could go over an hour while not knowing who is coming out to the ring next. Bryan said it’s one of the most challenging things you can do in WWE and it makes him feel alive. Bryan said despite all the pain and uncertainties, it is absolutely worth it because the winner gets to face the champion of their choosing in the main event of WrestleMania. Bryan said he’s proud of his career and he’s accomplished a lot, but he’s never won a Royal Rumble match.

Cesaro showed up with a microphone telling Bryan he thought he beat some sense into Bryan last week. Cesaro greeted Sami on the way down to the ring with a few words in French since Cesaro bragged that he knew other languages. Cesaro told Bryan that he is not winning the Royal Rumble because Cesaro is. Cesaro said that as the first Andre the Giant battle royal winner, he’s an expert on that matter. Bryan said he didn’t forget last week, so instead of talking, why don’t they put these microphones down, he’ll take his jacket off and they can fight right now. Cesaro said no. Cesaro said he’s sick of doing the same thing over and over again. Cesaro said since Bryan is not dressed for a match, Cesaro issued an open challenge to anybody that is in the Royal Rumble match.

Dolph Ziggler showed up as one half of the Smackdown Tag Team Champions. Ziggler said that he was told that he has been in the second most Royal Rumble matches ever. Ziggler said you can’t question his endurance because he can go all night. Ziggler claimed that nobody in the locker room can go toe to toe with him except Cesaro. Ziggler said no offense “DB” but it’s not 2014 anymore. Ziggler said he wants to win the Royal Rumble, go on to WrestleMania and get paid. Ziggler said that the challenge is accepted.

Analysis: Bryan has done a nice job of putting over his desire to win the Rumble match since it’s one of the few things he hasn’t done in WWE. Cesaro was right to talk down to Bryan since he beat Bryan last week and Cesaro did win the first Andre battle royal seven years ago. Ziggler made good points while also mocking Bryan. I think of the three men, Bryan does have a very good shot of winning the Royal Rumble while the other two guys are very good workers that will make the match better because they’re in it.

This Monday on Raw: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Goldberg are face to face six days before their Royal Rumble match.


Daniel Bryan was on commentary for the match.

Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler

Cesaro and Ziggler started with some mat wrestling. Cole mentioned Bryan set the endurance record during the Greatest Royal Rumble match at 1 hour 16 minutes and Bryan said he paid the price for it because it was a grueling match. Cesaro with a running forearm followed by the swing with about 15 spins or more. Bryan talked about how gifted Cesaro is. Cesaro charged, Ziggler avoided him and sent Cesaro into the turnbuckle. They got into an exchange of pinfalls with about five two counts for each guy. Ziggler avoided an uppercut and hit a Zig Zag slam for a two count. The camera was on Zayn sitting on the chair at ringside. Cesaro went for a suplex, Ziggler got out of it, Ziggler charged and Cesaro caught Ziggler with the Neutralizer for the pinfall win after about four minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Cesaro

Analysis: **1/2 Another win for Cesaro as he builds momentum going into the Rumble match. Ziggler losing is fine since he’s a tag team wrestler right now. They wrestled at a very fast pace, there were a lot of nearfalls and Cesaro got the clean win with his finish as he should. I’m all for Cesaro picking up wins and getting booked like the big star that he is.

Sasha Banks made her entrance as the Smackdown Women’s Champion. She laughed at Sami Zayn on her way to the ring. The 8K camera was used on her entrance, which looks cool every time they use it.


Carmella made her entrance in a red dress joined by her sommelier Reginald along with a couple of dudes in masks carrying glasses of wine. Reginald is wrestling in a t-shirt and pants. Graves put over how good Carmella looks with Carmella sitting by commentary. Reginald is a signed wrestler that used to be in Cirque de Soleil, I believe.

Sasha Banks vs. Reginald

Reginald gave Banks a rose and he was wearing a Carmella shirt. Banks slapped Reginald and did a hiptoss with Reginald landing on his feet. Banks tried to do some moves to Reginald, but Reginald kept doing flips to avoid getting hurt. Reginald jumped over a monkey flip attempt. Banks went for a sunset flip, but then Banks hit a bulldog counter and Banks trash-talked Carmella. Banks charged at Reginald, who moved and Banks hit the turnbuckle. Reginald did a cartwheel to avoid a move, but Banks came back with an armdrag. Banks with a rising knee to the face and Banks jumped off the top with a cross body only for Reginald to catch him. Banks hit an arm drag that sent Reginald out of the ring. Banks hit a Meteora double knee attack on Reginald on the floor and Banks knocked Carmella’s glass out of her hand. Banks went for the Backstabber, but Reginald landed on his feet. Banks ended up doing a takedown grabbing the arm leading to the Bank Statement submission with Reginald tapping out. It went about four minutes.

