The John Report: WWE NXT 12/21/21 Review

wwe nxt dec 21

It’s time for another edition of WWE NXT as the brand builds towards the New Year’s Evil special on the first episode of NXT in 2022 coming up in two weeks time.

Some of the big matches this week include Raquel Gonzalez facing Dakota Kai to try to put an end to that rivalry and Pete Dunne taking on Tony D’Angelo in the main event. My review of last week’s NXT show is here and here’s the full archive of my NXT reviews. I reviewed every episode all year. I don’t take breaks. Let’s finish 2021 strong.

This episode is taking place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

Let’s Hear from Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa, the NXT Champion, was in the ring for a promo. Ciampa was wearing a Mr. NXT 2.0 shirt as the fans chanted “Ciampa” for him. Ciampa said as the NXT Champion, you are the hunted and everybody has their eyes on you. Ciampa said he’s different because he does the hunting while Bron Breakker was the hunted last week. Ciampa told Breakker he didn’t need to interrupt because Ciampa is inviting him to the ring to speak to him face to face.

Breakker got in the ring with Ciampa. Ciampa talked about how at WarGames, Breakker pinned Ciampa to the mat. Ciampa said that Bron doesn’t just want a shot at the NXT Title, he earned that title shot. Ciampa said that he’s thinking about NXT New Year’s Evil on January 4 – Ciampa vs. Breakker Part 2 for the NXT Title. Ciampa said that Breakker deserved it while adding that he hopes Breakker doesn’t drown again like he did the first time. Ciampa said that Breakker will get his second opportunity while some people don’t even get one chance. Ciampa said that at Halloween Havoc, he exposed Breakker not just in the ring, but in life. Ciampa said that everybody knows that Breakker has all the tools. Ciampa told Breakker that: “You are not ready to be a champion in my NXT.” Ciampa mentioned champions like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor while adding they were guys that spent a decade to get to WWE and then they spent 10 to 20 years “perfecting our craft” while Ciampa asked does Bron even have 10 to 20 matches? Probably not even 20. Ciampa said he’s not being disrespectful because Bron is great and he’s not sure if Bron is ready for all this.

Ciampa mentioned Bron’s one mistake at Halloween Havoc and then the title opportunity was gone. Ciampa said he’s sure that Bron won’t let a mistake like that happen again. Ciampa said Breakker will take the title home to dad and everybody’s going to be barking (Rick Steiner reference) while everybody is going to be proud of Bron for being a champion. Ciampa said then reality hits and it’s staring you in the damn face. Ciampa slapped Breakker hard in the face, Ciampa said he was the greatest NXT Champion of all time and Breakker pressed Ciampa over his head. Breakker put Ciampa back on his feet instead of a powerslam. Breakker gave Ciampa the title back: “New Year’s Evil, blood is in the water; this shark is gonna eat you alive! See ya in two weeks, champ!” Ciampa grabbed the title and Breakker left confidently.

Analysis: This was really good. Ciampa delivered an awesome promo trying to mess with Breakker talking about how Bron made a mistake in the past and then Breakker showed that he was going to fall for the mind games. I like how it was booked because it was mostly Ciampa talking instead of a back and forth promo. Doing a long promo is not a strength of Breakker, but Ciampa is great at them, so they handled it the right way. I think Breakker will win the NXT Title at New Year’s Evil. It’s the right time.

A video was shown of Grayson Waller on Instagram days ago saying he felt like AJ Styles was hanging on for too long. Grayson ripped on AJ Styles for having a bad haircut for five years. Grayson was calling himself the “Phenomenal” AJ Styles while saying that AJ’s haircut is similar to his mom’s hair. AJ Styles is on NXT later.

Raquel Gonzalez was shown walking backstage for her Street Fight, but Dakota Kai was there to attack with an equipment case. Kai went for a move backstage, btu Gonzalez caught her and swung Kai into a steel beam. Gonzalez sent Kai into some cage that held some boxes, then Kai fought back and hit a jumping kick to the head. Gonzalez picked up a steel beam to drive Kai into something in the backstage area. Gonzalez with a boot to the face to knock Gonzalez down. Gonzales rolled an equipment case at Kai, who moved and Kai hit Gonzalez with two garbage can shots to the back. Kai kicked Gonzalez to knock her down. Referees were there telling Kai that the match hadn’t started yet because they had to get to the ring. Gonzalez put Kai on a crate with wheels that she used to send into a steel door. Kai escaped to the parking lot area with the referee telling her to go to the ring. Gonzalez followed Kai outside the building where they kept fighting. They went to a picture in picture break.

