WWE Announces Steel Cage Match for Raw on May 16

wwe raw bobby lashley omos

A huge match has been announced featuring two of Raw’s biggest men as Bobby Lashley will face the giant Omos inside of a Steel Cage next Monday, May 16 on Raw in Norfolk, VA.

The reason for the Steel Cage Match is because Lashley was frustrated following what happened at WrestleMania Backlash on Sunday. It appeared as though Lashley was ready to finish off the 7’3″ 403-pound Omos, but when Lashley was sent into the ropes, Omos’ manager (and former Lashley ally) Montel Vontavious Porter interfered by using his cane to hit Lashley in the head. The referee never saw it. That led to Lashley staggering back to his feet, right into a Double Choke Bomb by Omos, who picked up the huge win.

Last night on Raw, Omos and MVP were celebrating the victory during MVP’s “VIP Lounge” talk show segment. Cedric Alexander tried to celebrate with Omos/MVP, which MVP didn’t seem to appreciate and then Lashley made his presence known. Lashley beat up Alexander easily while also knocking Omos out of the ring with a clothesline. Meanwhile, MVP managed to escape before Lashley could get his hands on him.

Later on Raw, Lashley did a promo while standing in front of a steel cage. Lashley said that the reason Omos won at WrestleMania Backlash is because of MVP. Lashley added that he wanted to face Omos in a Steel Cage Match next week on Raw with the idea being that a Steel Cage Match prevents interference from taking place. The match was made official later in the night.

Lashley’s history with Omos goes back to WrestleMania 38 last month. Lashley handed Omos his first singles loss without MVP by Lashley’s side. That is part of the reason why MVP turned on Lashley because he felt slighted that Lashley went to WrestleMania on his own without MVP. That’s why MVP joined up with Omos the next night on Raw.

A Steel Cage Match will be a big test for the relative newcomer Omos, who is only in his first year as a singles wrestler after teaming with AJ Styles for most of last year. Lashley clearly has the experience edge as a veteran of nearly 20 years and a man that has wrestled in many steel cage matches.

It will be interesting to see who comes out on in this third matchup between two of Raw’s most powerful men. Find out next week on Raw.