Winner by submission: Sasha Banks

Analysis: ** They did the best they could in a match where Reginald didn’t really do any moves to Banks since WWE currently disallows man on woman action in matches. I give them credit for being creative in terms of the moves that they did with Banks hitting some of her signature spots while Reginald kept on doing flips to avoid taking bumps. In the end, Banks got the win even though she’s much smaller. Reginald might have a good future in the ring because of how athletic he is, but he’s still new as a character.

Post match, Banks sent Reginald out of the ring.

After the match, Cole mentioned that Banks vs. Carmella is on for the Royal Rumble in a Smackdown Women’s Title match. Carmella checked on Reginald while Graves put over how great Carmella looked.

Roman Reigns was in his dressing room with Paul Heyman talking to Roman about what happened. Roman said he wanted Paul to rip on him verbally, but now Paul has to have the match because Reigns wants him to be a man that has to handle his business. Reigns left with the Universal Title while Heyman was not thrilled about it.


PLUG TIME: The month of January means that it is Royal Rumble time in WWE land, so I’m re-posting my reviews of every Royal Rumble event in WWE history. I’ll post them all before this year’s event on January 31. I’m also planning on a couple of columns/list articles before this year’s Royal Rumble as well. Last week in the SD review I left off in 2005, so here’s the 2006 Royal Rumble won by Rey Mysterio in an exciting fashion. The 2007 Royal Rumble had the best final two sequence in Rumble history with The Undertaker beating Shawn Michaels to give Taker his first Rumble win. The 2008 Royal Rumble had a surprise winner with John Cena in the #30 spot. What a pop for Cena in MSG! The 2009 Royal Rumble was the second time that a heel was victorious with Randy Orton getting the win. It was another surprise winner at the 2010 Royal Rumble with Edge coming back after a long layoff to get the win. It was a history-making 2011 Royal Rumble match because it was the first (and only) time where WWE had 40-wrestlers in the Rumble match that was won by Alberto Del Rio, but Santino was pretty close! I’ll be posting the Rumble PPV reviews from 2012 to 2020 over the next few days. Keep visiting TJRWrestling daily to check out the reviews. Thanks for the support!

A replay was shown of last week’s Smackdown when Apollo Crews beat Sami Zayn to earn this title match.

Big E made his entrance while taunting Sami Zayn and Crews was already in the ring. This is a title match.

Intercontinental Championship: Big E vs. Apollo Crews

Crews charged right into a belly to belly suplex by Big E. Running splash by Big E on the apron on Crews. There was an enziguri kick to the head by Crews, then another kick and a standing moonsault for a two count. Crews with two German Suplexes, Big E broke free with elbow smashes and Big E hit a uranage slam for two. They battled on the floor with Crews getting advantage again, but Big E came back by sending Crews on the top turnbuckle. Crews with repeated headbutts that knocked down Big E. Zayn used the key to free himself from the handcuffs. Crews jumped off the turnbuckle with a dropkick and then Zayn hit Crews with a Helluva Kick for the DQ after about four minutes.

Winner by disqualification: Apollo Crews (Big E remains champion)

Analysis: *3/4 This was a match I was looking forward to, but then it was cut short by the attack from Zayn. I think Big E and Crews work well together. It’s just hard to have a great match when there’s a quick DQ ending like what we saw here.

Post match, Zayn hit a Helluva Kick on Big E as well. Zayn told both men that this is what a champion looks like.

Analysis: It looks like a 3-way IC Title match is coming soon.

The announcers mentioned that Roman Reigns has apparently left the ThunderDome.

Kevin Owens did a promo from his car saying he was told that he couldn’t get in the building because Reigns pulled some strings to make sure Owens was unable to get in the building. Owens said that at Royal Rumble, he’ll settle things for Roman once and for all. Owens told Reigns that he has yet to beat Owens because Reigns got help from his family (Jey Uso). Owens talked about how his tattoos all mean something to him while noting that on his one fist, he has his two grandfather initials on there. Owens said that the biggest regret he’ll always have is that they weren’t alive to see him make it in WWE because they passed away before he got to WWE. Owens said that he saw his grandfathers fight through difficult illnesses while noting that’s why he can’t stop fighting. Owens said that is why he’ll just keep fighting and that is why at Royal Rumble, he’ll be the Last Man Standing.

