A Collective Review of WCW Great American Bash 1998 (Sting vs. The Giant) by Lance Augustine

Welcome back to the TJRwrestling retro reviews where we are breaking down every WCW Pay-Per-View during the “Monday Night War” era. We are fresh off of Slamboree, which saw big angles like Eric Bischoff calling out Vince McMahon for a fight, and Scott Hall turning his back on long-time partner Kevin Nash. We also saw Sting and The Giant end that show by winning the WCW World Tag Team Titles, even though their alliances differed from each other. They will have a match on this show that will have them battling it out to control the titles. There is also a battle brewing between the two factions of the NWO and WCW as a whole. You can see my complete thoughts on Slamboree and every other show we have covered here. Will WCW continue a string of solid shows? Let’s find out!

WCW Great American Bash
June 14th, 1998
Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland

The show starts like normal with a package showcasing the matches coming up on the night.

We are brought into the arena by the usual announcers of Tony Schiavone, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and Mike Tenay. Schiavone puts over the matches on the night before throwing it to “Mean” Gene Okerlund who is standing at the entranceway. He talks about The Giant being a part of NWO Hollywood, while Sting has recently joined forces with the NWO Wolfpac.

Schiavone talks about the series of matches between Booker T. and Chris Benoit. They have had a best of seven series over the last couple of weeks, and tonight is the final match. It was supposed to be on Thunder last week, but Bret Hart hit Booker T. from behind and Chris Benoit didn’t want to win the match like that. JJ Dillon says that decision doesn’t count and those two will go at it again tonight.

Best of Seven Finals
Chris Benoit vs. Booker T.

As I outlined, these two had their final match already, but they are going to have it again due to outside interference. The winner of this match will face Fit Finley for the WCW Television Title later in the night.

The bell sounds and both men circle each other in the ring. Benoit snaps him down quickly with an arm drag, but Booker pops back up. He takes Benoit down to the mat and this leads to a standoff between both men. Booker grabs a headlock and starts to wear Benoit down. Benoit sends him into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block. Booker rolls out of the ring to regroup before jumping back in and locking up again. Benoit grabs the arm and starts working it against Booker’s back. Booker fights out and takes Benoit down to the mat. He rolls him up for a two-count. Benoit jumps back to his feet and continues to work on the arm. Booker fights back and slams Benoit to get out of the move and covers him for a two count. Booker hits a scoop slam and throws Benoit into the corner. He hits some blows to the head and gets a foot to the face. Booker goes for a kick, but Benoit catches the leg and hits a Dragon Screw. They work back to his feet and Benoit gets Booker into the corner for some chops to the chest. He sends Booker into the ropes and takes him down with an elbow to the head. He picks him up and drops him down with a Belly To Back Suplex. He covers Booker for a two count. Benoit grabs a chin lock and starts to wear Booker down. Booker makes his way back to his feet and hits some elbows to the gut. He sends Benoit into the ropes, but he gets taken down with another chop to the chest. Benoit hits him with a Snap Suplex for a near fall. Benoit kicks him in the midsection and sends him hard into the opposite turnbuckle.

Benoit goes for another suplex, but Booker twists into a pin and gets a two-count. Benoit is quickly back to his feet and kicks Booker before getting another chin lock. The fans get behind Booker and he gets back to his feet, but is quickly taken down again with a knee to the midsection. That was a good hope spot. Benoit sends him into the ropes again and takes him down with a clothesline. He picks Booker up and chops him to the mat again. Benoit puts him in a surfboard before Booker powers out and gets back to his feet. Booker sends Benoit into the ropes and hits him with a Powerslam. Booker climbs up top but totally whiffs on a splash. Benoit starts to lay the boots to him and tries to get Booker in the Crippler Crossface, but Booker gets to the ropes. Booker makes it to his feet again and hits Benoit with an Enziguri that sends him to the mat. Booker picks him up and hits a Spinebuster. He sends Benoit into the ropes again and hits a flapjack. He climbs up top, but Benoit is right behind him and knocks him down. Benoit hits a gigantic Superplex and both men are down. Benoit hits the Triple Suplexes, but Booker fights out. Benoit hits a Dragon Suplex for a two-count. GREAT near fall. Benoit hits some more chops to the chest and hits Booker with a clothesline. He signals the end and climbs up top and hits The Diving Headbutt, but he can’t make the cover. Booker rolls him up as they get up and gets a two-count. Booker hits The Harlem Sidekick twice before climbing up top. Booker hits The Missile Dropkick as Benoit gets to his feet and picks up the win after 16:20.

