Report: Chris Jericho's WWE Status; Not Taking Hiatus Soon?

Chris Jericho returned to World Wrestling Entertainment on the first Monday Night Raw of 2016 when he confronted The New Day. Since then, the timing of Jericho’s next hiatus has been speculated often. However, Jericho has pleasantly surprised most of the WWE Universe by sticking around much longer than expected and is doing amazing work as the heel “best friend” of Kevin Owens.

The latest update on Jericho’s next hiatus was that he would be leaving WWE in November to put together a new album for his heavy metal band Fozzy. However, a recent report from Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that Jericho’s expected November hiatus may be shorter than initially thought or delayed until early 2017. Meltzer notes that Jericho is currently being advertised for the December 26 edition of Raw. Meltzer also notes that this is likely not a mistake on WWE’s part since they know Jericho’s availability well in advance.

In other words, “The Gift of Jericho” will continue for the foreseeable future.

Chris Jericho unveils "The List of Jericho": Raw, Sept. 19, 2016

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