Analysis: It’s a rivalry that has existed for a few months, so it made sense for them to fight all over the building before they actually had a match.


They were out by the ring with the match officially starting during the break. The NXT commentary team was Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett as usual.

Street Fight: Raquel Gonzalez vs. Dakota Kai

Gonzalez was in control with a whip into the ring post and she used the top of the announce table to knock Kai down. Gonzalez was wrestling in ripped jeans since it’s a street fight. Kai avoided an attack with the steel steps, Kai with a jumping kick and Kai sent Gonzalez into the steps. Gonzalez had a hold of Kai on the floor, Kai on the apron, Gonzalez had Kai on the shoulders and then Kai stomped Raquel’s head into the steel steps. Kai pulled out a table from under the ring and brought it into the ring. Gonzalez delivered a flapjack onto a chair that was open in the ring. Gonzalez lifted Kai for a Powerbomb, but Kai countered with a headscissors that sent them out of the ring. Kai hit a double foot stomp off the apron to Gonzalez, who had a trash can on her head. Cool spot. Gonzalez got the advantage again with a Powerbomb onto the bottom half of the steel steps. That led to a “Holy Shit” chant from the crowd. Gonzalez said she trusted Kai and called Kai a “selfish bitch.” Back in the ring, Kai got in a kick, but then Gonzalez hit a big boot to the face. Gonzalez wit ha a Chingona Bomb on a trash can in the ring. Anyway, the match went about seven minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Raquel Gonzalez

Analysis: **3/4 That’s likely the feud ender with Gonzalez picking up the win. If I rated the brawling before the match then I’d go higher with the rating, but the match didn’t start until they got into the ring. They came up with some cool spots, which is not a surprise when Kai is involved because she’s such a smart in-ring performer. Gonzalez has improved a lot in the last year and used her power to her advantage to get the win.

Raquel Gonzalez did a promo saying she is sick and tired of waiting. Gonzalez wanted a title rematch, so she called out NXT Women’s Mandy Rose to get out there right now.


Tony D’Angelo did a mafia gimmick promo saying he’s backed up everything he said he was going to do. Tony said he feared nobody, especially Pete Dunne. Tony said he earned his way into WarGames, then bounced his head into the cage and ripped Dunne’s mouthguard from him. Tony said he’ll see him in the ring.

Let’s Hear from Raquel Gonzalez

Raquel Gonzalez was in the ring saying she’ll wait there until Rose gets out there. Cora Jade walked out congratulating Raquel Gonzalez on the win. Jade said that she knows Gonzalez deserves her rematch, Jade wants Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction to pay for injuring her arm. Jade said she knows that Rose doesn’t want to face her with the title on the line. Raquel said they went to war, they came out of that match together and Raquel said when the title is on the line, it’s every woman for herself. Raquel said she’ll go through anyone to get her title back. Jade said: “Not if I get there first.”

Mandy Rose was shown in a red bikini outfit (DAMN~!) talking on her phone complaining about all this whining. Rose said that Raquel was the champion before Rose got there. Rose talked about how Jade had a fluke victory. Rose said that they are envious of her for what Mandy has done for the brand. Mandy said that at New Year’s Evil it will be a triple threat match for her championship against Gonzalez and Jade since Mandy was in the holiday spirit. Rose added that they also get an ass whooping as her Toxic Attraction friends Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne attacked Gonzalez and Jayne from behind. They sent Jade out of the ring. After that, Jayne and Dolin sent Gonzalez through the table that was propped up against the turnbuckle.

Analysis: Good angle to get some heat at the end of it. That also sets up a tag team match next week. Plus, Mandy looked great, so it was cool with me. The triple threat match at New Year’s Evil is fine with me. I don’t expect a title change there. I also feel like Raquel will be wrapping up her NXT run in January because she’ll probably be in the Royal Rumble and then be on Raw or Smackdown after that.