Winner: Booker T.
Match Rating: 4/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This was a fantastic back and forth battle. Benoit was on the offensive for a lot of it, but Booker did really well trying to mount a comeback throughout. Everything Benoit hit looked like it had something on it and these two gelled so well together. I remember this series of matches well even from when I saw them the first time, and it was a treat watching this one here. Booker will go on to face Fit Finley later on in the night. Meltzer gave this 3.5 stars, but I would rate it a little bit higher. These guys hit each other with everything and this was an outstanding match from start to finish.

They go backstage with Chavo Guerrero talking to the WCW online guys. Chavo says that Eddie has been right this entire time and that he was just being dumb. It’s time for the next match.

Saturn vs. Kanyon

This match stems from last month where Kanyon beat up Raven after a match he had with DDP. Raven has sent Saturn to do his dirty work.

Mortis comes out to the ring, but it’s a ruse, and Kanyon stands behind Saturn in the ring. Saturn goes for a clothesline, but Kanyon ducks under. He starts to beat on Saturn and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker for a two count. Kanyon stomps on him in the corner and hits some shots to the head. Kanyon gets Saturn up on his shoulders and slams him down in Electric Chair style. The Flock heads down to the ring and Kanyon starts taking them out. He sends Saturn to the outside and as Saturn comes back in, he drops Kanyon throat-first on the top rope. Saturn kicks him in the corner and sends him to the other side. Saturn charges in, but Kanyon moves, and he hits the post with his shoulder. Kanyon comes off the top rope with a facebuster and gets a two-count. The rest of The Flock get back up and start all taking Kanyon out. Saturn comes over the top and takes everyone out. The referee kicks them from ringside as Saturn sends Kanyon flying into the guardrail. Saturn pulls Kanyon back in the ring and brings him in with a suplex. Saturn gets to his feet and starts laying the boots on the head of Kanyon. He takes him down to the mat and starts twisting the ankle. Saturn drops his crotch first on the top rope before taking him out with a clothesline and both men fall to the floor.

Saturn grabs a chair and brings it in the ring. He sets it up and hits a springboard dropkick on Kanyon in the corner. He hits a scoop slam and uses the chair for a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Kanyon comes back with a Russian Leg Sweep and hits a Nothern Lights Suplex for a two count. Kanyon comes in with an elbow, but Saturn rolls out of the way and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker for another two count. Kaynon fights back to his feet and goes to hit a suplex, but Saturn turns it into a splash. Kanyon comes back with a suplex of his own and both men are down on the mat. He drops Saturn on the top rope and both men are slow to get up. They exchange rollups, but no one can pick up the win. Kanyon gets some shots to the head and takes Saturn down with an elbow. He sends Saturn into the ropes and hits a slam for a two-count. Kanyon picks Saturn up and hits a huge neck breaker. He goes for The Flatliner, but Saturn fights out and hits a suplex. Saturn goes for a Death Valley Driver, but Kanyon slips out and he hits a kick to the face instead. He gets Kanyon on the top rope, but both men fall off and fall to the floor. That looked like it hurt. The guy dressed as Mortis comes back and rolls Saturn into the ring. Another Mortis comes in as well and they start punching each other in the ring. They fight on the outside as Saturn comes off the rope, but gets caught in the Flatliner and Kanyon picks up the win after 14:46.