Analysis: Nice promo from Owens talking about why he doesn’t give up since he gets his strength from his late grandfathers.


The announcers talked about the Royal Rumble matches.

The Street Profits were shown walking down a hallway backstage with a fruit basket. Dolph Ziggler was talking to Sonya and he left. The Street Profits congratulated Sonya for working with Adam Pearce while noting that they lost the tag team titles two weeks ago. Sonya said that Montez is still injured, so she can’t put them in a match right now. Sonya said that they can keep having their energy on the show, but while Ford heals up, maybe some other teams will have a shot. Then when Ford is ready, they can get that title shot. They gave Sonya the fruit basket and she left.

Analysis: I guess this was done to show that Sonya is going to be tough as an authority figure. I wonder if she’s in the Royal Rumble match too. I assume she is, but I don’t know for sure.

There was a clip shown of last week’s show when Bayley and Bianca Belair set up an Obstacle Course Challenge. That is up next.


Ultimate Athlete Obstacle Course: Bianca Belair vs. Bayley

This was hosted by Michael Cole. Bianca Belair and Bayley made their entrance and were on the stage to begin the challenge. Bayley took the microphone from Cole and told him to leave. Bayley provided a rundown of the course. Bayley said that she has Alpha Academy’s Chad Gable at ringside to help with the fireman’s carry. There’s even a basketball net at the end of the course. Bayley was up first.

Bayley flipped over a 400-pound tire that was on the ramp. Bayley got by some steps and then she ran around the section where she was supposed to climb. Bayley lifted up Gable on her shoulders because she had to carry him past a line and she slowly did it. Bayley took a shot on the basketball net, she missed the first shot and then hit the second shot. The clock stopped at 1:12.

Bayley asked for some help to EST the course for Belair, so they put some bigger hurdles instead of the low hurdles that Bayley had.

Bianca Belair was off with a tire flip and she jumped over the little hurdles while also easily climbing the walls that were in her path. Gable told Belair her next challenge was to carry Otis. Belair put Otis on her shoulders and she carried him past the line. Belair had the basketball, she did a crossover with Bayley defending and dunked on the short basketball net. There were 17 seconds left, so Belair did it in 0:55.

After it was over, Bayley threw the basketball at Belair’s ribs and then Bayley attacked her with punches. Bayley threw Belair shoulder first into the basketball net pole. Belair was down grabbing her left shoulder while Bayley left as a sore loser.

Analysis: That went exactly how you would expect it to go with the babyface Belair looking impressive in the challenge and then Bayley doing the cheap attack after losing. I remember when WWE used to have the “rookies” do challenges like this on NXT about a decade ago. It’s a different way to show off how athletic people like Belair is without putting her in a match. I think Bayley and Belair are definitely going to be major players in the Royal Rumble match. Both of them are threats to win, but I think my pick is Alexa Bliss for now. Anyway, nice cheap attack by Bayley while Belair is dealing with an arm injury.

There was a backstage scene with Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Rey told Dominik that we’ll do it his way this time, but if something goes wrong then Dominik will listen to Rey. Dominik said he’s got this, they hugged and Dominik left for his match.


This week on Talking Smack the guests are Sami Zayn, Cesaro and Bayley. It’s hosted by Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman.

King Corbin was already in the ring for his match. Dominik Mysterio entered as the opponent. Corbin did not have Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler for the second week in a row, so maybe WWE already dropped that trio.

Dominik Mysterio vs. King Corbin

Corbin sent Dominik into the turnbuckle, then Dominik came back with a dropkick and Dominik used his legs to send Corbin out of the ring. Dominik went for an attack on the floor, Corbin moved and hit a clothesline on the floor that led to a two count. Corbin worked over Dominik with punches to the body and then Corbin whipped Dominik hard into the turnbuckle. Dominik with a counter, dropkick to the knee and Dominik went for the 619 kick, but Corbin had it blocked. Corbin decked Dominik with a punch to the head and the End of Days for the pinfall win after about two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: King Corbin

Analysis: *1/2 A quick match to show that Dominik isn’t ready to beat a guy like Corbin yet. It would be nice if WWE pushed Dominik a bit since he’s a younger guy that’s fresh, but this is typical WWE booking.

Paul Heyman was shown walking backstage in a suit for his main event “match” up next.