The announcers Joseph and Barrett had WWE sweaters on with Joseph in a Drew McIntyre sweater while Barrett had a Becky Lynch sweater. Good choices.

Joe Gacy and Harland were in the backstage area to deliver an apology for Harland attacking Brian Kendrick last week. Gacy said that Harland is a very sensitive man that is far too shaken up to speak up on this. Gacy said that Mr. Kendrick triggered an emotion when people didn’t care or love him like Gacy does. Gacy said that Kendrick put his hands on Harland, used offensive language and called Harland a freak while Gacy claimed they were leaving the arena Gacy said that Kendrick has nobody to blame but himself. Gacy said he wanted everybody to grow from this unfortunate event.

Analysis: I like Gacy’s delivery. Easy character to hate.

Grizzled Young Veterans were backstage with James Drake watching a training video from the Creed Brothers. Zack Gibson said that they are going to beat them with their brains. Their match is next.


Indi Hartwell was shown warming with Persia Pirotta going up to her friend to say their match got postponed. Grayson Waller walked into the room with Indi saying she’ll never forgive him for what he did to Johnny. Waller said that they are all Australians that should stick together. They mentioned AJ Styles coming for him. Waller told Indi to move on because he kicked “Papa” (Gargano) out of NXT while telling Indi that the Grayson Waller Effect is The Way (Gargano’s group that Indi was a part of) of the future.

Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) vs. The Creed Brothers (Brutus & Julius Creed)

Julius with a takedown on Gibson and then he slammed Brutus onto Gibson. Brutus slammed Gibson into the ropes. Gibson got a clothesline on Julius after an assist from Drake and then Drake took over with a corner back splash. Drake with a spinning heel kick. Gibson wanted a suplex, but Julius countered with a suplex. Julius got a hold of Drake, Brutus tagged in and the Creeds delivered knees to the ribs. Brutus with a gutwrench slam on Drake for two. Gibson made a blind tag, kick to the back and Drake jumped over the top into a backbreaker by Gibson on the floor. The Jacket Time team of Kushida and Ikemen Jiro showed up at ringside with a table.


The match continued with the Jacket Time team working as the Japanese announce team. Drake with a forearm to the jaw of Brutus followed by a chinlock. The team of Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen showed up to watch the match. Julius tagged in with a dropkick on Drake, Brutus tagged in, slapped his brother and Brutus hit a powerslam for two. They showed Jacket Time on commentary speaking Japanese. Drake hit a suicide dive on Julius on the floor after a distraction from Gibson. Brutus teased a Powerbomb through the Japanese table, but then GYV shoved Creed Brothers into Jacket Time. The Jacket Time guys fought back, so it was a disqualification. It went about 11 minutes.

Match Result: Double Disqualification

Analysis: **1/4 A decent match with a lot of chaos at ringside. The Creed Brothers continue to improve every time I see them since they have the power game down well and they have gotten better at doing a lot of the little things in between the big moves. When Jacket Time was at ringside, I figured a DQ was a possibility, so no surprise that there was no winner between GYV and the Creed Bros.

After the match, the three teams were brawling and then Briggs/Jensen joined in, so it was a four-team brawl at ringside. There were referees there to break it up while the fans chanted “NXT” because the crowd likes chaos. They were separated as the segment ended.

Carmelo Hayes with Trick Williams were interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell. Hayes took a shot at Roderick Strong not being a great champion like North American Champion Hayes is. Trick talked trash about Dexter Lumis saying he will put his thumb up his ass and then they had an image of Lumis on a TV screen backstage. That match is next.


There was a video from earlier today with Zoey Stark and Io Shirai in the trainer’s room. Legado del Fantasma showed up, they were being mean to the girls and then Elektra Lopez said that everybody knows Io is crazy, but she is not afraid of her. Shirai spoke in Japanese. Stark said that Shirai was sticking up for her and Shirai claimed she still didn’t like Stark.