Winner: Kanyon
Match Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: Two long matches to start the show. I liked this match as things started to heat up, but they could have shaved a bunch of time off of this and it would have benefited a lot. They started to lose steam towards the end and the crowd starting dying down. I thought both men did solid work and it was a good showing for both. It just went a little too long.

After the match, Mortis hits Kanyon with a DDT on the floor and it’s revealed to be Raven. He grabs the mic and tells Saturn that he had one job and couldn’t get it done. The rest of The Flock comes out to the ring while Saturn and Raven start fighting in the ring. The Flock attack Saturn as Raven gets out of the ring. Saturn makes a comeback and takes them all out.

They go to a package with Dean Malenko relinquishing the Cruiserweight Title that he won at Slamboree. Jericho is forced to face Malenko here for the title, and he lets everyone know he isn’t happy about it. There is no champion coming into the match.

WCW Crusierweight Title Match
Dean Malenko vs. Chris Jericho

Both men come out of the gate and hit clotheslines on each other. Jericho gets to his feet quickly and hits some shots to the head. Jericho hit Malenko in the back with some shots, but Malenko comes back with a German Suplex. He slams Jericho into the corner and stomps down on the chest before choking him with his boot. Malenko continues to work on him in the corner and sends him to the other side. Jericho gets a foot up as he comes in and starts to wear Malenko down with a chin lock. He lets him up and takes him down with a shoulder block. Jericho comes off the ropes but is taken down by Malenko quickly after. Malenko hits a big suplex and covers him for a two-count. Malenko gets Jericho down on the mat and starts working on the shoulders and arms of Jericho. He gets to his feet and kicks his way out of the hold. Malenko throws him to the other side and Jericho does a big bump before coming back with a dropkick on Malenko. Malenko falls to the outside and Jericho comes out after him with a splash over the top. He rolls Malenko back in the ring and stays on the offensive with a suplex. Jericho gets Malenko in a Sleeper Hold and he starts to fade away. He gets back to his feet and reverses it on Jericho and gets a Sleeper on him. Jericho hits a suplex to get out of the hold and covers Malenko for a near fall. Jericho hits some shots to the head and starts to choke Malenko on the ropes. Jericho with a scoop slam, and goes for The Lionsault, but Malenko rolls out of the way. Malenko rolls him up and gets a two-count. Malenko hits him with a big facebuster. Both men climb to the top rope and start battling. Malenko tries to hit Jericho with his Gutbuster, but Jericho fights him off and hits a Frankensteiner. Jericho goes for a Powerbomb, but Malenko falls on him. Jericho comes up and locks Malenko in the Walls of Jericho, but he gets to the ropes. Jericho thought he won and starts arguing with the referee. He continues to work on Malenko in the corner and eventually gets him set up for the Liontamer. Malenko fights out and tries to get Jericho in The Texas Cloverleaf after some resistance, but Jericho gets to the ropes. Jericho hits a backbreaker and Malenko slumps into the corner. He slaps Malenko and tells him “you are nothing, like your dead father”. Malenko snaps and hits Jericho in the head before they go outside and he hits him with a chair causing a Disqualification. The match went 13:52.

Winner by DQ: Chris Jericho
Match Rating: 3/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This was a good match that had its ups and downs. Obviously, anytime you get these two together, it’s going to be solid, and I don’t feel this disappointed. There were some low points, but for the most part, the action was quick and crisp and they told a good story. Jericho pissing Malenko off to end the match was very good storytelling because Malenko’s father had just passed away a little bit before this. They never announced a new champion, but the announcers speculated that Jericho should be awarded the title.

After the match, Malenko beats Jericho up the ramp as the referee follows them. They go all the way to the back and Malenko continues to throw him from pillar to post. They go outside of the building and they are fighting in the street. Jericho walks in front of traffic to get away from Malenko and runs to the other side of the road.