Adam Pearce was in the ring wearing some track pants and a WWE jacket. It looks like the gear that he uses to work out in. They replayed last week’s main event again.

Paul Heyman made his way down to the ring in his suit and he was taping up his fists. Heyman walked towards the ring and he tripped on his way up the ring while faking a leg injury. Heyman told Pearce: “Card subject to change.” Heyman took off the tape that was on his fists.

Roman Reigns made his entrance even though they said earlier that Reigns left. Cole reminded us that Reigns told Pearce that Pearce was going to get his butt kicked.

Analysis: It’s not a shock that the Pearce vs. Heyman match was a false advertisement. That’s okay. It was the heels outsmarting the faces a week after the faces had the upper hand, but it didn’t end up well.

Reigns went into the ring and hit Pearce with a Superman Punch. This is not a match even though there was a referee in the ring. Pearce hit Reigns with a punch while they were outside the ring. Reigns kicked Pearce in the groin and tossed him over the barricade. Reigns whipped Pearce into the LED screens and Reigns whipped Pearce into more screens. Reigns picked up Pearce and put him on the second level of screens. Kevin Owens showed up in a hoody and he attacked Reigns with punches. Reigns and Owens got into a slugfest with Reigns whipping Owens into the barricade and sending KO into the ring.

Back in the ring, Owens hit a superkick, a kick to the gut and Owens hit the Stunner. Reigns left the ring, so Owens beat on him with punches. Referees along with WWE Official Pat Buck showed up at ringside to try to stop Owens. After Owens was kept back multiple times, he went back at Reigns. Owens hit a Stunner on Reigns at ringside. Owens called out Paul Heyman watching and wondered if he had anything to say. Owens picked up Reigns and hit a Popup Powerbomb through the announce table. Cole shouted that Owens was the Last Man Standing tonight and wondered if that would be the case at the Royal Rumble. Owens tried to attack Reigns with the steel steps, but he was stopped by referees. Owens said that they can’t do anything at the Rumble and that’s the end of the show.

Analysis: That was really good. Owens got revenge for Reigns throwing him off the stands on New Year’s Day three weeks earlier. Reigns doesn’t get beat up in segments like that very often. It’s usually Jey Uso that takes the beating, but there was no sign of him this week. When you don’t have Reigns getting beat up like that, it means a lot more when Owens kicks his ass and shows he can do it. It tells the audience that Owens has a legitimate shot of beating Reigns in the Last Man Standing Match at Royal Rumble. Do I think Reigns will lose to Owens at Royal Rumble? Absolutely not, but I am looking forward to the match. It should be awesome.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Roman Reigns
  2. Kevin Owens
  3. Cesaro


The Scoreboard

6.25 out of 10

Last week: 7.5

2021 Average: 7.44


Final Thoughts

It was a slightly above average Smackdown this week, but not at the level of the first three episodes this year. I think the in-ring action was a step down since there were four matches under four minutes and then the only match that got time was a women’s tag team match that had no storyline or anything interesting about it. I get why they did it that way because it’s a chance to get more people on the show. I just have hard a time getting into matches that are so short. The Sasha Banks “match” with Reginald was unique since he didn’t actually do moves to her, yet she did moves to him and they were able to put together something decent. I was looking forward to Big E vs. Crews and then Sami Zayn ended that quickly, which I guess is supposed to anger us as fans, so that’s the point of having a shorter match. I’m just saying from an enjoyment standpoint, the shorter matches make it tough to like the show as much.

There was a lot of talking and story advancement, though, so that made it interesting. I liked the ending with Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. I liked the promos from Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler talking about their confidence going into the Royal Rumble. I don’t think the Bianca Belair/Bayley segment was that exciting, but at least it was different.

Perhaps some people liked this show more than me. I just prefer Smackdown when it has better matches than what we got here. That’s all.

The next WWE pay-per-view is the Royal Rumble on Sunday, January 31. Here’s what we know so far:

30-Men Royal Rumble Match – Announced entrants are: Jeff Hardy, Jey Uso, Cesaro, The Miz, Otis, United States Champion Bobby Lashley, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Big E, Shinsuke Nakamura and more.

30-Women Royal Rumble Match – Announced entrants are: Shayna Baszler, Alexa Bliss, Peyton Royce, Bianca Belair, Bayley, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax, Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Tamina and more.

WWE Universal Championship Last Man Standing Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Kevin Owens

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Bill Goldberg

Smackdown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks (c) vs. Carmella

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