Trick Williams (w/Carmelo Hayes) vs. Dexter Lumis

When Trick went for a kick, Lumis caught the foot and slammed him down. Trick tried to run away, so Lumis followed him out of the ring and back into the ring leading to Lumis hitting a Thesz Press with punches. Roderick Strong and Diamond Mine appeared to talk trash Carmelo Hayes at ringside. Trick came back with a dropkick and sent Lumis into the mat a few times. When Williams tried a move to the floor, Lumis pulled the ring apron and hit a superkick. Strong went down to ringside to get into a brawl with Hayes, so they went fighting to the back. The match continued with Williams working over Lumis with punches and a body slam. Trick with a headlock to wear down Lumis. Dexter came back with punches, a clothesline, a bulldog and a leg drop. Williams tried to attack with his shoe, but Lumis hit a sitout slam followed The Silence submission with Williams passing out to give Lumis the win. It was about five minutes.

Winner by submission: Dexter Lumis

Analysis: *3/4 This was below average and boring at times. There was a styles clash along with some sloppy moments. Williams got a bit of offense, but it was obvious that Lumis would get the win here.

After the match, Grayson Waller attacked Lumis from behind with a steel chair to the back. Waller with another chair shot to the back. The fans booed Waller for his cheap shot.

Analysis: A cheap attack by Waller should set him up for a match with Lumis soon.

While Waller was in the ring, they showed AJ Styles arriving in a truck and Styles walked into the building.


Pete Dunne did a pre-tape promo saying he turned 28 years old with 15 years experience, sot here is nobody else in NXT like me. Dunne talked about all that he has experienced already while adding he’s around the same age as these 2.0 guys. Dunne told Tony D’Angelo he’ll never forget that Dunne is the baddest man in NXT.

Let’s Hear from Grayson Waller and AJ Styles

Grayson Waller said he can’t stand when WWE superstars get inducted in the Hall of Fame, then they thank the locker room, their family, their pets and then the fans – the pathetic WWE Universe. Waller said when he gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame he’ll say “I told you so” and “you’re welcome.” Waller said he’s proven to be the greatest NXT superstar. The music of AJ Styles hit and the legend made his entrance to a HUGE pop.

Analysis: Even though Styles is a heel on Raw, he is clearly in babyface mode in NXT going up against a true heel like Waller. The fans love seeing Styles there.

AJ Styles from Raw got into the ring with Waller and the fans loved seeing AJ there. Waller took credit for single-handedly bringing Styles to NXT. That led to Styles telling him to shut up. Styles said this is “The” Grayson Waller, who is the one everybody is talking about since he’s the biggest jackass in NXT. Styles claimed he saw his social media talking trash and asked if he felt popular now. Waller said that he is popular enough now that he got the attention of this great Hall of Famer. Waller wondered if he wanted to be the veteran that helps out the new guy. Waller said that Styles was there since his meal ticket left Styles on Raw (on Monday night) while Waller said he’s more of a singles guy. Styles said that Waller called AJ out just to get the Styles rub. Styles said he’s seen Waller’s matches with the gloves, one elbow pad and said it looked familiar to him (since Styles has the same look). Styles isn’t sure if Waller is a future superstar while saying Bron Breakker, Tony D, Carmelo Hayes definitely are future stars, but the jury is still out on Waller. Styles told Waller that his problem is he would rather look good and lose rather than look bad and win. Waller said he carried his WarGames team to a win. Styles thought he was sure it was about wipes and likes. Waller wondered why Styles had this attitude problem without his insurance policy around. Waller threatened to attack Styles, then Styles to him to do it. Styles said you have had a good three weeks – so try being “Phenomenal” for 20-plus years. The fans chanted “AJ Styles” for the veteran. Waller took off his shirt, teased he was ready to fight and then left the ring to boos. Waller said he’ll let Omos get Styles first and he’s got next.

Analysis: It was an interesting decision by WWE to put Styles on NXT. Maybe it was done to create some buzz and see how Waller would interact with Styles. I thought Waller had some good heelish dialogue while Styles fought back as a veteran babyface that wasn’t going to back down. It looks like it will lead to a match, so it’s smart to build it up and then WWE can promote Styles being in a match in NXT in the coming weeks. A young guy like Waller will get better working with Styles, so it’s good for Waller and it’s smart to put this on the show too.

Malcolm Bivens was backstage with the Diamond Mine group. Bivens said they’re about respect and money. Bivens suggested that at New Year’s Evil, Carmelo Hayes faces Roderick Strong in a Champion vs. Champion and Title vs. Title match. Strong said he had two weeks to find those balls. Bivens wished him a Merry Christmas.