They show a package for Juventud Guerrera, but there isn’t much more than him walking around.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Reese (w/ Lodi)

Reese outweighs Guerrera by almost 250 pounds. He is another human larger than him

Reese comes in for a clothesline, but Guerrera moves out of the way. He tries to get some offense in, but Reese just shoves him down to the mat. Guerrera goes to the outside and uses his speed to keep Reese chasing him. Guerrera comes off the top with a splash, but Reese catches him and slams him against the post. He presses Guerrera over his head and throws him over the top and Guerrera lands on his feet. Guerrera starts kicking the knees, but Reese just pushed him off. He throws Guerrera into the ropes and pushes against his head so he can’t hit him. Guerrera kicks him in the knee and comes off the top and puts Reese in a Sleeper Hold. He starts raking the eyes and Reese falls to a knee. He stands back up and jams Guerrera into the corner. Reese hits a backbreaker and just bends Guerrera across his knee. Reese hip tosses him across the ring and stands on his hair and pulls up on his arms. He pulls Guerrera up and throws him into the ropes. He gets him in a Bearhug, but he lets go to deal more punishment. Guerrera comes back with a low blow, but Reese drops to his knees and decks him right in the face. Reese picks him up and drops down with a suplex. He doesn’t go for a cover but wants the referee to count him out. He gets to nine before Guerrera pulls himself up. Reese goes to the outside and grabs a chair to bring into the ring. He goes to hit Guerrera with it, but the referee grabs the chair from him. Lodi gets on the apron as Guerrera comes off the top, but Reese catches him in a Powerbomb. Before he can slam him down, Van Hammer gets on the apron and hits him with a chair. Guerrera covers Reese and picks up the win after 8:45.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera
Match Rating: DUD

Collective Thoughts: It’s hard to rate a match that is so one-sided. I know Guerrera won the match, but he was bumped all over the ring so the win comes off a little thin. Van Hammer has been at odds with The Flock as of late so him causing Reese to lose here makes sense. The match went a lot longer than I thought it would.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Eddie Guerrero

Chavo has been Eddie’s lackey for the last few months and wants to show that he can beat his uncle. Chavo has been playing the role of the crazy one as Eddie has said he doesn’t want to have this match after thinking about it.

The bell sounds and Eddie is backing away and doesn’t want the match to start. Chavo slaps him in the face and it fires Eddie up something serious. They have a standoff in the middle of the ring before Eddie starts chopping him and hitting some shots to the head. Chavo comes back with some of his own offense and hits a back body drop. They take each other down and continue wailing on one another. Chavo charges in, but Eddie lifts him to drop him on the top rope. He stomps on the head of Chavo and he sends him into the corner. Chavo sends him out to the apron as he comes in and Eddie takes a nasty-looking bump and it marks up his shoulder. He brings Eddie back in the ring and starts slamming his head into the turnbuckle. Chavo brings him up and takes him down with some head scissors. He sends Eddie into the ropes, but Eddie grabs on, and Chavo falls short on a dropkick. Eddie slides out of the ring, but Chavo is out behind him and gets him back in the ring. Eddie hits a back suplex to regain the momentum. He starts to work on the arm of Chavo to try and keep him grounded. Chavo gets out of the move with an arm drag and sends Eddie across the ring with a slingshot. Chavo climbs up top and comes off, but Eddie moves out of the way. He runs to the other side and hits Eddie with a Moonsault for a two count.

They fight over to the ropes again and comes in, but Eddie pulls the ropes down, and Chavo flies to the outside. Eddie is out behind him and sends him into the stairs are ringside. Eddie rolls him back in the ring before hitting a Brainbuster. Eddie slaps Chavo in the face and starts talking to him, but Chavo doesn’t like it, grabs Eddie around the neck, and starts choking him. Eddie falls to the mat and Chavo continues until the referee pulls him off. Eddie gets out of the ring and Chavo chases him around the ring. Eddie gets back in and hides behind the referee where Chavo can’t get him. As he pushes the referee away, he hits Chavo with a low blow and a dropkick to the knee. Eddie gets a submission hold on Chavo and continues grinding on the knee. Eddie gets Chavo up and gets him in the Gory Special. Chavo gets out with an arm drag, but soon gets knocked back down with a dropkick to the head. Eddie picks him again in a backbreaker this time before spinning him and slamming him down. Eddie comes in to attack, but Chavo vaults him to the outside. Chavo comes out with a splash that he almost misses because he got such good air. He rolls Eddie back in the ring and slams him down and hits a Bulldog for a two count. Chavo climbs up top, but he takes too much time and Eddie knocks him down. Eddie climbs up top, but he misses a frog splash that would have put Chavo away. Chavo goes for a Tornado DDT, but he drops Eddie on the top rope instead. He hits a Springboard Tornado DDT and pins Eddie after 14:46.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Match Rating: 3.25/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This was a solid match overall with very little sloppiness. These guys knew each other well and that definitely worked to their advantage. Eddie was great when he was on offense and Chavo played his role great as the guy working from underneath. Eddie got a frog splash in the match, but he missed, and it led to his downfall. The finishing sequence was really laid out well and I think it worked out great.

The announcers talk about the upcoming tag team match with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and “Macho Man” Randy Savage taking on Bret Hart and “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan. Savage has been involved with The NWO Wolfpac as of late and it seems that he is pushing him more as a babyface. Teaming with Piper on this show continues that storyline. Savage and Piper attacked each other on the Nitro that led up to this show.

WCW Television Title Match
Fit Finlay (c) vs. Booker T.

Obviously, Booker got the shot from defeating Benoit earlier in the night. I am a big fan of the emphasis they are putting on the TV title over the last couple of months.

Booker starts the match on top with some shots to the head of Finlay and driving his head into the corner. Booker hits a knee and a Harlem Sidekick. Finlay recovers and pulls Booker’s legs out from under him and starts working on the leg. Booker makes his way back to his feet and takes Finlay down with a flying forearm. Booker clotheslines him over the top and comes out after him with a splash. We didn’t see that often from Booker. He goes for a Scissors Kick, but Finlay grabs the leg and starts stretching it out. Booker eventually kicks Finlay off of him, but Finlay continues to stay on the offensive. He pulls Booker to the apron and starts slamming his leg against it. They get back in the ring and Finlay hits from shoulders in the corner. Booker flips over the last one and rolls Finlay up, but only gets a two-count. Finlay takes back control and stomps away on the head of Booker and hits a DDT. Booker rolls out of the way of some more attacks and hits some of his own. He gets a headlock in, but Finlay hits a Shinbreaker to break the hold. He sends Booker to the outside and comes out to inflict more punishment. He kicks the leg of Booker and wraps it around the post. Booker slowly gets back in the ring and Findlay slams him down and hits a splash off the second rope. He sends Booker into the ropes, but Booker ducks a clothesline and hits a sidekick. He hits Finlay with a Powerslam and a Harlem Sidekick, but Finlay hits a big clothesline as Booker does The Spinarooni. Finlay goes for a Tombstone, but Booker reverses it and both men fall to the mat. Booker gets up and hits a Piledriver to pick up the win after 13:13.

Winner and NEW WCW Television Champion: Booker T.
Match Rating: 2/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This match got as much time as some of the other ones on the card, but it had substantially less action. It’s understandable because Booker had been through two grueling matches on the night, but there were parts of this match that slowed down a lot. Seeing Booker hit The Piledriver to pick up the win was different, and I am always a fan of that. This could have gone shorter, but it was good for what it was.

After the match, Stevie Ray hits the ring to celebrate with his brother.

WCW United States Title Match
Goldberg (c) vs. Konnan (w/ Rick Rude & Curt Hennig)

Konnan, Rude, and Hennig have all recently defected to the NWO Wolfpac. Hennig was supposed to be in this match, but he was “injured” and Konnan took his place. Goldberg is now 99-0 which by my count means he has won 26 matches since the last Pay-Per-View. Damn, what a schedule he allegedly worked.