Riddle was shown with MSK telling them that a scooter is like a journey to your destination. Wes Lee said that Riddle has led them on a great journey. Nash Carter said that the scooter is like a tag team partner that you have to rely on. Riddle gave them some RK-Bro merchandise. Riddle wanted them to call out Imperium on NXT with them and Riddle is coming with them. They left on their scooters. They said it was the best day over where nothing could go wrong, but apparently, they got hit by a car. We found out it was all a dream from Wes Lee and Nash Carter, but then they realized they got the RK-Bro merch after all. Riddle got dropped off on a bus. Riddle asked if they were ready to call out Imperium next week, then they had scooters and went off together.

Analysis: I don’t know if these segments helped at all over the past couple of months. I assume WWE did this to give MSK more personality. I just don’t think it worked that well. I’m ready for MSK to wrestle again.

Von Wager vs. Edris Enofe

Enofe with two dropkicks. Wagner with a body slam after a cross body block attempt. Robert Stone was watching the match. Enofe got an inside cradle for two. Wagner with a running clothesline. Wagner went for a Powerbomb, but Enofe countered into a sunset flip pin for the win after one minute.

Winner by pinfall: Edris Enofe

Analysis: * A short match with an upset result. I figured Wagner would win in about one minute, so the result was surprising.

After the match, Wagner attacked Enofe with a running forearm to the back. When they went back into the ring, Wagner hit an Olympic Slam. Wagner hit Enofe with a clothesline. Wagner walked by Stone without looking at him.

Analysis: Even though Wagner lost the match, he did the post match attack to get the advantage. Stone working as Wagner’s manager would be a fine role for Stone to have.

Imperium, the NXT Tag Team Champions, were interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell. They did promos in German and Italian with the captions appearing on the screen. Marcel Barthel said that MSK may have found a Shaman, but they have a general.

Analysis: That’s a WALTER reference. WALTER is coming back soon I hope.

It’s official in two weeks at New Year’s Evil:

* NXT Championship: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Bron Breakker

* NXT Women’s Championship: Mandy Rose (c) vs. Raquel Gonzalez vs. Cora Jade

Elektra Lopez was shown walking backstage saying it was the biggest match of her career, but she is not nervous and she will destroy Io Shirai. Xyon Quinn was shown watching from a distance.


They showed footage of NXT superstars visiting local communities during the holiday season. They handed out presents and talked to kids all around the Orlando, Florida area.

Elektra Lopez (w/Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza) vs. Io Shirai

Lopez with a body slam followed by a running body attack in the corner. Lopez got her feet up to block Shirai from a move against the turnbuckle. Shirai with punches, then she charged and Lopez hit a spinebuster for two. Lopez slapped on a headlock, Shirai broke free with a shoulder tackle and a dropkick. Shirai with a 619 kick against the ropes. Shirai up top with a missile dropkick along with a knee attack against the turnbuckle. Shirai up top, but Lopez hit the ropes to knock Shirai down. Xyon Quinn walked out to ringside due to his attraction to Lopez while feuding with Legado. Quinn beat up the two Legado guys easily. Quinn had a mistletoe in his jacket and walked onto the apron. Santos Escobar tripped up Quinn on the apron, but Quinn sent him into the steel steps. Shirai with a palm strike on Lopez. Shirai went up top and hit a Moon Over Moonsault for the pinfall after five minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Io Shirai

Analysis: *3/4 It was just average for a shorter match with Shirai selling well for her bigger opponent. The end of the match was an angle that was more about the story with Lopez and Quinn. I feel like Shirai, much like Raquel Gonzalez, will be in the Royal Rumble and then on Raw or Smackdown after that.

Carmelo Hayes was in the locker room saying he’s the A Champion that doesn’t miss. Hayes said he’ll give Roderick Strong that match, but he’ll be the one walking out with two titles.

Analysis: Hayes should win that as the North American Champion and that will be the end of the Cruiserweight Title.

It was main event time with Tony D’Angelo making his entrance.


Brian Kendrick did a promo on his phone with a neckbrace around his neck. Kendrick talked to Joe Gacy and Harland saying he resigned as a coach and signed a waiver, so if Harland wants an apology then he can get it from Kendrick in the ring next week.