Goldberg sends Konnan flying out of the ring to start things off. He gets back in, and Goldberg locks him in a headlock. Goldberg takes Konnan down again before Konnan finally mounts some offense with a kick. It doesn’t last long and Goldberg spears him out of his pants before hitting a Jackhammer to retain the title after 1:57.

Winner and STILL WCW United States Champion: Goldberg
Match Rating: DUD

Collective Thoughts: Ah yes, the standard Goldberg squash before the biggest matches of the night. Konnan didn’t stand a chance.

After the match, Hennig and Rude attack Konnan from behind. They take turns taking shots on him as Luger and Nash run down to the ring to make the save. Hennig reveals a black and white NWO shirt underneath his Wolfpac one.

They have a commercial for Bash at the Beach 1998, which will be the next show that we break down.

Michael Buffer is in the ring for the introductions of one of the main events for the night.

“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan and Bret “Hitman” Hart (w/ The Disciple) vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Piper and Savage hate each other but have come together because they hate Hogan and Hart that much more. They will also have a match with each other immediately following this one.

It takes a little bit to get the party started, but the match starts with Hogan and Piper facing off. Piper attacks Hogan and gets some shots to the head. He takes off his bandana and hits him in the face with it before taking him down with a clothesline. Piper gets Hogan over to their corner and they double team on Hogan before Savage tags into the match. He slams Hogan’s head in the corner and tags Piper back in the match. Piper hits an Atomic Drop and follows it up with another one. Piper works Hogan into the corner and hits him with some shots to the body. He hits Hogan with an elbow and he drops to the mat. Savage is back into the match and hits an elbow to the head of Hogan. They exchange a couple more tags before The Disciple hits Piper from behind with the World Title Belt. Hart tags into the match for the first time and starts working on Piper immediately. He works him into the corner and punches him in the head before hitting him with a backbreaker. Hart stomps down on the groin of Piper and they are firmly in control at this point. Hart and Hogan double team on Piper before Hogan tags back in and starts choking Piper. Hogan continues to hit him, but Piper starts to fire back up at this point. Before he gains to much momentum, Hogan works him into their corner for some more double teaming. Hart comes back in the match with a slam and covers Piper for a two-count. Savage tries to come in to help Piper, but the referee gets on him which allows Hart and Hogan to have their way with Piper. Hart continues working on him in the corner, but Piper fights back and rolls him up for a near fall. He tags Savage into the match, but the referee didn’t see it and it doesn’t count. Hart drags Piper to the other side and tags Hogan into the match. Hogan and Hart continue to exchange tags and keep Piper isolated. Hogan grabs Piper from the outside which brings Savage to the other side of the ring with a chair. He puts the chair on Piper’s chest and Hart comes down with a headbutt and it knocks him out. Hogan and Savage both tag into the match and Savage wipes out both Hogan and Hart. He covers Hogan, but Hart breaks up the count. Hart holds Savage, but he ducks a clothesline and Hart takes out Hogan. Savage hits Hart with a scoop slam while Piper and Hogan fight on the other side. Savage climbs up top for The Diving Elbow, but his injured knee gives out on him. The Disciple starts beating Piper on the outside while Hogan tries to wrap Savage’s leg around the post. Piper gets up and takes Hogan out while Hart slaps The Sharpshooter on Savage in the ring. The referee calls for the bell after 11:40

Winner(s): Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart
Match Rating: 1/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: This match was whatever. Much like WCW in this era, this match over-promised and under-delivered. Going back and seeing how poorly Bret Hart was booked is sad. It wasn’t the worst Hogan-era WCW match I have seen, but there wasn’t really much going on. Piper did well working as the underdog who couldn’t quite get to his corner, but the finish fell way flat. Having Savage just start favoring the knee out of the nowhere was a weird choice. Either way, this match also served as a bridge between main event matches.