Next week on WWE NXT:

* Championship Unification Contract Signing with Carmelo Hayes and Roderick Strong.

* Dexter Lumis vs. Grayson Waller.

* Raquel Gonzalez & Cora Jade vs. Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne.

* Harland vs. Brian Kendrick was announced for next week as well.

Pete Dunne entered for the main event.

Tony D’Angelo vs. Pete Dunne

Tony got the advantage early with a punch to the face using his size advantage. Dunne went for a clothesline, but Tony caught him and hit a belly to back suplex across the ring. Dunne went for chops, but then Tony countered it into a suplex. Dunne fired back with chops, then tried for some finger snapping and Tony countered with an impressive German Suplex across the ring. When Tony tried a suplex again, Dunne landed on his feet and kicked him in the back. Dunne rocked Tony off the apron to the floor. Dunne stomped on the hand leading to a break.


Dunne was in control as he stepped on the left arm. Dunne with chops, Tony fought back with a double leg takedown and a corner clothesline. Tony with a Northern Lights Suplex, then Dunne caught the left arm and went for a triangle choke. Dunne with headbutts, but then Tony countered it into another overhead suplex for two. Tony hit another suplex with Dunne’s legs hitting the turnbuckle. Dunne came back with a knee drop to the arm, then a forearm and a jumping kick to the face for two. Dunne held onto the arms leading to a repeated stomp to the head and another kick. They exchanged strikes, Dunne stomped on the head and hit a roundhouse kick to the head. Tony hit a Falcon Arrow slam. Tony tried to attack Dunne with a crowbar, but Dunne avoided it and the crowbar left the ring. Dunne applied an armbar while grabbing the fingers on the left hand. Tony ripped Dunne’s mouthpiece out and whipped Dunne face first into the middle turnbuckle. Tony wanted a suplex, Dunne snapped the fingers to break and Dunne hit the Bitter End for the pinfall win after 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Pete Dunne

Analysis: ***1/2 This was a very good match given a lot of time. Tony impressed me here while Dunne was awesome as usual. I think Tony’s ability to throw a lot of different kinds of suplexes in an impressive manner is going to make him stand out from other wrestlers. Dunne’s offense looks crisp, the kicks look legit and they worked well together. Tony tried to cheat, but it failed because the more experienced Dunne was ready for it. I thought this match made Dunne look like a legitimate threat to the top of NXT and Tony also looked very competent for a newer guy.

Post match, Dunne was ready for a cheap attack, so he punched Tony and kicked Tony in the ribs to knock Tony out of the ring. When they left the ring, Tony sent Dunne ribs-first into the commentary table. Tony hit a swinging cradle neckbreaker. Tony: “I’m Tony D!” That’s the name. Tony grabbed the crowbar from ringside and choked Dunne with it. Dunne used the crowbar to hit the left hand of Dunne. The fans booed Tony. Dunne was down selling. The show ended there.

Analysis: That was a way to further established Tony as the heel while Dunne is back in a babyface mode. Dunne will sell a hand injury moving forward as well.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Pete Dunne
  2. Tony D’Angelo
  3. AJ Styles/Grayson Waller


The Scoreboard

This week: 6 out of 10

Last week: 5.75

2021 Average: 7.06


Final Thoughts

It was just an average NXT episode again. The main event was very good with Pete Dunne getting the big win over Tony D’Angelo although Tony got some payback with the cheap attack. I liked the Street Fight between Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai if you count the pre-match fight because the fight wasn’t that long.

The other main talking point was that AJ Styles appeared and he did a nice job of getting the crowd to hate Grayson Waller even more. I like Waller as a performer. It will be good for him to wrestle Styles in the future assuming that happens at some point down the road.

Most of the rest of the show was just decent. If I wasn’t reviewing it I would have hit fast forward a lot.

The lineup for the NXT New Year’s Evil special on Tuesday, January 4th looks like this so far:

* NXT Championship: Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Bron Breakker

* NXT Women’s Championship: Mandy Rose (c) vs. Raquel Gonzalez vs. Cora Jade

* NXT North American Championship and Cruiserweight Championship Title vs. Title match: Carmelo Hayes vs. Roderick Strong


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