After the match, Piper looks on in disbelief and gears up for his match against Savage right now. Gene Okerlund gets in the ring to talk to Piper. He asks Piper about having a match with Savage with him being injured. Piper ignores Gene and helps Savage up to his feet. Savage punches Piper and the bell rings.

Randy Savage vs. Roddy Piper

Savage is favoring the leg but uses it to choke Piper. He hits a shot to the head and Piper hits the mat. Savage goes up top and hits The Diving Elbow Drop, but can’t make the cover. He finally gets over Piper, but he kicks out at two. Savage knocks the referee out and Piper hits him with a low blow. Piper kicks the leg out from under him and puts Savage in The Figure Four. Another referee hits the ring and Savage gives up after 1:37.

Winner: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
Match Rating: DUD

Collective Thoughts: Having Savage submit twice in two matches is wild, regardless of the injury he sustained. Savage just seemed like he never was booked well, much like Bret Hart, and I just didn’t see the need to beat him twice in a row.

WCW Tag Team Title Match
Sting vs. The Giant

Sting is decked out in the red face paint and is a full-fledged member of NWO Wolfpac. The winner of this match will gain sole possession of the WCW Tag Team Titles that they won last month.

The bell sounds and The Giant walks over to Sting with a lit cigarette in his mouth. He blows some smoke in the face of Sting, and Sting ends up slapping him across the face. The Giant charges in, but Sting evades the attack and gets him in the corner. Sting goes for a Stinger Splash, but The Giant gets a foot up and kicks him away. The Giant gets him in the corner and sends him into the ropes to take Sting down after a splash attempt. The Giant comes off the ropes with a big elbow drop that hits the mark. He sends Sting into the corner like a lawn dart and starts stepping on the head. The Giant picks Sting up and slaps him in a Bearhug. Sting is starting to fade away, but he gets the hand up before it drops down for the third time. The Giant sends Sting into the ropes, but Sting hits him with a dropkick to the knee. Sting hits a Stinger Splash and hits another one. He picks The Giant up for a huge scoop slam and gets him in The Scorpian Death Lock, but The Giant powers out. Sting hits The Scorpian Death Drop, but The Giant gets up at two. The Giant gets Sting around the neck for a Chokeslam, but he fights out and hits another Scorpian Death Drop for a two count. Sting hits some shots to the head and kicks The Giant in the face. Sting hits a third Scorpian Death Drop and this time it’s enough to win the match. It went 6:40.

Winner and NEW WCW Tag Team Champion: Sting
Match Rating: 2/5 Stars

Collective Thoughts: The match was fine, but compared to other matches, it fell a little short. Sting was over in this match with the crowd and The Wolfpac were total babyfaces at this point. Sting did well working as the smaller guy, and The Giant hit some impressive spots for a man his size. The ending had Sting hitting three Scorpian Death Drops and while I thought two would have sufficed, I didn’t hate it. The Giant was obviously being put over as a monster that took everything to keep him down. I am glad they decided to put this on last because I did like it more than the tag team match.

After the match, Sting is awarded both Tag Team Title belts. He walks to the back while they show the replays and the show comes to a close.

Overall Show Rating: 6.5 out of 10

I thought this show was solid. but it had some down moments as well. I loved the Benoit vs. Booker T. match to start the show and thought their best of seven series was a great series of matches. Booker ended up having a good night and captured the WCW Television Title in the process. This was another case, though, of the opening part of the show being exciting, and losing steam as it went along. Everything after the Guerrero match just seemed to kill the crowd a little bit. The thing about this show was that you had a lot of long matches in the beginning, then you had essentially two squash matches towards the end of the night. The tag team match was just alright, and I wanted to like Sting vs. The Giant more than I actually did. I didn’t think it was a bad show, it just had some booking missteps with some matches being quick, or just not that entertaining.

What did you think of WCW Great American Bash 1998? Loved it? Hated it? Did you prefer WWE’s incarnation? Either way, keep the conversation going over @collectiveheel to let me know your thoughts. Take care of yourselves, and each other. I will be back soon enough with some more Collective Thoughts.